Weird things you didn't know about that make your home so much more comfortable

Get ready to get comfy.

Weird things you didn't know about that make your home so much more comfortable
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Making your home feel like the cozy oasis you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t always mean spending a lot on big purchases. I scoured Amazon to find items that are functional, convenient, and surprisingly useful, doing everything from adding soothing mood lighting to eliminating funky odors. Sure, some of these items are, quite frankly, a little odd, but they’re also going to elevate the vibe and leave you feeling more comfy no matter what you’re doing.


This night-light that will make your house smell great

Ditch the candles and open flames for this plug-in wax melt warmer. As it slowly warms the wax you place inside, it emits what reviewers call a “lovely scent.” It also doubles as a night-light with a soft, warm glow that looks nice and offers a tranquil feel. It’s available in a variety of patterns and colors and comes with replacement bulbs you’ll need down the line.


A netted canopy you can use indoors or outdoors

This netted canopy made of super fine mesh is advertised to keep mosquitoes away from your sitting area, but it can double as bedroom decor as well. With a hook that can be used to hang this almost anywhere, it gives your bed a cozy and intimate vibe. You can also use it outside by your favorite chair to help keep the bugs away.


A wedge pillow that will make lounging even more comfortable

Whether you’re lying down to go to bed or sitting on the couch with a book, you may sometimes need some extra support. This bamboo wedge pillow is great to have on hand — with a 45-degree angle, it can be placed pretty much everywhere for added comfort. You can use it as a regular pillow, to prop your legs or feet up, or even as a lap desk. It’s made of comfy and bouncy foam with a machine-washable cover.


This air purifier that gets rid of excess dust & pollen

Everyone should be able to breathe easily in their own home. This large air purifier is an efficient way to remove excess pollen, dust, pet dander, and odor from the air without requiring any work on your part. It’s able to absorb 99.97% of particles and can cover up to 880 square feet. The filter is easy to replace as needed. It’s also really quiet, with a low white noise sound that makes it ideal for overnight use.


A soft bath mat that dries quickly

Elevate the look of your bathroom and keep your feet warm and dry after the shower with this faux suede bath mat. It’s soft and very absorbent, so it will soak up dripping water and dry quickly to prevent puddles on the floor. A rubber backing keeps it in place and you can easily wipe it down to keep it clean.


This portable humidifier that prevents dry air

Rid your room of uncomfortably dry air with this personal humidifier. It emits a pleasant cool mist that helps keep humidity levels in check, making the air around you significantly more comfortable. The small size makes it easy to move from room to room as needed and the humidifier has convenient features like two mist modes and an auto shut-off.


An inexpensive bidet attachment to elevate your bathroom experience

Bidets may not always be the standard, but this slim bidet attachment allows you to easily add one to your bathroom without spending a lot. It’s “super easy to install,” according to a reviewer, and it adjusts to any toilet size. The dial on the side allows you to adjust the water pressure and temperature so you can customize your cleaning experience to your liking. And with a discreet look, it won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom.


This cozy body pillow for a better sleep

Make your bed even more of a personal haven by adding this full-body pillow. It’s soft and durable and measures just over 4 feet long. Side sleepers will particularly love the extra support and comfort of this pillow, but anyone can use it for some added coziness.


This tray that makes it easy to enjoy breakfast in bed

Eating in bed will feel a lot more luxurious if you use this bamboo tray to do so. Strong and durable, it's made with foldable legs that allow it to double as a serving tray. It has a large surface area with a lip around it to keep items from easily slipping off and includes two handles for carrying. Use this for breakfast, snacks, or a spot to hold essentials while lounging.


A versatile fan to keep you cool on hot days

This portable fan can help cool you down in almost any situation thanks to its slew of convenient features. It can be used as a small table fan or a taller standing fan and folds down to a compact size when not in use. An included remote makes it easy to control and it offers four speed options with a removable fan grille that makes cleaning simple. The fan runs quietly and has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 24 hours of use per charge.


These blackout curtains that also help with temperature control

Once you start using these room-darkening curtains, you’ll never go back. When closed, the blackout paneling keeps most outside light out of the room. Not only can this help you sleep better (due to less distracting light), but it can also help cool a room down and protect furniture from fading caused by UV rays. Choose from an array of sizes and colors.


This soft cup holder that will become a couch staple

A cup holder that feels and looks like a pillow might not be at the top of your home wish list, but once you start using it, you’ll be hooked. This foam cup holder acts as a convenient couch caddy for holding hot and cold drinks, a remote control, and anything else you need by your side while marathoning your favorite show. The insulated spaces keep drinks hot or cold longer, and it won’t tip over easily. The cover is also removable and machine washable.


An outlet extender that keeps your tech essentials close by

Enjoy the convenience of charging all of your tech favorites right by your side with this compact outlet extender. It takes one outlet and turns it into a spot with one USB-C and two USB-A ports, as well as two AC sockets. The clever trapezoid shape allows you to use multiple different chargers without worrying about them blocking each other or the second outlet. And thanks to its small size, it’s great for travel.


A magnetic screen door that keeps fresh air in & bugs out

Save money and enjoy the feeling of a cool breeze in your home (without the bugs) using this magnetic screen door. The fast installation process involves securing it to the door with the included hook and loop tape, and a strong magnetic strip down the middle ensures that it seals closed every time. It’s available in four sizes so you can find the best fit for your door.


A memory foam pillow with a pleasant cooling effect

Everyone knows that the cooler side of the pillow is the best side. This memory foam pillow allows both sides to stay cool all the time, thanks to the vented design with temperature-regulated gel that allows for some much-needed breathability. The foam conforms to your head and neck for supportive comfort and bounces back easily. It can be purchased in standard, queen, king, or camping sizes.


These nonslip mats that make standing in the kitchen more enjoyable

Chopping, cooking, and baking for even an hour at a time can be an exhausting process that involves a lot of standing. Use these soft, thick anti-fatigue mats in your kitchen for a more comfortable space for your feet, as they help improve circulation and posture. They also act as decor and protect your floors, with a waterproof surface that prevents staining and a nonslip bottom that keeps them in place.


A set of clever light-blocking stickers to dim annoying lights

Some electronic devices like televisions, clocks, or routers have little lights on them that are persistently on or flashing. These can be annoying, especially in the middle of the night, and you can control them with these LED light-blocking stickers. They come in a range of sizes (along with a full sheet you can cut to the size you need) and will dim LED lights that feel too bright. They’re inexpensive and easy to stick on or peel off.


This salt lamp that adds some ambiance to any space

Create a more peaceful environment in any room of your house simply by turning on this pink Himalayan rock salt lamp. It emits a warm pink-orange glow that is nice as a night-light or as relaxing ambiance during yoga or meditation. This soothing lamp also offers a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting.


An inexpensive shower head to improve your bathing experience

This high-pressure shower head offers an exceptionally easy install (reviewers rave about how simple it is to put together) and a more customized shower. There are five different water pressure modes, from massage to mist, but each mode delivers a high-pressure stream of water that feels great. The head is flexible for easy positioning and comes in finishes such as chrome, matte black, and brushed nickel.


This privacy film that mimics the look of stained glass for much less

Block outsiders from getting a glimpse into your home and keep excess light out by using this privacy film. It uses static cling to stick to your window rather than sticky glue, so it won’t leave residue behind. This film can block up to 96% of UV rays to prevent furniture fading and to keep a room cooler, and it has a pretty rainbow effect similar to stained glass. It’s a great inexpensive option available in a wide range of sizes.


A set of light bulbs that give you control over brightness

Being able to control how bright or dim light is in a room allows you to really change the ambiance in a matter of seconds. These dimmable LED light bulbs are compatible with most LED light dimmers and give off a soft white light that can go down as low as 10% (other hues and watts are also available).


These charcoal bags that absorb bad odors

The key to making your home smell great? Eliminating bad scents rather than just covering them up with a candle. These charcoal odor-absorbing bags quickly absorb unwanted odors and dust for good. They’re breathable, easy to move around, and can be used for a long time — simply place them in the sun for a few hours once a month to bring them back to life.


An alarm clock that makes early wake-up calls feel more natural

Waking up when it’s still dark out should be illegal, but in reality, is a mostly unavoidable part of life. This digital alarm clock offers a sunlight simulation light that gradually brightens over time to mimic natural sunlight streaming into your room. The brightness and volume are adjustable, with seven different alarm sounds to choose from and the ability to use it as an FM radio. It also works as a bedside lamp and night-light.


A rechargeable book light made for reading in bed

Snuggle under the blankets, dim the other lights around you, and use this book light for the most comfortable reading experience. The horizontal shape of the small lamp allows it to cast a wider stream of consistent light that helps prevent eye strain and means you don’t need harsh overhead lighting to see the pages. It has three different color temperatures and adjustable brightness.


These oven rack shields that protect your arms from burns

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that an accidental burn from the oven is almost inevitable at a certain point. These oven rack shields have a universal fit (you can cut them to fit your oven) and slide onto the edge of the rack with a silicone lining that keeps them in place. They keep your skin off the hot rack to prevent burns and are easy to clean in the dishwasher.


An orthopedic wedge pillow for a better night’s sleep

If you regularly sleep on your side, then a knee pillow like this one is worth the money. The contoured design is ideal for placing it between your legs or under your calves, allowing for a more ergonomic position that can help alleviate back, hip, and knee pain. The gel foam is breathable and soft, and the removable cover is easy to clean in the washing machine.


These automatic night-lights that give off a soft glow

Add just enough light to a bathroom or hallway with these inexpensive LED night-lights. They work on automatic sensors, turning on once the room is dark and off when it’s full of light again, so once you plug them in, you really don’t need to worry about them. Plus, they have a sleek design that makes them aesthetically pleasing as well.


A sticky gripper that keeps your rugs in place

Once you start using these rug corner grippers, you won’t have to worry about tripping over the curled-up corner of a rug again. The V-shaped pieces use an adhesive backing that sticks to the rug instead of the floor, keeping the corner from turning up. They have soft rubber bottoms that won’t leave scratches behind on the floor either.


A padded lap desk that allows you to work anywhere

When you work from home, you shouldn’t feel stuck at a desk or table. This lap desk allows you to comfortably work from your couch, bed, or somewhere outside thanks to its microbead cushion that creates a steady surface that doesn’t feel awkward. The top has an antislip bar to keep the laptop in place and a slot for your phone.


These clever straps that keep your bed neat

The most annoying thing about bed sheets is how they always tend to pop off on the corners, which can be uncomfortable when you’re sleeping. Enter these bed sheet straps, which clip onto the corners of your fitted sheet to keep it tightly in place. Use them on any bed size to help your sheets stay wrinkle-free and neat night after night.


A set of motion sensor night-lights that are easy to install

A thoughtfully placed night-light can add some much-needed illumination to a dark stairway, but you don’t really need it to be on all night. These motion sensor night-lights only brighten up when they detect movement so you can save on energy. They’re battery-powered with easy magnet or adhesive installation, and they automatically turn off 15 to 25 seconds after detecting motion.


An outlet you can control with voice commands

Alexa, who? This voice control outlet can be used to turn things on and off within a 10-foot radius. The technology is simple (just say “turn on the power” or “turn off the power” to get it to work), and it’s really convenient, especially if you’re turning a light on in the dark or don’t feel like leaving your cozy spot. It’s compatible with most appliances and the setup couldn’t be easier, as you just plug it into an outlet.


A flexible light strip that can brighten up your bed

Instead of a night-light, opt for a strip of flexible LED lights that are meant to be placed along the bottom of your bed. Not only does this brighten up your bed in the dark to guide you to the right spot, but it also gives off a warm glow that makes your bedroom seem more cozy. The lights are motion sensors, so they’ll only go on when they detect movement on the floor and won’t keep you up all night. There’s a timer function you can use as well, and these also work great in bathrooms or under cabinets.


A supportive cushion that makes your desk chair much more comfortable

Desk chairs can get uncomfortable, especially when you’re sitting in them for hours at a time. This seat cushion pillow is an inexpensive way to instantly upgrade your chair and make it more comfy. The padded cushioning provides extra support to help you improve your posture, take pressure off your back, and increase blood flow. The memory foam conforms to your shape for extra comfort and it has a nonslip back so it stays in place.


This drain cover that keeps your bath pleasantly full

If taking a long bath is your favorite form of self-care, this silicone drain cover will come in handy. Powerful suction cups allow this to completely cover the tub drain, keeping any water from slowly dripping out and ensuring that your bath stays full the entire time you’re in there. It’s clear, easy to use, and can instantly improve your bath for just about $10.


These moisture-absorbing sheets that help eliminate musty odors

Closets or large cabinets can easily get musty and a little smelly over time. There’s an easy fix thanks to these moisture absorber sheets that trap excess moisture in the air, helping to get rid of odors (not just cover them up) and protecting your clothes from any dampness. They work for up to 60 days and have a time-release fragrance to add a fresh scent as well.


A draft stopper that keeps the chill away

Drafts are a quick way to make even the coziest home feel uncomfortably cold. They can often come in from under or around a door, and a simple and inexpensive way to fix that is to use this door draft stopper. You can put it on easily using the adhesive backing, and it will prevent air from coming in or out, keeping precious air conditioning contained as well.


A vent cover that improves indoor airflow

You may not be able to change the placement of air conditioning or heating vents in your house, but you can have control over the direction of the airflow using these magnetic vent covers. They go on easily and are adjustable to fit your vents, and they can help reroute air coming out (in other words: they can prevent cold air from blasting you while you’re on your bed, distributing it above you instead). While it won’t change the temperature, it can make you feel more comfortable.


This organizer pouch that keeps all your essentials at your side

Don’t have room for a side table? Use this bedside storage organizer to keep all of your most essential items right by your side. You can choose between four, five, or six pockets to hold items like a tablet, remote controls, your phone, or a book. You layer it between the mattress or couch cushion and the furniture frame to keep it in place and right at your fingertips.


A remote control LED light strip that improves TV viewing

This strip of LED lights is meant to go around the back of your television, adding a cool backlight that makes any room instantly feel like a movie theater. It’s available in several different sizes and can give off a glow in a rainbow of colors. You can control it with an included remote control or an app on your phone for added convenience.


A sliding tray that makes it easier to access heavy appliances

If you struggle to pull your heavier appliances out from a cabinet or across your countertops, this sliding appliance tray is an excellent purchase. It can hold up to 30 pounds and gives you easier access to your items when you need them. You can easily slide it in and out and it’s dishwasher safe for fast cleaning when needed.


A soft mattress topper that will instantly transform your bed

Before you choose to replace your mattress, which can be pretty pricey, try this foam mattress topper. Made of cushiony, bouncy aloe vera-infused memory foam, this offers a new level of comfort and will instantly elevate your old mattress for just under $50. Reviewers note that this improves comfort, and it should allow you to use your old mattress for a while longer.


These stick-on lights that look great under or inside cabinets

Adding under-cabinet lights to your kitchen can really improve and elevate the look of the entire room. This set of LED lights is an inexpensive way to do exactly that. These are battery-powered, use a simple stick-on adhesive for installation, and come with a remote control for convenience. You can also use auto-touch to turn them on and off and they have a timer feature that can be set up. They offer a warm light under or inside cabinets and can also work great in a bathroom or closet.


A wire-free doorbell camera with live-stream video

Install this wireless doorbell camera to keep a constant eye on what’s going on in your yard. One reviewer raved about it, writing, “Set up was easy, camera is clear.” It’s weather-resistant, has night vision capabilities and two-way audio, and works with an app for live-stream footage so you can see who’s there without leaving the couch.


A computer riser to make your desk a more comfortable place to be

This computer monitor stand will come in handy in more ways than one. It raises your computer monitor to make it sit at eye level for a more ergonomic position, and it can hold up to 55 pounds with an adjustable width. It also has a storage drawer for organizing small items and a phone or tablet stand, and your keyboard should fit neatly underneath when you’re done for the day.