Think having a dog is hard? These cheap, clever things make it so much easier

Even playtime will be less of a hassle with these genius pet products.

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Some things happen that honestly make having a dog way harder than it should be, like when you come home to your door all scratched up or you spend a bit of every paycheck replacing ripped up toys. When it comes to certain dog-owner tasks (like cleaning up after them, grooming them, or keeping their favorite toys intact), there are some seriously clever things to make having a pet so much easier.

Plus, these super cheap solutions give you more quality time with your pup, and they’ll even keep them happier and cozier — a win, win situation.


This deodorizing foam that cleans up your dog without water

With this juniper-scented foam, you can deodorize your dog’s fur without even turning on the sink or tub. Simply put two or three pumps of the water-free formula in your hand, spread the baking soda-infused deodorizing formula through their fur, and it will clean up your pup while being lightweight enough to leave in without giving them a full bath.


A water additive that keeps your dog’s teeth clean & breath smelling fresh

This dental cleaner is pretty much zero-effort because you simply measure out 1 teaspoon and pour it into 8 ounces of your dog’s water. This “toothbrush in a bottle” helps out with plaque, your pup’s gums, and, of course, smelly breath — a must. It also whitens their teeth simply while they drink their water every day.


An anti-tugging harness with the *softest* lining

This reflective dog harness looks like a classic harness with an adorable pattern, but it also prevents your pup from pulling on the leash all the time. You can choose from a front or back anti-pulling clip, and the back clip is even attached to a stretchy strap in case they tug the leash. It also has a plush and super gentle neoprene lining to make it even comfier for your pup.

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  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


These moisturizing, soothing wipes that are durable enough for paws

It’s so worth carrying around this pack of unscented wipes because they’re perfect for taking care of messy paws or a quick bum cleaning on-the-go. These moisturizing wipes have a durable texture, so they won’t tear when you’re cleaning off their paws. Plus, they have cucumber, aloe, shea butter, and more for a soothing puppy skincare moment.


A waterproof car seat cover that covers absolutely everything

This waterproof car seat cover with secure clips protects every single part of your car’s backseat area — even the backs of your front seats if your dog has a jumping habit. You can even pull up the sides of this plush cover to protect the car doors or fold them down to prevent scratches on the sides of your seats.


This bouncy, rubber ball that whistles & glows in the dark

This glow-in-the-dark rubber ball is perfect if your pup loves a before-bed game of fetch but has a habit of abandoning the ball. The unique glowing material recharges under bright lights in just five minutes for about half an hour of playtime. Reviewers also note this ball gives a satisfying whistle sound when thrown to engage the dog in play, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


A citrus-scented odor eliminator to spritz on every accident

Grab this odor eliminator with a fresh orange peel scent that works on a bunch of surfaces, including carpet, tile, fabric, concrete, and more. Truly, you can spritz it anywhere (no matter where the smelly potty-training mishap happened). It’s also super concentrated, so you won’t have to spray a ton of it on your sofa’s upholstery whenever your dog leaves behind a gross smell.


A seriously durable lint roller that will hold all of the pet fur

This cult-favorite, reusable lint roller is such an easy way to tackle all of the fur your pup leaves all over your home. The grippy fabric design is even durable enough to grab the fur that gets twisted up in your living room rug. Plus, the holder on the back makes emptying all of the fur pretty much ick-free with just the press of a button.


A budget-friendly doggy doorbell with adjustable lengths

This dog doorbell requires pretty much zero set up because you simply hang it on whatever door your pup uses for potty breaks. You can adjust it to the different lengths as your puppy grows so the bells are always at the perfect height. The nylon design is also durable enough if your dog decides to use this budget-friendly doorbell as a toy.


A pet stain-finding blacklight to keep with your carpet cleaner

You might not think about adding a LED black light flashlight to your dog care supplies, but it’s actually perfect for tracking down hidden pet messes in your home. You won’t even have to turn the lights off to walk around with this durable metal light and find wherever that gross smell is coming from.


This scrubby silicone paw cleaner that only needs water to work

This paw cleaner is the perfect size to pop in your bag, so you’re always ready to wash off muddy feet. It has a cup-shaped design that’s lined scrubby silicone bristles, and you simply add a bit of water to take care of mud, sand, or whatever your pup steps in. It’s a convenient solution to dirty paws on the floor, which is why it has nearly 40,000 five-star reviews.


An oversized pooper scooper with an extra-long handle

This pooper scooper makes yard cleanup way less gross than it usually is because the rake has a 36-inch long handle and the scoop is 37.8 inches long, so you won’t have to get anywhere close to the situation. It comes with an oversized tray that lets you clean up most (if not all) of yard before you need to empty it. Plus, the rake and tray are easy to wash off after lawn cleanup day.


A wearable bath brush that connects to your shower head

Stick this bath brush on your shower head, and your pup’s bath time will instantly be way better. You simply slip it over your palm, so you can easily rinse your pup’s fur without spraying their eyes, and the process feels like you’re just petting your dog. With the silicone bristles, you can also brush them and calm them while you rinse off the shampoo. Plus, the included adapter still lets you use your normal shower.


This crinkly, squeaky toy pack with zero annoying stuffing

With this pack of squeaker toys, you don’t have to worry about your pup tearing up a toy and eating all the cotton inside, because they’re totally stuffing-free. Each durable toy has a different and fun animal shape with a bunch of crinkly fabric and two squeakers inside to make them even more entertaining.


These calming licking mats that are so easy to use

These silicone licking mats have four different stress-relieving textures on top and a bunch of durable suction cups on the back to securely stick it on the wall or floor. It also comes with a spatula to spread on a calming treat or your even doggy’s dinner every night. And don’t worry — they come in a two-pack, so there’s always a clean one for bath time or anxious moments if the other one is in the dishwasher.


A huge pack of pill pocket treats for a hassle-free medicine routine

These pill pockets come in a huge bag, so you always have a chicken-flavored treat to make your pup’s medicine routine super easy. Each one has a hole on top to easily put the medicine in, and they’re flexible enough to mold them around the pill and completely hide it.


These calming hemp treats that taste as good as their usual snacks

These chewy dog treats have hemp powder, chamomile, ashwagandha, and a bunch of other calming herbs in them, so they’ll be your go-to when your pup is feeling a bit stressed. They have nearly 10,000 five-star reviews, with buyers noting that they used them for separation anxiety, storms, when bringing home new babies, and other anxiety-inducing situations. They won’t make your pup super sleepy, and the chicken flavor will even taste like their usual favorite treats.


A cozy thermal-lined blanket that’s waterproof

This fluffy blanket is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about a bit of drool or a dog that wants to jump on the couch after spending a rainy afternoon outside. Between the sherpa and terry fabric, this machine-washable blanket also has a thermal core to add to all of the coziness.


An extra-durable chew toy that is fun for a variety of games

This seriously durable rubber chew toy can stand up to even the most aggressive chewers; it’s totally puncture-proof. Beyond being strong, the ring shape is perfect for tossing at the park. And seriously, no matter how much it’s thrown, tugged, or chewed on, this super versatile toy won’t crack or splinter all over your floors.


The easy-to-clean deshedding brush with 63,000 5-star reviews

This brush works on pets with long and short hair to effectively detangle them. Better yet, it has a thick base because you can actually push a button and retract the deshedding bristles into the base whenever you finish brushing. With the bristles tucked inside, you can quickly and easily wipe off all of the fur into the trash can.


An easy-to-use chew-deterrent spray on your furniture & dog

This taste deterrent spray takes care of all of your pup’s chewing, no matter which furniture piece or shoe is their favorite chew spot. Spritz this formula on whatever surface is their go-to without worrying about this bitter apple spray staining your walls, shoes, or furniture. It’s also helpful if your pup gets an injury and won’t leave it alone.


A quick-drying microfiber dog towel that’s so easy to use

This microfiber dog towel has a fluffy texture that will dry your dog’s fur up to eight times quicker than your usual bath towel to make the post-bath routine super easy. There are even two secure pockets for your hands to slip into to make drying even easier. It’s also made of a super plush and odor-resistant material, so it will smell nice and fresh for bath day.


A washable & fluffy snuffle mat with plenty of spots for treats

This snuffle mat is the perfect spot for your dog’s food or their go-to treats when they need a little mental stimulation or simply a calming activity. The extra-fluffy material slows down how fast they eat while they search for food between the grass-like tassels. You can also clean up any leftovers or sticky treats by throwing this mat in the washing machine.


These adjustable dog seat belts that clip right into your buckle

This puppy seat belt isn’t a huge hassle to add to your car because it simply clips right into the buckle, just like your usual seat belt does. The collar hook is made of anti-rust metal, and the durable black nylon will blend right in with the other seatbelts in your car. It’s also super easy to adjust the length to make sure your dog is comfy and secure.


A dog water bottle with a super handy foldable bowl on top

This dog water bottle is extra-compact for your bag because it has a fold-down water bowl on top. You simply flip the flexible silicone bowl around the top of the bottle and turn the waterproof lock whenever your pup is done with their water break.


This dog backpack that’s made of breathable & comfy mesh

This adorable dog backpack will fit just like a classic comfy harness, so your pup won’t even know that they’re carrying their own water bowl and your keys at the park. It comes with four seriously durable zipper pockets on the sides and a breathable mesh underneath to keep your furry friend comfy and cool.


A cozy faux-fur pet bed with a cozy & ergonomic doughnut shape

This pet bed is super plush and fluffy, and it has the coziest round shape that’s easy for your dog to curl up in. The slightly sunk-in middle allows your pup to rest their head on the edges, so this bed is also super calming and supportive. Plus, it is lightweight enough to move it all around your home or even fold it up in your pup’s travel bag.


A giant pack of breath-freshening, teeth-cleaning treats that reviewers love

These plaque- and tartar-cleaning dog treats are super chewy, so your pup can snack on them for a long time without them breaking. (That means they’ll spend longer cleaning their teeth.) You can even toss one of these easy-to-digest treats to your dog every day for fresher breath, and with 130 in this pack, that’ll be easy to do. Reviewers love these minty treats; they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 53,000 reviews.


These stick-on scratch protectors to save your door’s paint

If you’re seriously tired of touching up the paint in your home, pop these adhesive protectors on to save your door and walls from your dog’s scratching. They’re residue-free and completely transparent, so they won’t mess up the nice front door paint color you chose. These durable sheets are also super tall in case your pup likes to jump.


A sturdy, non-slip slow feeder with a twisty design

The unique and twisty design of this slow feeder can fit up to 3 cups of food, so it’s perfect for every mealtime to slow down your dog’s eating, which helps to prevent bloat and choking. The bottom is covered in anti-skid pads to keep it upright and in place during dinner. It can also go in the dishwasher, so you won’t have to scrub the intricate slow-feeding design.