Weird things you can do around your home that will make it so much better

Tiny changes can make a huge difference.

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When you’re a first-time homeowner, you might realize very quickly that there’s a learning curve to caring for your new place. Whether you’re sleeping in a drafty room or a piece you’ve just bought is already falling into disrepair, there’s always a fix for your decorative woes; sometimes, you just need to get a little bit creative.

There are plenty of weird and innovative things you can do around your home to make it so much better. With these products, you’ll solve problems you didn’t even realize you had, from unsightly furniture scratches to disorganized recipes.


Redirect airflow to adjust the temperature

You don’t have to shiver in front of the air conditioner or sweat in front of the heater; instead, you can redirect the airflow with these magnetic air deflectors that fit like a glove over your vents. They're effortless to install, and you can use them year-round to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, no matter the season. They're flame retardant and temperature resistant up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so don't worry about melting or breakage; they're tough enough to take the heat.


Make sure carpets are flat & secure with these rug grippers

Use these rug grippers to keep your carpets in place; not only will they look aesthetically better that way, but you’ll be less likely to take a tumble. Their V-shape design adheres to both the rug and the floor, keeping edges from curling up, and you can remove them without leaving a mark behind. Their weatherproof adhesive is just as powerful outdoors as in, so you can even use them in your garage or on your patio.


Replace your bulky paper towel roll with these environmentally-friendly dishcloths

If you find yourself cycling through bulky rolls of paper towels at a rapid rate, try swapping them out for these environmentally-friendly dishcloths, which absorb up to 20 times their own weight in liquid. They're textured when dry and soft when wet, so you can pick and choose the best way to clean based on the situation; use them on glass, wood, marble, or any surfaces that need your attention. The best part? Each one is biodegradable and takes just eight weeks to decompose.


Reseal the bottom of your shower door to prevent extra drips

If you’re sick of your bathroom floor looking like a lake after you’ve showered, try this shower door seal to close up the floodgates. It's made with hard PVC to grip the glass and soft PVC as a barrier, and both of those materials increase the seal's effectiveness and durability. You can simply pull your old seal off if you had one already and place the new one below your door; when you push it up, it'll clip onto the glass with a snug fit that stays in place.


Adding a backlight to help ease eye strain while watching television

Straining to make out the details on your TV? Try this backlight; it'll make watch parties much easier on tired eyes. It works by increasing the ambient light in the room, which means your eyes don't have to work so hard to adjust between the screen and its surroundings. The result? You might experience fewer headaches, and you'll be able to see the action better than ever before.


Add door handle stoppers to help protect your walls

Protect your walls from damage with these door stoppers, which help absorb the shock from bumps and slams. With their adhesive peel-off design, they're incredibly easy to install, and their two-inch diameter means they're large enough to cover the surface area of most standard doorknobs. You'll receive six stoppers in each set, so you should have more than enough for your home; if not, they’re just around $10, so it couldn’t hurt to snag another pack.


Refresh the grout in your bathrooms in mere minutes with a grout pen

Instead of scrubbing down tiles to no avail, try this grout pen; in a matter of minutes, your kitchen and bathroom will look as good as new. Each pen can cover around 150 feet of thin grout, so it's a smart investment for long-term cleaning projects, and its precise applicator helps you pinpoint the right spot every time. It's also nontoxic, water-based, and specifically formulated with minimal odor, so the application process shouldn't bother your respiratory system— which is especially good for people with small bathroom spaces that aren’t well-ventilated.


Add a bidet to avoid throwing money down the toilet

Turn your toilet experience into a moment of luxury with this non-electric bidet, which is super slim and compact. Its self-cleaning nozzle is retractable and comes with a guard for extra protection, and its smooth controls make it super easy to adjust the water pressure. Installation is a breeze; you won't need a plumber, tools, or even electricity to make it work like a dream, so even amateur DIYers won’t have a problem.


Add extra security outside with motion-sensor lights

The four-headed design of these motion sensor lights illuminates up to 800 square feet of your yard so that you can light your backyard barbecues without the hassle. They're solar-powered, so they'll charge during the day and turn on at night to illuminate your garden, deck, or patio. They're motion activated, and their sensors pick up movement effectively enough to give you security and peace of mind along with their brilliant glow.


Repaint old furniture to give it a fresh new look

Whether you're diving headfirst into a furniture flip or simply refurbishing an old favorite, this chalk-style paint can help you take your project to the next level. Its all-in-one formula has primer and top coat built in, so you won't need wax or sealants, and it'll work on most surfaces, including wood, metal, and glass. Since it's made without potential respiratory irritants like phthalates, solvents, and formaldehyde, it's a good choice for anyone who's conscientious of their lung health while they paint.


Fill in furniture & wall scratches with these touch-up pens

Use these touch-up pens wherever you notice a scuff or scratch, and your favorite pieces of furniture will look as good as new. Instead of trying to color match with pre-filled pens, you can use these in conjunction with any paint of your choice, and it'll stay fresh while you work your magic. Also great to touch up walls and small spaces, each pen features a twist-action control that dispenses just the right amount of paint every time. That makes them ideal for detail-oriented work in spots that are tough to reach.


Make your backyard “smart” with this outdoor smart plug

When you're working with multiple appliances at once, you need a hub that helps you get everything done; that's where this outdoor smart plug comes in. Connect it to Wi-Fi and smart devices like Alexa or Google Home, and you'll be able to control your tech with just the sound of your voice. It's also weatherproof, so even the wettest conditions won't keep it from working beautifully in your garden or backyard.


Add an extra reading light on your bedside table

If you miss the feeling of burrowing under your covers with a flashlight and a good book, you'll love these bright and compact reading lights for the page-turners you can't put down. Each one has a flexible neck that's seven inches long, which you can position at any angle for optimal reading conditions. It's also designed to cast light only on your pages, so if you're sharing a bed, you can trust that you won't wake anyone else up.


Weatherproof your outdoor storage

You want your belongings to stay dry and secure, even when you store them outdoors; that's why this waterproof storage cover is such a smart buy. Its tough polyester fabric shields your stuff from rain, snow, heat, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you. As a bonus, it'll keep animals from digging into your storage boxes, so bugs, mice, and raccoons will get the message that your yard is not where they want to be.


Protect your floors with these furniture grippers

These furniture grippers help keep your floors free of scuffs and scratches. They're made with nonslip rubber and a felt core that protect floors from even the heaviest of couches and chairs, and they work without nails or glue for a damage-free hold. They also come with optional adhesive pads that can help you keep the pads temporarily in place while you shift furniture around for easy placement when you're finished.


Add lights inside your cabinets without having to rewire anything

With these wireless LED lights, you can light up counters, cabinets, and other low-visibility areas without the help of an electrician. They're super easy to install with the included screws and mounting tape, and once they're firmly in place, they'll stay wherever you've put them, from the kitchen or bathroom to the patio or garage. If you've left the room and realized they're still on, you can use the included wireless remote to set a timer or turn them on and off with the touch of a button.


Collect all of your favorite recipes to put in a single organized space

Okay, so you have an excellent mental index of your favorite recipes: why not get them down on paper? These recipe cards give you the perfect place to transcribe everything from your grandmother's classic pasta recipe to the guacamole you've perfected over the years. Plus, you'll adore their sweet floral design and their convenient storage tin. Each card works in conjunction with your inkjet printer, so you can type up recipes for increased legibility.


Update the way you brush your teeth with a toothpaste-dispensing apparatus for your bathroom

We've put a man on the moon and created chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream; isn't it time that dental hygiene had a similarly exciting innovation? That's where this toothbrush holder comes in; it keeps toothbrushes in place, dispenses toothpaste with vacuum pump technology, and mounts on your wall for zero-gravity effectiveness. Its drainage structure prevents it from getting waterlogged, and you can install it quickly and easily onto any smooth surface; its strong adhesive will stay put.


Give your junk drawer a better purpose with this organizer

With this bamboo drawer organizer, you'll know where to find pens, pencils, and kitchen utensils every time. With up to nine compartments, you can section out your tools and instruments however you like, so you won't have to search high and low while preparing dinner. Its water-resistant bamboo material beautifully complements any desk or counter, and it's easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Use your door for extra storage space with this organizer

With 24 transparent pockets, this pantry organizer hangs over your door to store snacks and maximize space. It comes with three adjustable hooks made of durable stainless steel that accommodate doors of all sizes, and because each pocket is see-through, you'll quickly and easily find what you're looking for. If you’re a serious spice collector, this organizer is capacious enough for all your favorite seasonings beyond the standard salt and pepper.


Give your spices more visibility with this handy mounted rack

Speaking of seasonings, keep yours well within reach in these spice racks that mount on your wall. They're made of scratch-resistant steel wire mesh that holds up through all your kitchen adventures, and their reinforced metal rims keep spices snugly in place. With each two-pack, you'll receive all the wall mounting hardware you need for installation, and their simple design looks great with all sorts of kitchen decorations.


Create more counter space with this 15-hook hanging pot & pan rack

Kitchen space is a precious resource; luckily, you can maximize it in a million creative ways. One such innovation is this pot and pan organizer, which you can hang on your wall with the included mounting hardware for a storage option that fits in most kitchens. It's made of a durable hand-melded iron metal, which can withstand years of clanging pots and pans, and its 22-pound weight limit means it's tough enough for even your heaviest hardware.


Create more floor space by adding cupholders directly to your couch

These ingenious couch cupholders keep all your favorite beverages within reach, so you won't have to reach repeatedly for the coffee table. Its flexible silicone body wraps around sofa arms of all sizes, slides between seat cushions, or simply lies flat wherever you want to put it. It’s even great for cups and mugs with handles. You can even use it in conjunction with cell phones and remotes, so they’ll be close at hand.


Rearrange your record collection to make it more visibly appealing

Streamline your scattered record collection with this vinyl organizer, which holds up to 50 albums at a time. Music and design enthusiasts alike will love its minimalist look, and love how it keeps your music safe — it holds your albums upright, so they won't warp or bend. It's also made of strong acrylic that won't break and is available in eight different colors.


Cover your dangling cords so that they’re not an eyesore

Wires that stick out can mess with your decor, and this cord cover kit can quickly rectify the problem; it comes with 10 pieces that you can mix, match, and install in virtually any shape for maximum effectiveness. Its pieces are made with high-quality PVC that won't bend or break, and you can trim and paint them to customize their look. Each piece can cover up to three cables at once, so you know you're getting fantastic value for your money.


Light up the space under your bed to make getting out of bed at night a little safer

Have you ever gotten out of bed at night for a trip to the kitchen or bathroom, only to bang your shin against the edge of the bed? Make that nocturnal journey a little easier with these under-bed lights, which automatically turn on when they detect motion. Simply install it with the included adhesive tape, which won't leave a trace on your bed upon removal, and it'll turn on when you get up and off when you've settled. The best part? It confines the light to the area directly under and around the bed, so your partner can keep sleeping peacefully.


Get ahead of drafts by draft-proofing your interior doors

Maintaining the temperature in your home can be expensive and labor-intensive, from installing a brand-new air conditioner to paying far too much for heat in the winter. That's where these draft stoppers come in; simply measure them to the length of your doors, peel off the adhesive film, and stick them on for efficient cooling and heating all year long. Not only will it protect against drafty weather, but it'll block out unwanted noise, smells, and even light when you're trying to get some sleep.


Add swinging hooks in your bedroom that can help you set out tomorrow’s outfit

Morning routines are so much easier by setting out your clothes the night before; you can set up your carefully crafted looks on these wall-mounted hangers to save time in the AM and space in your room. Each set includes two hangers, eight screws, and eight expansion tubes for a hassle-free installation process, and their matte black finish is incredibly chic, no matter your decorative tastes. When you're not using them, you can fold them to the side to free up wall space, whether they're in your bedroom, bathroom, or garage.


Put a digital photo frame out to have a slideshow of your life

If you’ve never seen a digital photo frame in person, they’re really very cool. This 8-inch screen will run through a slideshow of your favorite photos and videos to play on a loop. You can add up to 100 photos or videos at once to the frame. It’s the perfect way to see all of your favorite people and memories.


Store your plastic bags in this mounted stainless steel dispenser

If plastic grocery bags are currently claiming an entire pantry cabinet or drawer, you need this stainless steel plastic bag saver from Greenco. It provides a compact storage space for your plastic bags and also makes them easy to grab. The best part? This bag saver effortlessly mounts to any wall. You could even install it under your kitchen sink.


Replace the cabinet hardware in your kitchen for a fresh new look

If you're tired of the same kitchen decor you've had forever, you can switch out your cabinet pulls for a quick refresh that won't break the bank. They're super chic and versatile, and they'll complement drawers and cabinets of every style; since they're made of stainless steel, they're durable and tough enough to last for years. For less than $30, you'll receive a set of 30 pulls and all the screws you need for an installation process that’s super simple. They also sell them in other quantities, if you only have a couple of pulls to switch out.


Use a colorful, motion-sensor toilet light to better guide you late at night

Minimize missteps and toe stubs on your nightly bathroom trips with these LED toilet lights, which come with high-quality motion sensors that turn on the second they pick up movement. You can choose between eight gorgeous hues or cycle between all of them for an extra burst of color, and three AAA batteries are all it needs to start working. Since they're water-resistant, you can wipe them down with most household cleaning products; this helps keep them germ-free for as long as you’re using them. Nearly 25,000 Amazon customers gave them a five-star rating.


Use flame-free candles to create a safe ambiance in any room

While candles are a great way to brighten up any room, it can be hard keeping a constant eye on them — which is why these flameless candles are an excellent choice. What sets them apart from the rest is the fact that they look real, and even include real paraffin wax to best resemble a standard candle. With a gorgeous glass exterior, you get three candles — and a remote, to control them — per set. Once you add batteries, these candles will glow for up to 350 hours.


Swap out ordinary bulbs with smart bulbs to make your lights voice-activated

Use these voice-activated smart bulbs to set the mood, whether you're hosting the party of the century or simply want to give your room a gorgeous glow. They work in conjunction with Alexa and Google Home, so you can simply tell them all your lighting desires and watch your ideas come to life. If you're not at home, no worries; you can adjust them remotely from anywhere. You can even set a timer or a schedule for the lights when you're on the go.


Clean your hard-to-reach windows

You’d be surprised by just how much grime and dirt can build up on windows that haven’t been cleaned in awhile. And this window washing kit includes a telescoping pole that can reach up to 12 feet, so you can clean second floor windows or hard-to-reach glass doors. Clean windows will let way more light into your space — an instant upgrade.


Spray this pet odor eliminator to get rid of lingering smells

Whether you have a new puppy learning the basics of potty training or fur friends who naturally stink up your living space, this pet odor eliminator with more than 115,000 five-star ratings is a must-have. It can be sprayed directly onto almost all surfaces including carpet, fabric, title, and even concrete. Derived from fresh orange peels, this citrus-smelling spray is formulated to get rid of hard-to-remove odors, especially urine, for good.


Get rid of embedded pet hair in your carpet with this innovative indoor rake

If you often find yourself shocked by the sheer volume of pet hair in your home, try this innovative indoor rake. Its rubber bristles act like a magnet towards dog and cat hair, picking them up effectively from flat and curved surfaces alike, and its telescopic handle extends from three to five feet long to tidy up hard-to-reach areas. It even has a built-in squeegee that can help tidy up showers and windows.


Clean your tubs & tiles using these scrubbing brushes that attach to a drill

Instead of uncomfortably scrubbing on your hands and knees, thankfully, there’s another, more efficient, way to clean your shower, tub, and tile floors — all with the help of one of your power tools. These scrubbing brushes, which come in a pack of four, are designed with extendable connecting rods that attach to most drills for a faster, deeper, and more powerful clean. With more than 45,000 five-star ratings, tons of shoppers agree these scrubbing brushes are a total “game changer.”


Add color to a room by swapping out throw pillow cases

If you lean towards minimalist decor but long for a pop of color, try switching out your throw pillow covers to a brighter hue. Simply insert your favorite pillows and close up these covers with their invisible zippers; they won’t pill or shed over time, so you can lay down your head (or just prop up your laptop) without watching them unravel. You can even buy multiple colors for a cozy space that feels fresh and exciting every time you enter.


Make rooms smell more inviting with a diffuser that looks like a work of art

Is this a diffuser or a piece of abstract art? It’s up to you to decide; either way, you’ll love its asymmetrical design just as much as you love the soothing scents it disseminates. Choose between two mist modes: a low-intensity setting that runs for 13 hours and a high-intensity one that runs for six. All you have to do is plug it in, add water and the oil of your choice, and press the button to customize your olfactory experience.