These exceptionally comfy boots are weather-ready & stylish AF

Take on the elements in comfort & style.

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There’s no better companion during cold, slushy winter months than a solid pair of boots. Sure — a cuffing-season buddy has its boons, but when it comes to feeling really taken care of during slush and puddle time, some well-crafted, weather-ready footwear that looks and feels amazing is key. Having struggled through many a winter in subpar shoes, I learned the hard way that a quality pair of boots is worth their weight in gold.

Enter Vionic shoes. Their styles achieve the impossible by being both genuinely comfortable and stylish. Our feet do a lot of hard work for us, and the people at Vionic build each pair of boots with an exceptionally comfy footbed developed by podiatrists — called Vio-Motion™ Technology — and it is designed to pamper you and your feet from the ground up.

I shudder to think of how many snowy seasons I spent during college in Boston, believing my weak little tennies were fine. The cute and trendy styles weren’t comfortable, nor did they hold up to Real Winter Weather. Moreover, at the time I probably wouldn’t have recognized a good pair of boots if it walked over me and my soaked socks. Vionic’s stunners range from elegant calf boots to chunky lug soles to the cutest of booties, and they all let you securely trek damp, cold climes thanks to treated leather, sealed seams, and no-leak zippers.

Some of my favorite shoes are Vionics, as it happens. Last year I was on a mission to find the perfect loafer — Michael Jackson-esque, with a nod to my fashionable grandmother’s classic style — and I came across Vionic time and again. When my new shoes arrived, I put them on and I pretty much never took them off until the weather got too cold... and even then would go full-MJ with socks. The footbed is supportive, the leather formed to the shape of my foot, they're the most comfortable things I own, and I get compliments on them regularly.

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I’m slightly drooling over the offerings of Vionic’s winter line — they’re beautiful and are super reasonably priced for quality footwear. If you’re seeking chic, office-ready booties that can handle the commute or chunky, streetwise sneaks or hikers, Vionic has your number. Scroll on for some my favorites and customer reviews that help paint the picture.

A glowing review: “I usually do not write reviews but these boots are so exceptional that I wanted to share my thoughts. Out of the box they are extremely comfortable. The side zipper makes putting them on very easy. They look terrific and the weight of the boot is just right and not too heavy.”

A glowing review: “I am always skeptical of waterproof claims, but I have now had the unhappy experience of standing in a pool of water that came up to my ankle in these and not had a drop of water get through. They're stable as can be, even on uneven and icy terrain.”

A glowing review: “I've had several pair of Vionic shoes in the past so I knew the support was great and was confident that these would be too ... Not only do they offer fantastic support but I have [received] several compliments on them. A bootie with style & comfort is certainly a winning combination!”

A glowing review: “These boots are amazingly comfortable and have great heel height. I can wear them all day at work where I am on a cement floor with no issues after 8 hours. Love the western feel also.”

A glowing review: “I love these boots! I have [difficulty] finding a boot that works for me. These are extremely comfortable and go with so many outfits. I've had 2 ankle surgeries and was worried about the heel in this boot, but it was more comfortable than the flat boots I tried. I especially like the high quality rubber sole.”

A glowing review: “[Love] these! [Fits] perfectly right out of the box, the zipper makes for easy entry. They are cute and as comfortable to walk in as athletic shoes.”