60 weird things that are so freaking genius & so freaking cheap on Amazon

You’ll be surprised just how useful these funky finds are.

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Weird Amazon finds always end up being the best ones. Sometimes, there are strange-but-cool decor pieces or quirky (but super useful) gadgets that you can only stumble across on Amazon.

Thankfully, this list is packed with 60 of those weird things that are so freaking genius, and more importantly — they’re all so freaking cheap. So, instead of waiting to stumble across them, go ahead and add a bunch of these funky finds to your cart — they’re seriously worth it.


This quick-to-use slicer for perfectly chopped watermelon

This watermelon slicer makes chopping up snack-sized watermelon so easy and less messy than usual. It comes with built-in measurements and a spinning slicer with rounded edges, so you won’t slice your fingers by accident. Plus, you get a little melon baller scoop to get any leftover melon at the bottom.


This best-selling bug bite suction tool that’s easy to carry around

Simply place this poison remover on top of any annoying bug bite and pull the sides to instantly suck up saliva and venom left under the skin. Doing this helps alleviate all of the itchiness and even the swelling. This lightweight tool also comes with a stinger scraper and a keychain loop to easily carry it in your bag, which is why it has 50,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A leak-free aerator & pourer to elevate your bottle

This wine aerator will honestly look so fancy on top of your bottle, and the clever design will make every glass taste much more expensive as it adds a bunch of oxygen and tannin-softening bubbles to whatever bottle you usually reach for. The leak-free design will fit on any bottle, even budget-friendly ones.


A surprisingly practical & cozy mermaid blanket

This adorable mermaid blanket is surprisingly practical because it wraps all the way around your legs. Don’t worry — the back is open, so it’s still easy to take off when you want to get up and grab a snack. It’s also made of a cozy cotton-blend knit fabric, and it’s even woven to look like intricate mermaid scales with a fin on the bottom.


A cleaning gel that lifts dust & crumbs from tiny cracks & hard-to-reach spaces

Swapping out a classic microfiber dusting cloth for this sticky cleaning gel will make cleaning weird nooks and crannies way easier. The deep-cleaning material will mold into your keyboard, the cracks between kitchen counters, and even buttons or cupholders in your car. Then, simply pull it off, and this gel will bring all of the dust and crumbs with it.


These popular temporary tattoo markers with intricate stencils

These temporary tattoo markers are so fun to pull out at parties or before festivals, and they come with four stencils to create crisp designs. Most importantly, whatever colorful tattoo you create will last for a few days thanks to the smudge- and water-resistant formula that will look super real.


These slim ice packs to tuck between snacks & cans

These reusable ice packs are so genius because they have an extra-slim design that will fit in any cooler or insulated tote. They’re perfect for sticking between cans, wine bottles, or your go-to park picnic snacks. Plus, each in this pack of four is just a little over 7 ounces, so they won’t weigh down your bag.


A quick-drying, best-selling microfiber towel with a 4.7-star rating

This durable and seriously versatile microfiber towel absorbs up to five times its weight, so you can use this compact towel as a bath towel after showering at the gym or while at the beach. It also dries super fast and has a hanging loop on one corner, so it will be dry and ready to take to on a hike or to the pool right after the gym. As a bonus, it comes with a carrying bag with a little handle on top, so you can take it with you with ease.


These glowing lightsaber chopsticks that reviewers love

To create a super fun dinner at home — turn off the lights, put on some sci-fi, and use these lightsaber chopsticks to eat your meal. They have vibrant built-in LEDs that will glow and look so playful every time you use them. Plus, they have an easy-to-use button to turn them off after dinner.


A clear mini backpack that’s surprisingly organized

This clear backpack is obviously perfect to take to festivals, sports games, and arena concerts, but it’s also aesthetic and trendy enough to carry with you every day. It’s super compact at 7.5-by-9 inches, but you still get two different zipper pockets to keep all of your things organized. Plus, there are adjustable straps to keep it comfy.

  • Available colors: 11


These nonstick silicone baking mats with over 78,000 5-star reviews

These silicone baking mats are a budget- and environmentally-friendly alternative to parchment paper or aluminum foil, and they’ll honestly make you feel like a professional anytime you bake something. Each one is made of a nonstick material, and they’re flexible enough to roll up super small and tuck them in a kitchen drawer after using them.


This hypoallergenic glitter gel with oversized holographic sparkles

This body glitter gel is filled with large and seriously stunning holographic flakes that you’ll reach for any time you need a glittery moment (think: a festival). No matter where you apply or how you style this shiny body glitter, it’s super easy to wash off with your makeup, which is why over 10,000 people have bought it over the last month.


This airtight wine-sealing pack that keeps your bottle fresh for 15 days

This pack of wine stoppers comes with a vacuum-sealing tool, so it only takes a few seconds to create a super secure seal that keeps your pinot noir fresh for over two weeks. They’re also so airtight that you can seal up your wine bottle and lay it on its side in your fridge without worrying about spills.


These handy food cutters for easy-to-carry, crustless sandwiches

These food cutters instantly create zero-crust sandwiches that are super aesthetic and practical for picnics at the park. They’ll seal all of your favorite sandwich toppings inside, so your lettuce or tomatoes won’t fall out in your cooler, and no peanut butter will ooze into a sandwich baggie. You also get two size options, depending on how large you want these easy-to-carry sandwiches to be.


These reusable lip exfoliators with 2 sides

Get rid of dry, chapped skin on your lips and prep your pucker to be softer and smoother than ever with these lip exfoliators. No messy, sticky, or oily scrub needed here — these exfoliators feature two sides. The first scrubs away flaky skin, while the second massages your lips so they’re ready for a hydrating mask or smooth for mess-free lipstick.


This highly-rated bacon grease container that actually looks nice

Bacon grease containers are seriously handy, and this black and white option will actually look nice on your countertop thanks to its country, shabby chic design. It comes with a removable stainless steel strainer and a durable lid to keep your drippings secure and usable. Plus, each order comes with a silicone spatula to scoop out and use any leftover grease.


These nonslip tools to open any pantry ingredient or drink

This set of jar openers comes with everything you’ll need to tackle annoying-to-open bottles or lids that are way too tight. The jar opener has four slot sizes, and the bottle opener even comes with two different tools to open tab-top cans. Both of them are also covered in non-slip rubber to make them even easier to use.


These sturdy taco holders that come in bright colors

These sturdy taco stands come in a pack with four different colorful finishes, so everyone can remember which tacos are theirs. Each one can hold two to three tacos to prevent tipping and spillage, depending on which side you use. The best part is you can put them in the microwave for leftovers the next day.


An easy-to-carry water filter straw with over 90,000 5-star reviews

This water filter is compact enough to keep it in your car or tuck it in your bag, just in case. With the built-in straw on top, you can easily sip water in an emergency or simply while campling and trust that the lake water will be safe to drink. Don’t let the small and easy-to-use design fool you — this little straw filters out more than 99% of bacteria and parasites in water.


A meat shredding tool with a genius clear lid

This meat shredder will make cooking up chicken salad, pulled pork, and crab cakes easier (and honestly less messy). Simply spin it around with the two sturdy handles to shred and chop. Plus, it comes with a clear lid, so you can easily see when your chicken is perfectly shredded for whatever dish you’re making.


These 2-sided highlighters with fun & intricate roller stamps

These highlighters come with a classic highlighter on one side and easy-to-use stamp rollers on the other. Simply sweep these intricate rollers across your planner to add an adorable little patterned border or to underline deadlines in a fun way. Plus, the 12 highlighters have a versatile chisel tip to highlight, underline, or even take notes with.


This plush baguette pillow that deserves a spot in your space

This oversized pillow is the perfect quirky decor moment for your space because it looks like the best thing ever — a huge loaf of bread. This adorable baguette also comes with a soft cover, so it’s honestly super functional as a comfy body pillow for your sofa or bed.


This seriously sturdy stick-on holder for your drinks

This wine glass holder has adhesive on the back, so you can stick it wherever you want around your home. The silicone design is even durable enough to add to your shower tiles for a relaxing bath and wine moment. It also comes with a super durable bracket, so this holder is strong enough to hold a bottle of wine in your kitchen up to 8.8 pounds.


This handy phone mount that can suction to any smooth surface

Film get ready with me videos, watch YouTube hands-free, or have easy navigation from your car window when you have this suction phone case mount. It uses a strong peel-and-stick backing to adhere to your phone or phone case, and then the 24 suction cups can stick to any window, mirror, screen, or wall for hands-free filming or watching.


These clear sticky notes that make note-taking better than ever

These transparent sticky notes are great for studying, writing in the margings of your favorite novels, or organizing your calendar without marking it up permanently. Their clear design still works with pens, pencils, markers, or whatever your go-to writing utensil is. And they’re waterproof, to boot.


This chic toilet paper shelf to tidy up the bathroom

This matte black shelf is so much chicer than a classic toilet paper holder. It has a drawer on the front with a glossy gold handle for wipes, period products, or any other essentials in addition to the toilet paper holder underneath. You can also use the little shelf on top to hold your phone or a plant to elevate your bathroom.


This durable clothes folding board you’ll reach for all the time

This clothes folding board makes that basket of clean clothes a little less intimidating, and it’s super quick to learn and easy to use. It’s made of durable plastic that can bend in a variety of ways to make shirts and other foldable pieces look department store levels of crisp.


This dimmable, easy-to-wear reading light that reviewers are obsessed with

This bendable reading light has over 100,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star rating, so you know it’s a handy thing to keep on your nightstand. It has a adjustable necklace design and six brightness levels, so you can be seriously comfy every time you pull out your book and be careful not to disturb others around you. You can also click through cool white, warm white, and yellow lighting options to see which one is your favorite reading setting.


A handy fork that’s easy to attach to pickle jars

This versatile little fork has a stretchy strap and holder to secure it right onto your pickle, olive, or pickled onion jar. The small stainless steel piece is perfect for grabbing a snack or serving pickles at a cookout without covering your fingers in brine.


This popular fidget toy that transforms into over 70 shapes

This clever fidget toy has 36 magnets in it, which allows you to transform it into 70-plus shapes, allowing you to relieve stress and concentrate when it can otherwise be hard to do so. This extremely popular box comes in over tk bold and colorful designs, and it’s a best-seller on Amazon with over 47,000 ratings.


An outlet cover with an expensive-looking nightlight

This sleek outlet cover has an LED nightlight built right into the bottom. That means you can skip the bulky nightlight plug-in that usually takes up one (or both) of your outlets. It will also illuminate whatever’s underneath it, so it’s perfect for hallway outlets or even kitchen outlets to light up countertops at night.


A 3-in-1 egg cooker with a near-perfect Amazon rating

This popular egg cooker doesn’t just make guess-free hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs. It also included two trays that make omelets and poached eggs without the need for a pot or, frankly, any cooking skills. This egg cooker is a viral sensation with over 115,000 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.7-star rating, which makes it an essential for newbie cooks and seasoned home chefs.


An encouraging & seriously cute water bottle that makes sure you stay hydrated

This time-stamped water bottle comes with an aesthetic ombre design and plenty of motivation to keep sipping throughout the day. This oversized 60-ounce bottle also has a durable strap, so it’s surprisingly easy to carry it around. You also get two leakproof lids, so you have a straw and a classic lid option to ensure you stay hydrated.


A colorful toilet night-light that’s actually super useful

This colorful toilet night-light is quirky, slightly hilarious, and honestly a super functional bathroom upgrade. Simply choose from nine colors, and the motion sensor LED will illuminate the toilet bowl instead of the entire bathroom, like classic night-lights. It also has a clip-on design that will fit any bowl and will be super quick to set up.


A stress-relieving putty with a fun pickle scent

This stress-relieving putty comes with a hilarious name and a dill pickle scent to go along with it. The stretchy formula is so perfect for kneading, bouncing on your desk, or simply fidgeting with during a stressful day. It also comes with a little case to keep this pickle putty dust-free in your desk.


A viral bubble machine that spits out thousands of suds per minute

This bubble machine is so viral right now for a reason — it fills the air with over 5,000 bubbles every minute. You get two bubble solutions, so it’s ready to go the second you get it. Simply pour the solution in the matching tray, dip in the bubble maker, and you’re ready to create the most aesthetic bubbles ever for tons of outdoor fun.


This slushie cup that turns any drink into a fun dessert

This gadget might simply look like a cup in your freezer, but it’s actually an easy-to-use slushie maker. Simply pull this silicone tumbler out of the freezer, add whatever drink you want, and squeeze the sides to instantly turn your drink into a slushie. It also comes with an adorable domed to-go lid and a handy spoon that doubles as a straw.


This drawing game with hilarious & uncensored prompts

This drawing card game is sort of like Pictionary, but all of the prompts are hilarious and a little bawdy. You get 150 cards with 650 prompts, so your team definitely won’t run out of adult-themed and seriously funny things to draw. Of course, you also get drawing pads and a timer, so everyone is ready to draw (but no one takes too long).


These comfy & super secure slippers that mop your floor

These dusting and mopping slippers come with an elastic band on top, so you can wear them securely over your shoes or just your socks while you clean up the house. The soft and fluffy microfiber fabric will take care of dust and crumbs all over your floors. You can also put these handy slippers on your mop to make it even more effective.


A long-lasting cow print blanket to elevate your space

This fluffy fleece blanket is covered in a fade-resistant cow print that make any space feel super fun, whether you like a modern or farmhouse aesthetic. Hidden underneath the cute cow print, this throw has extra-tight stitching to ensure that it’s a long-lasting piece in your space. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to style on your sofa or even to drape over your bedding.


A mini multi-tool that replaces 13 different items

With this multi-tool, you won’t need to keep a bulky tool bag in the closet because it comes with absolutely everything. This under 6-inch gadget comes with 13 tools, including a hammer, hex wrench, mini saw blade, screwdriver, and more. You even get uncommon but super handy tools, like a fish scaler and, of course, a bottle opener, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


This inflatable travel pillow with a huggable design

Unlike a classic neck pillow, this inflatable travel pillow is actually super comfy with its huggable design. Simply place this plush pillow in your lap, and it has built-in slots to loop your arms through and hug it while you sleep. This ventilated pillow also has a cushioned spot to rest your head on top. You can also flip it over to use it on a desk or table, and you even get an eye mask and ear plugs.


These comfy flashlight gloves you’ll use all the time

You’ll honestly reach for these flashlight gloves all the time because they’re so comfy to wear and so surprisingly useful. Wrap their stretchy design around your wrists, forefinger, and thumb before working in your garage, taking your dog on a nighttime walk, or camping. They have easy-to-use power buttons, and they’re even water resistant in case it rains on your walk.


A head & back massager set that’s super calming

This calming head massager and back scratcher set is seriously worth adding to your destressing routine. The head massager has gentle rubber beads that flex out to fit heads of all sizes. Meanwhile, the back scratcher extends from 7.8 to 26.7 inches, so you can use it on yourself while still storing it in a desk drawer or nightstand compactly.


This adorable & super easy-to-use banana slicer

Slicing bananas can be a little messy, but it won’t be anymore with this adorable and handy banana slicer. It looks and is shaped just like a banana, so you can quickly and cleanly slice up your fruit with a single motion. And even though it’s made from plastic, this useful kitchen gadget is still safe to put in the dishwasher.


An easy-to-use selfie stick with a tennis ball for adorable dog pictures

Yes — this selfie stick is specifically for taking photos of your pup, and yes, it’s just worth it as it sounds. It comes with a ball on top, so all you have to do is clip it to the top of your phone to get your dog’s attention. Plus, the ball has a built-in squeaker if your pet needs a little extra persuasion to take a cute picture.


This cleaning pack with 2 easy-to-use drain solutions

This drain-cleaning pack comes with three plastic tools to quickly take care of everyday hair clogs in your sink or shower drain so you don’t have to call a plumber. You’ll even be prepared for extra-annoying clogs because this pack also comes with a spring-loaded stainless steel cleaning tool with clog-grabbing hooks on the end.


This glowing, waterproof cube-shaped light that looks so aesthetic

This dimmable LED light has the most aesthetic cube-shaped design to instantly create a cozy glow in your space. This illuminated cube comes with an easy-to-use remote, 16 color options, and a removable handle on top to easily move it around the house or even hang it up. Plus, it’s completely waterproof if you want to set up this trendy lighting on your balcony or patio.


A colorful jar to quickly count & see your spare change

This colorful jar is topped off with a coin-counting lid, so you’ll always know how much backup change you have. You can also manually add or subtract money in case you crack this jar open to buy a soda. No matter which of the five fun colors you choose, you can still see through the durable plastic to easily see when this money-saving jar is almost full.


A flying disc with aesthetic & practical LED lights

This waterproof flying disc is such a go-to for backyard parties or sunset dog park visits because it’s trimmed in 36 colorful LED lights. With the built-in motion sensors, these LEDs will automatically turn on when you pick up this disc. If you toss it and your pup gives up on the game of fetch — this genius disc will blink to help you find it.


This lightweight sunshade with over 103,000 ratings on Amazon

It only takes a few seconds to set up this UV-blocking sun shade before you run inside for your weekly grocery haul. The pop-out design immediately expands when you pull it out of the drawstring carrying case. When you get back in your cool and comfy car, it’s super easy to fold up this lightweight shade, which is why it’s a best-seller on Amazon with over 103,000 ratings.


An adjustable footrest that doubles as a rocker

This footstool comes with two adjustable heights to ensure that your desk setup is extra-comfy. You can even flip it over to rock your feet back and forth for a little movement while you work. Of course, the entire thing is finished off with supportive cushioning to keep you comfy during long work days.


This best-selling plug-in bug trap that looks surprisingly nice

This plug-in insect trap will take care of all of those annoying flying bugs like moths, mosquitoes, and flies, and most importantly — you won’t have to see them. The UV light and easy-to-replace sticky trap is neatly hidden behind a minimalist white cover, so this trap will look nice wherever you need it in your home.


This hot dog maker with a convenient toaster-like design

Not only will this retro-style toaster cook two hotdogs at once, but it will also toast the hot dog buns to really make it feel like you’re at a cookout. It works just like a normal toaster with an easy-to-use timer on the front, so there’s honestly zero learning curve with this fun hot dog maker.


These reusable eye patches that are so soothing & cooling

These reusable eye patches come in two designs — one that goes over your eyes and another that’s meant for the sensitive under-eye skin. They can be put in the freezer for 30 minutes to turn them into cooling, refreshing face masks, or you can put them in hot water for a few minutes to provide stress relief and soothe tired eyes.


An avocado float with a built-in beach ball

This avocado-shaped inflatable float is seriously adorable and honestly practical for pool parties. The avocado design is the perfect shape for lounging and floating around, and you can use the pit as a ball for pool games. It’s also topped off with fast valves to make inflating it a super quick process.


These blackout curtains with chic ties & hardware

These curtains feel so expensive because their blackout and thermally-insulated design will keep your space perfectly cozy. To make them look even more expensive, they come with rust-resistant hanging hardware and matching little ties to tie them back when you want to let some light in.


This Bob Ross Chia Pet that’s so easy to grow

This Bob Ross-themed Chia Pet only has six easy care steps, so it’s seriously easy to keep it happy. The greenery grows right on top of this handmade planter, and you can replant and grow more as many times as you want. You even get three chia seed packs in this kit, so you’ll always have a backup to keep your Bob Ross planter nice and green.


A compact synthesizer with an adorable design

This synthesizer is small enough to tuck in your bag, and it comes with an adorable little face on the front. It has a touch-sensitive stem that’s easy to learn how to use and can be changed between three different pitches. Meanwhile, the face-shaped base can also change up the sound while you’re playing.


A 4-pack of smart outlets that can be controlled via voice

This smart plugs are a must for any home. Just connect them to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and you can use your voice to set timers, turn things off no matter where you are in the house, or do any number of things. You can also connect these to the free Kasa Home app to control your electronics from anywhere — in a group or individually.