Wildly clever things for dogs & cats you'll wish were invented sooner

From self-cleaning pet brushes to a portable paw washer, these products are brilliant.

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There are so many things we do for our pets that could be easier, from feeding to grooming to playtime. Fortunately, with a few wildly clever things for dogs and cats, having a pet can be fun again.

What do we need to finally make our pet care routines easier? Let’s start with mealtime. For that, there’s a bowl and mat set that keeps your floors clean by catching all of the stray water and food. After dinner, be sure to grab the reusable silicone can covers on this list that are easy to pop on half-eaten cans of food.

There’s also a stick-on and fleece-padded cat perch that gives your cat the perch they deserve. Plus, this list has interactive toys to switch up playtime, like an oversized dog toy that creates unique sounds when they roll it.

So, whatever part of your pet care routine could be simplified, these wildly clever things will help out.


These reusable covers that pop onto open cans of pet food

Pop these silicone covers onto those open cans of pet food that you never know what to do with. They’re BPA-free and fit three different can sizes from 2.5 inches to 3.3 inches. Plus, these dishwasher-safe covers won’t look as messy as putting the cans in plastic bags and will contain any scents from pet food.


A self-cleaning pet brush that won’t get packed with fur

This pet brush will definitely take care of shedding fur thanks to the efficient angled bristles. The best part is you can retract the bristles with the simple press of a button so all of the hair can easily be wiped off. The effective dirt-shedding and coat-shining bristles plus the easy-clean features made this brush an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 75,000 five-star reviews.


An anti-anxiety pet bed that won’t slide on your floor

This anti-anxiety pet bed has an ergonomic design for your dog or cat to curl up in, and the plush this faux-fur design is complete with raised sides for comfy head support. For owners, rest easy knowing this bed won’t slide around your house every time your pup jumps on it, because it’s complete with an anti-slip bottom to keep it securely in your animal’s favorite spot.


This quiet water fountain that’s easy for your pet to drink out of

This quiet pet fountain actually saves you time because it holds 95 ounces of water. That means, you won’t have to refill the container all the time. It also has a small window and an LED light, so you can always see when it’s getting low. Plus, your pet’s water is triple filtered before it flows out of the adorable flower top, and the stainless steel bowl is better for pets with sensitive skin.


This light up dog collar that is visible from 1,000 feet away

This LED light up dog collar lasts for eight hours, so you definitely won’t need to charge it between every walk. If it does have a low-battery before a nighttime walk, it comes with a micro-USB that you can plug in with ease. The colorful lights wrap 360 degrees around this waterproof collar and can be seen from 1,000 feet away, making this ideal for nighttime walks. Plus, you can choose from three lighting modes — solid, fast blink, and slow blink — for the best visibility.


These chicken-flavored treats that fold around your pup’s medicine

These chicken-flavored pill pockets fully hide your dog’s pills, making giving medicine to your pup a bit easier. You simply fold these moldable treats around a pill, and they’ll completely hide the scent from your pet. These treats aren’t just about the sneaky design because they’re also made with natural ingredients, and real chicken is the very first ingredient listed.


This spinning cat toy that lets you relax

You can completely relax while your cat plays with this battery-operated spinning toy. As long as you press the button, your cat will be busy batting at the butterfly up top and the ball toys on the bottom. The bottom section is also easy to take off to create two separate toys, making this ideal for multi-cat homes. Plus, you get a replacement butterfly — for obvious reasons.


A cute cactus scratching post with fun textures for cats to explore

The natural sisal rope and carpet on this cat scratching post creates a fun look and two textures for primo cat scratching. It’s even complete with fuzzy accents that make this cactus-shaped post look even trendier. All three posts are super stable for climbing, and there’s even a matching hanging toy at the top to entice your cat.


This odor eliminator for those leftover pet smells

Grab this pet odor eliminator if your carpet still smells like puppy training accidents or kitty litter (it happens). This gentle scent is actually made from cold-pressed orange peels, and it won’t make your carpet smell too overwhelming for you or your pup. Plus, you can use the sulfate-free formula on tiles, potty-training turf, and more.


A compact paw washer that only needs water

Instead of getting your tub dirty after every muddy walk, grab this compact, grippy dog paw washer. Just add water. Your pup’s paws fit right inside for splash-free washing thanks to silicone bristles that gently clean their paws. It also has a screw-on lid that makes it easy to empty the muddy water.


This lint roller that’s always ready for pet fur

Grab this handheld pet hair remover without worrying about roller refills or batteries. The reusable design means it’s always ready for every shedding situation. It also keeps all of the fur securely inside the receptacle until you’re done cleaning up your couch, chairs, beds, and clothes. To empty this fur-catching compartment, simply press a button and wipe away all the hair.


These stuffing-free dog toys that still have a squeaker

Your pup will still get a fun squeaker with this set of dog toys — but they won’t make a mess — just ask the 44,000 five-star reviewers. That’s because these animal-shaped toys are free of that fluffy stuffing that aggressive chewers will just rip out in minutes, leading to a frustrating clean up. Each woodland creature-shaped toy is 18 inches long, but they’re still slim enough for smaller pups to play with.


The clear furniture shields that will stop your cat from ruining the couch

These discreet, transparent furniture protectors will keep your couch safe from scratches — even if your cat doesn’t get the hint. You can trim them to fit super slim armrests or even the underside of a fabric chair. These adhesive sheets are also easy to bend and are complete with extra-secure twist pins to keep them on your furniture.


This set of pet bowls & a mat that keep your floor safe from spills

These rust-free stainless steel pet bowls sit right inside a silicone holder to keep your floor clean. While your dog or cat eats, this BPA-free and non-slip mat catches all of the stray food and water. This mat and bowl set can also go in the dishwasher if your pet is a little messy.


This soft mat that catches scattered cat litter

This cat litter mat gives your cat a comfy surface under their litter box. Of course, it also catches all of the stray litter with the unique honeycomb design. It all falls through to the soft foam layer on the bottom. When it’s time to pour it all out, this water- and urine-proof mat has an easy envelope design. You can further clean this mat with a hose and vacuum to keep it nice for Fluffy.


This super durable dog seat belt that’s easy to put on

This dog seat belt has two big clips and a super durable steel rope coated in strong nylon. It’s complete with a locking clip and a chew-proof design, so your pup is nice and secure in the backseat and free to wander without going too far. It even attaches to your car’s extra-stable latch bar. Plus, it’s short enough to keep in your car without it getting in the way.


This soothing shea butter & avocado oil paste for wrinkly pups

Grab this shea butter and avocado oil cleaning paste for wrinkly pups like bulldogs, pitbulls, and pugs with sensitive skin. It soothes any itching that might be happening between those sweet little wrinkles. It also blocks out moisture, so you don’t have to annoy your dog by applying it every day. This protective paste also helps out with tear stains.


A comfortable cotton pet carrying sling

You won’t get tired of this compact pet carrying sling because the cotton material is reversible, with a solid color on one side and cute polka dot style on the other. You can also wash them so they always smell fresh for you and your small pet. These breathable, cozy slings carry a pup or cat that’s up to 12 pounds and are also complete with a pocket and a safety latch.


This plush toy that actually grooms your cat

Your cat will want to walk through this grooming toy, thanks to that little plush mouse. It has a rattle inside and a spring design that’s fun to swat at. It’s also super secure on the cork base. Plus, the grooming bristles in an arch shape gives your cat a massage every time they walk through this toy.


A fanny pack that with tons of zippered pockets & a poop bag dispenser

It’s worth wearing this adjustable and washable fanny pack for every walk. The hands-free, clip-on design saves you from carrying a bunch of things and the leash at the same time. There’s three roomy zippered pockets for carrying toys, training treat, and your personal essentials and this set comes with two drawstring bags for holding messy items, like kibble. Plus, there’s a potty bag pocket with a built-in dispenser, which is truly clever.


This super clean litter box that your cat enters from the top

The opening on the top of this litter box means way less litter on the floor. The tall sides and lid also help stop spraying and your cat from kicking litter onto the floor, all while being more compact than a traditional litter box. Don’t worry — your cat can easily go in from the top, and the grooved lid catches litter on their paws when they climb out.


This skin-nourishing salmon oil that you add to your pet’s food

Keep this easy pump bottle of wild Alaskan salmon oil next to your pet’s favorite wet or dry food. The omega-3-rich liquid formula is way easier to give to your pet than a pill. It helps with skin moisture, immunity, healthy fur, and more for your cat or your pup; it’s a best-seller on Amazon with over 13,500 five-star reviews.


A rolling puzzle toy that lets you adjust how difficult it is

This ball-shaped puzzle toy is perfect if you’re worried about your pup figuring it out too quickly. You can adjust the treat dispenser’s difficulty level, so it takes more playtime and rolling to get the treats out. It also has an easy-to-clean breakaway design that also keeps your pup safe.


A stick-on cat perch that’s way better than the windowsill

Give your cat an elevated spot to watch the world go by (aka, stare at birds) with this durable fabric perch, which is complete with cozy flannel padding. You won’t mess up your window because it’s complete with four sturdy suction cups. Add on the stainless steel cables, and this perch holds up to 40 pounds.


These airtight food containers that are easy to roll out of your pantry

Roll out your pet’s food (and their favorite treats) with this airtight food container setup. You get two containers, including a 33-quart one that’s perfect for a big bag of pet food and a smaller one that’s great for treats or special food. This stackable container set is complete with handy wheels. Plus, it’s easy to measure each meal or treat time with the 2-cup scoop.


This bee-shaped toy that buzzes when your cat plays with it

This bee-shaped cat toy is complete with a realistic buzzing sound that will keep your sweet kitty engaged. It only buzzes when your cat plays with it, so, this touch-activated sound will keep them swatting at this plush toy and exercising. If bees aren’t your cats preferred play thing, this interactive toy also comes in the shape of birds, crickets, and mice.


These suction cup feeding mats that will keep your pets occupied

You can rely on these dishwasher-safe feeding mats to entertain your dog and your cat. Each BPA-free and food-grade mat is complete with four different slow-feeding textures that will keep your pet engaged as they lick up peanut butter, wet food, or another tasty spread. They also have sturdy suction cups on the back, so they’re also easy to hang on your wall or tub for bath time.


A waterproof pet blanket that’s soft & plush

Grab this reversible, waterproof pet blanket instead of messing up your favorite throws. Drape this machine-washable blanket on your couch or whatever furniture your pet loves. The super soft design is perfect for protecting your sofa after bath time or rainy walks. Both the plush and the fluffy sherpa sides are super protective and cozy.


A bubble-shaped pet backpack that feels roomy

Your cat or small dog won’t feel constricted in this compact pet backpack. It has a unique bubble shape design that gives them a bunch of room and lets them easily see out into the world, all while you comfortably carry them on your back. It’s also complete with breathable mesh sections, an expandable design, and nine large ventilation holes. Plus, the entry door has an extra-safe double zipper design.


This interactive toy that makes a unique giggling noise

This interactive dog toy is complete with a unique giggle sound to switch up your pup’s squeaker toy collection. Plus, rolling this oversized toy creates this fun sound without any batteries needed. There are also four built-in spots that are easy for your pup to grab onto, allowing them to be engaged for hours.