These weird things for your backyard are so damn clever

Weird-but-clever products to upgrade your outdoor spaces.

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As more and more people have embraced home life, it’s become more important to utilize all of the space you have — and that means paying closer attention to your backyard. While taking care of your lawn can feel like an arduous task, you don’t have to go it alone.

From bright solar-powered lights to handy gardening tools and gorgeous decor, here’s a list of weird-yet-clever products that you may never have considered to keep your outdoor space in bloom year-round.

Suddenly, the grass won’t always seem greener in someone else’s yard (since you’ll be so proud of your own).


These solar-powered garden lights that sway in the wind

These solar-powered garden lights sway beautifully in the wind, which belies the heavy-duty bases that keep them in place. They're made with flexible iron wire, which allows for a wide swaying angle, and large bulbs, which help them pick up momentum to mimic the effects of fireflies. You won't need any cables or plugs; simply plant them in your garden for a backyard that positively sparkles.


A sturdy deck-mounted bird bath that’s easy to install

Your neighborhood birds will truly appreciate this bird bath that mounts on your deck, especially if you don't live near a body of water. Its adjustable clamp means you can fit it perfectly to your deck, and its lightweight construction allows for easy removal and relocation. When it needs a cleaning, you can simply remove the plastic bowl from the steel ring and wash it up. Reviewers say that it’s incredibly sturdy, even in windy weather.


These wildflower seeds that will help you create a beautiful butterfly garden

Not only will these wildflower seeds grow into a beautiful garden, but they'll also create a haven for pollinators including bees, birds, and butterflies. They come in a resealable Mylar bag with step-by-step instructions that make growing a breeze. If you're not convinced, take it from this reviewer, who gave these seeds a five-star rating: "This year we learned that [bees] actually take naps inside flowers, in the early evening. It was a regular occurrence to see 20-30 bees resting in the garden at dusk."


These solar powered string lights that can turn your backyard into a fairy garden

With eight stunning modes, these solar-powered string lights will twinkle, fade, or simply stay lit depending on your mood. They're made of a flexible copper that lets you bend them into any shape, and they won't overheat, even after you've used them for hours outside. They make for a beautiful year-round decoration that evokes fireworks in summer and sparkling snow in winter. You can even buy them in an assortment of colors, including pink, purple, and a multicolor medley.


A hummingbird feeder that’ll add a pop of color to your backyard

With this hummingbird feeder, your backyard will feel like a bird hotel. Hummingbirds will love its beautiful bright colors, and you'll love its leakproof design and easy-to-use construction. You can even use it during the warmest months of the year since it's heat resistant; this allows hummingbirds to stay for longer, since the surface of the feeder won’t get too hot.


These outdoor stair lights that add safety & visibility

Reduce the risk of slips and falls with these outdoor stair lights, which increase the visibility of your staircase so you can see where you’re stepping. Their solar panels mean they'll charge in the sun, reaching full battery power in just five hours without any additional hardware. They're also waterproof, and you can install them quickly with the included double-sided tape.


A cup holder that keeps both hot & cold drinks upright

Outside gatherings need this cup holder, which prevents drinks from toppling over from the wind. It relies on a polyurethane base that’s non-adhesive but creates a bond with the surface it’s placed on so it won’t budge. It's safe for hot and cold beverages, and one size fits most every cup. You can use it on flat surfaces of all kinds, from metal and stone to glass and plastic, so it’s a great choice for poolside sipping without spillage.


An umbrella light that’s remote controlled

This umbrella light comes with a convenient wireless remote, which works well up to 50 feet away. Its bright LED bulbs illuminate your patio without using a ton of energy, and it comes with an optional timer that can shut your lights off automatically anywhere between one hour and four hours. With built-in clamps that adjust to fit your poles, it's unbelievably easy to install.


This versatile sun shade that can be used on your deck, around your pool, or on your patio

Who hasn’t fallen asleep on the porch, only to wake up with an angry red sunburn on their shoulders, neck, or back? Prevent painful skin damage with this sun shade, which is made of a high-quality and breathable polyethylene fabric that blocks 95% of UV rays. You can assemble it anywhere you need some more shade. And since it's incredibly compact, you can even carry it with you in a backpack on beach trips. Your dermatologist will love you for it.


These genius food covers that are perfect for picnics

For pest-free picnics, try these food covers; they'll keep bugs far away from your delicious food. Their ingenious design involves double-flap protection and reinforced metal poles that won't bend, and they come in multiple dimensions for dishes of different sizes. You'll especially love their portable carrying bag, which allows for easy transportation to and from your favorite park.


A beverage cooler that’s borderline magical

Imagine this: you have a magic cup into which you can pour hot coffee, only to find it perfectly chilled in just sixty seconds — it’s this beverage cooler, and it’s totally real. Instead of diluting your hot coffee with ice, which messes with its flavor, you can use this cooler for a drink you don't have to water down. Instead of artificial gels, it uses water to chill your beverages, and it's entirely dishwasher-safe for an easy clean. Having a few for visiting guests will keep the outdoor hangout “chill” in more ways than one.


This retractable clothesline with an impressive 40-pound weight limit

Don’t let your eyes deceive you; this retractable clothesline may be slim, but it can hold up to 40 pounds of clothes at a time. Its sturdy locking system makes it easy to set up, and when your clothes are all dry, the touch of a button sends the clothesline back into its case. Since it's almost 14 feet long when fully retracted, you can dry all your favorite pieces at once, saving money on your dryer bill.


This solar watering can decoration that will add a touch of whimsy

With its built-in sensor, this solar watering can decoration adds a touch of whimsy to your backyard or garden. Its stunning string lights are made with durable copper wire that bends and stretches, and each charge lasts eight to 10 hours. It's made of a high-quality iron material that's waterproof and rustproof, and it requires no assembly at all.


A versatile privacy screen made of weather-resistant mesh

Pick up this privacy screen to keep your patio furniture from overheating on hot days. It's also a great way to protect your porch from nosy neighbors, and it’s water-resistant in case of inclement weather. It comes with 35 zip ties for easy installation, so you can use it almost anywhere you're looking for a little extra privacy. Reviewers have said they’ve used this screen in multiple ways, from using it as a patio barrier to lining their balcony to shield reactive pets from neighbors.


This waterproof cover that’ll protect patio furniture regardless of the weather

With this waterproof sofa cover, your outdoor furniture will stay in mint condition, regardless of the weather. Its durable fabric won't rip or tear, and since it's 60 inches long, it'll easily accommodate even your largest pieces. As a bonus, each one also features two padded handles that make transportation easy, so you can put it on fast in case of imminent rain.


A planter box made from premium acacia wood

Made from premium acacia wood, this gorgeous planter box beautifully complements your porch or patio. It's super lightweight, so you can move plants around for maximum sunlight, and it has a built-in drainage hole to let out excess water. Use it with succulents, cacti, and your favorite flowers, and watch your garden grow more beautifully than ever before.


This 2-pack of hanging solar lights with a vintage flair

This two-pack of solar lanterns will give any garden or patio a gorgeous retro vibe. They'll charge all day long and turn on automatically at night, giving you 6-8 hours of light on just one charge. Plus, they're made from waterproof plastic that keeps them going through rain, frost, and even extreme heat. Since they’re wireless, you can simply use the included metal ring clips to display them anywhere.


These gardening tools that come with a convenient tote

Not only are these gardening tools highly functional, but they come with a convenient tote for easy storage when you’re all finished. In each kit, you'll receive gardening must-haves from rakes and trowels to cultivators and transplanters, most of which are made with stainless steel that won't rust. If the tote gets too dirty for your liking, simply throw it in the washing machine; it's made of heavy-duty polyester that holds up over time.


A heavy-duty spray nozzle for your hose to make sure your vegetable garden thrives

With its ergonomic design, this heavy-duty spray nozzle features eight spray patterns for watering your plants, washing your car, and everything in between. It's insulated, so it's safe for hot and cold water, and it's made of solid metal with a baked enamel finish. All you have to do is connect it to your hose and go. “This sprayer is heavy duty and not plastic like so many others I’ve purchased in the past,” said one five-star reviewer. “Works great and even comes with extra washers to put in the nozzle so you get a tight fit with no leaks.”


A portable hammock with over 40,000 5-star reviews

Take this popular portable hammock on all your outdoor adventures, whether you're hiking in the sun or sleeping under the stars. It comes with two carabiners and two straps, each of which is nine feet long, making it so easy to set up. The secret to its strength is its parachute nylon and triple interlocking stitches, so you’ll stay supported while you unwind. Not only does it have over 40,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, but it has a general score of 4.8 out of five, which is extremely impressive.


This luxurious mosquito net that’ll keep you at a safe distance from pesky pests

Avoid bug bites with this luxurious mosquito net, which provides heavy-duty protection against mosquitos and other outdoor pests while still letting air circulate. Instead of bug sprays, which often use bad-smelling chemicals to repel insects, this net keeps them out with a fine mesh that protects against even the smallest of bugs. With six hooks, six plugs, and a lengthy rope, the installation process will be a breeze.


This wind chime that’s been tuned to create both alto & soprano sounds

Made of thick wood and rust-resistant aluminum, these wind chimes are built to last for years to come. Not only do they make a stunning decoration, but they produce two beautiful tones, depending on which you prefer (higher or lower). Choose between stunning colors that include gold, silver, and bronze; regardless, each one is a winner.


This mosaic glass light that charges in the sun

Let this mosaic glass light charge in the sun all day, and when the night falls, it'll cast your backyard in a beautiful glow. Its handmade mosaic glass refracts the light, which fills your porch and patio with a stunning variety of colors. With no cords or batteries, it's a hassle-free decoration you're sure to love.


This mighty lawn sprinkler that rotates 360 degrees

With three arms and 12 spray nozzles, this lawn sprinkler rotates 360 degrees for heavy-duty watering that leaves no blade dehydrated. It's built with metal weights that keep it stable, so it won't tip over while watering your plants, and it'll evenly cover up to 3600 square feet of land. It also won't rust or corrode, so it's sure to last as long as your lawn.


These deck lights that can be placed on fences, railings, & gardens

What sets these solar lights apart is the fact that they’re so versatile. They’re a great way to add illumination without making the lights themselves the star of the show. Guests might not even realize they’re lining the deck until nighttime hits. They come with screws and tape for easy installation, and 16 lights come per pack. You can buy them in white or multicolor, which would be perfectly festive for an outdoor gathering.


An easy-to-assemble fire pit that will elevate any small gathering

If setting up a fire pit sounds like a nightmare, this version will alleviate your fears; all you have to do is set up its four legs and outer rim for a shockingly easy process that only takes a minute. Its heavy-duty steel frame is covered in heat-resistant paint that makes it a durable choice for years of backyard bonfires, and its 100-pound wood capacity makes it perfect for a party of three to five people. Plus, it comes with a spark screen that’ll keep ash from flying for maximum safety.


A UV-protected outdoor rug that’s reversible

This reversible outdoor rug allows you to switch up your decor at the drop of a hat (and at no extra cost). Made with heat-treated propylene that won't scratch up your deck, it's durable and low-maintenance, and it maintains its shape and texture over time. Because it's UV treated, you can store it out in the sun; it won't lose any of its gorgeous color. These rugs come in four different sizes to best fit your space.


A hammock chair that you’ll want to sit in all day long

Curl up and read a great novel in this hammock chair made from durable nylon that’s been triple-stitched for softness and strength. You'll especially love its cozy cushions around the leg and neck areas, which will inspire you to curl up in it all day long. Adjustable carabiners let you sit further back or more upright, finding your ideal comfy spot. Hang it between two trees or on another reinforced frame.


These cute pillow covers that repel water & dust

These pillow covers are perfect for poolside lounging since their PU coating makes them water and dust-proof. Their hidden zippers match the color of your cases, so they'll blend in beautifully, and they're highly durable, so they'll last a long time. If they get dirty, simply machine wash them with cold water and you can get back to sunbathing.


These solar lights that will create a rainbow of color in your garden

Install these solar garden lights all over your yard for a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors that will illuminate your favorite flowers. They're heat-resistant, frost-resistant, and weatherproof, and their automatic on/off switches make their battery life last much longer. They'll charge automatically during the day, and after six hours of direct sunlight, they'll shine bright at sunset.


This mosquito repeller that provides 15 feet of protection

For maximum protection against pesky bugs, grab this mosquito repeller, which creates a 15-foot zone that's borderline bug-free. Instead of DEET sprays or citronella, it uses a synthetic allethrin formula that's odorless and takes just 15 minutes to kick in. Each fuel cartridge lasts for 12 hours, so your bonfire or barbecue will be totally free of uncomfortable bites. It comes in four different colors, so you can grab the one that best matches your patio furniture.


These citronella candles that smell like green citrus & lemons

Not only do these citronella candles ward off insects, but they also have a citrus scent that’s super sweet. They'll burn for up to 100 hours each, so you'll only need to restock them every so often, and they're made with soy wax that allows for a smokeless burn. You'll especially love the adorable patterned tins, which will complement any outdoor decor.


These decorative river rocks that are perfect for gardens & aquariums alike

These decorative river rocks have a million possible uses, whether you’re dressing up your flowerbeds or interior designing your aquarium. Because they're super smooth and round, you can also use them on walkways to control erosion and add a bit of rustic flair to your entryway. They'll also make a great addition to your fire pit since they'll easily withstand heat.


These plant labels made of eco-friendly bamboo

Identify all your favorite flora with these plant labels that will make vegetable gardening a breeze. They're made with eco-friendly bamboo, and they're super easy to write on with the included marker pen. Use them to label plants of all kinds, from fruit trees to herbs and flowers; you'll receive 60 labels in each pack.


A sweet mat that happens to put the “door” in “adorable”

Looking for a heavy-duty doormat with a cute design? Try this sweet mat, which features a whimsical bike graphic — but if bikes aren’t for you, there are multiple other designs worth checking out. With a rubber base, it's made with coconut coir, a super-strong natural fiber that will trap moisture and debris so your floors and carpets stay dirt-free, even when you’ve been hard at work in the garden.