You definitely have these problems — but probably don't realize they have cheap solutions

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Get ready for a list of everyday problems so common you’re bound to feel seen and heard. Whether that bag of brown sugar in your pantry has formed into one impossible-to-scoop rock (the worst), or you’re constantly facing down a dirty and smudged laptop (who doesn’t have a few fingerprints all over their touchscreens?) chances are you silently struggle with these annoying problems on a daily basis. That’s why I found super cheap solutions to get rid of those smudges and for all of the other problems on this list.

Remember when you bought brown sugar and it was so soft and scoopable? I’ve found a ceramic disc on this list that transforms that rock of hardened sugar in your pantry and can also keep spices dry and fresh. Plus, each disc has an adorable print so you can grab an anchor for your sugar, a leaf for your garlic powder, and so on.

This list has two options for tackling those finger smudges I previously mentioned: screen wipes and a dual-sided laptop brush with a microfiber smudge remover. You can also easily address any trash in your car, organize your fridge, and even cut down on the time it takes you to mince veggies for dinner — all with the cheap solutions on this list. These problems may be giving you headaches you don’t need, but the products on this list offer simple and affordable remedies — get ready to stock up.


Problem: Kitchen scraps taking over your cutting board

Solution: A tiny trash can that hangs under your counter

If you've ever dropped kitchen scraps on the way to the trash can (who hasn't), grab this tiny trash can that hangs directly under your counter. It clips onto a kitchen drawer or cabinet door, and the design keeps your trash bag secure. Chop your veggies and simply slide peels into this fully collapsible trash can that will lay flat against your cabinet.


Problem: Your cords are messy on your desk

Solution: A set of bendable cord organizing clips

These silicone cord organizer clips with 3M adhesive backing are bendable to fit on a curved surface. The flexible material also makes it way easier to stretch the slots and pop your cords in place. Each pack comes with two organizers for a total of 8 new spots to clear off that messy desk.


Problem: You don’t have enough outlets

Solution: This outlet extender with USB charging ports

Fix your lack of outlets problem with this fireproof outlet extender. It gives you six new outlets and two bonus spots specifically built for USBs. The frame is lined with an auto-sensor LED light, so you don't have to use up one of your new outlets to plug in a nightlight.


Problem: Tote bags have taken over your backseat

Solution: These headrests hooks that are built for holding totes

Hang all of those tote bags that have taken over your backseat with this four-pack of headrest hooks. Simply hook them to your headrest without any clips or tools. Once they're up, each one is deep enough to hold the straps of all your favorite totes and durable enough to support up to 13 pounds.


Problem: Your car’s crevices are full of crumbs & dust

Solution: A cleaning gel that leaves a fresh scent

Clean up all of those crumbs and dust in your car with this bright blue cleaning gel. It melts into small spaces, like your air vents or dashboard buttons, and pulls out crumbs without leaving behind residue. The only thing this gel leaves behind is a soft scent for an extra-fresh car.


Problem: Your cleaning supplies are a mess underneath your sink

Solution: An under-sink organizer with sliding drawers

This under-the-sink organizer has convenient sliding mesh baskets that keep all of your cleaning supplies in place and prevent them from falling over. The top basket on this two-tier organizer is perfect for taller bottles and the durable metal frame has rubber feet to protect your cabinets (which also makes this a renter-friendly solution).


Problem: Your knives are dull and won’t cut well

Solution: A handheld knife sharpening kit

Pull on the included cut-resistant glove to protect your hands and polish up your dull knives with this sharpening kit. The sharpener is complete with a handle and three-step sharpening design that re-shapes and polishes. With a non-slip rubber base, a sturdy plastic design, and your safety glove, you won't have to worry about any accidental slips, and your knives will stay sharp enough to handle all of your food prep needs.


Problem: You lose your keys

Solution: A Tile key finder with a three-year battery

Thanks to its long-lasting battery, you won't have to think about replacing this Bluetooth Tile key finder for three years. The tool is perfect for anyone who is prone to losing items, like car keys. It has a keychain design for your key ring, and it can also help you find your phone. It's even water-resistant, so no worries if you find yourself running to your car in the rain.


Problem: Your favorite water bottle doesn’t fit in the car cupholder

Solution: A cupholder extender that even fits coffee mugs

This extendable cupholder extender fits into your cupholder and adds a new expandable holder on top. Thanks to a small cutout designed for a mug handle, it can even fit your ceramic coffee mug. The raised cup swivels so you don't block the other cupholder or your center console. Plus, it's complete with a grippy silicone coaster inside.


Problem: You forget if the dishes are dirty or clean

Solution: A magnetic reminder that's water-resistant

Stick on this dishwasher reminder with the magnetic backing or the included double-sided velcro stickers. Simply slide the panel when you're finished unloading so you won't have to open the door to check. It's also complete with a non-scratch and water-resistant design, so it won't get messed up if you spill a little water while loading.


Problem: Your phone always dies

Solution: A portable phone charger with drop protection

This sleek portable charger is lightweight, thin, and so durable it passed a 1-meter drop test. It charges all of your devices more than once on one charge and has plenty of safety features to protect each device. It’s complete with a fireproof shell and temperature control. There’s even a super helpful feature that protects your battery from overcharging.


Problem: You want feet that feel extra-dry all-day

Solution: This foot deodorant with a powder formula

If you prefer extra-dry feet that smell fresh all day long, this foot deodorant has an anti-odor powder formula in a mess-free spray bottle. This easy-to-use mist works instantly and features absorbing powder that doesn't leave any wet residue, so you can slip your shoes on right after spraying. Plus, it comes in a two-pack option or a cooling probiotic formula.


Problem: You don’t drink enough water

Solution: A gallon water bottle with an easy-to-hold handle

If you need a lot more hydration in your life and a little encouragement, this BPA-free gallon water bottle is complete with timestamps and motivating statements. The built-in handle and carrying strap make this oversized bottle way easier to hold. Plus, who doesn't love a straw cap? This one has a collapsible straw that makes the bottle 100% leakproof.


Problem: Oil splatters that burn you and make a mess

Solution: A silicone splatter guard that even stops oven splatters

Pop this 13-inch silicone splatter guard over frying pans to prevent oil from popping upward, burning you, and making a royal mess on your stovetop. This dishwasher-safe guard has a heat-resistant stainless steel handle and can also stop spills in your oven — just be sure to keep the temperature below 445 degrees.


Problem: Your underwear drawer is a mess

Solution: A organizer with breathable mesh slots

Stop pushing down a pile of underwear just to close your drawer. Instead, organize your underwear into 64 breathable mesh pockets with this three-piece drawer organizer set. Each organizer keeps its shape with a sturdy PP board, and it's completely foldable. The outer fabric is also tear-resistant in case you snag it while reorganizing.


Problem: You can’t get all the product out of your bottle

Solution: This pack of reusable bottle emptying caps

When it comes to getting every last drop of product out of a bottle, storing your bottles upside down is always a good idea, but this pack of BPA-free Flip-It bottle caps takes it one step further. The sturdy design stops your upsidedown bottles from falling over. Plus, it helps you get that little bit at the end of every bottle, saving you money in the long run. These bottle caps also come with colorful adapters, so they fit a variety of pantry and household bottles.


Problem: Your clothes fall off the hanger

Solution: These non-slip velvet hangers with three styles for every piece of clothing

Make absolutely sure your clothes stop falling off hangers and losing their shape with this pack of non-slip velvet hangers that boast more than 140,000 reviews. No matter which piece of clothing has a habit of sliding off, these hangers come in anti-slip options for suits, skirts, or shirts. They’re available in five colors and each textured hanger can hold up to 10 pounds.


Problem: Your laptop is dirty & smudged

Solution: A laptop cleaning brush with a smudge-remover

Sweep up all of the crumbs from your keyboard and fix that smudgy screen with this dual-sided laptop cleaning brush. One side has a fluffy and retractable brush for sweeping. The other side is complete with a microfiber pad that gently rubs away smudges. The smudge pad also comes with a cover to protect it in your desk drawer.


Problem: You can’t stand food smells on your hands after cooking

Solution: A stainless steel bar to use after meal prep

If you can’t stand meal-prep smells left on your hands (especially that garlic smell that never seems to go away,) grab this stainless steel bar. It absorbs odors, and it’s made from stainless steel, so you won’t have to replace it for years. The dishwasher-safe bar can be used wet or dry and it even comes in a few fun shapes, like a fish or a garlic bulb.


Problem: Your hands are super dry

Solution: This healing hand cream that’s safe for cracked hands

This healing hand cream is formulated for super dry hands and boasts more than 34,000 reviews. Even if your hands are so dry they're cracking, this thick cream is safe to apply, and it even leaves a protective layer on your skin. You're going to love how this cream moisturizes and prevents moisture loss. It also comes in two-pack and 12-pack options.


Problem: Your fridge is a mess

Solution: A set of clear fridge organizers with handles

It's super easy to pull out these clear fridge organizers and grab your newly organized fruits and veggies, thanks to the built-in handles. They come in an eight-pack, but you can also rab the 16-pack and pop a few in your pantry, too. If you wait too long to eat that bell pepper, the heavy-duty plastic makes it super easy to wipe up mushy veggies.


Problem: Your drain keeps getting clogged with hair

Solution: A TubShroom that captures all debris

You won't have to see all of the hair that this TubShroom catches, thanks to the award-winning design that tucks into your drain. This clog catcher is super easy to maintain — just remove and wipe it clean on occasion. With over 70,000 five-star ratings, it has extra-drainage holes so water won't pool on your shower floor.


Problem: Your skin becomes irritated and chafed when you wear shorts and skirts

Solution: This anti-chafing balm that still lets skin breathe

If you prefer to use anti-chafing products, this balm is not super sticky, and it’s still breathable. Thanks to the plant-derived moisturizing formula, it also lasts a long time (even if it’s the most humid day of the year). It’s free of petroleum, lanolin, and mineral oil and the versatile hypoallergenic balm comes in a travel-friendly stick design so you can toss it in your purse or gym bag.


Problem: You can’t find anything in your drawers

Solution: These stackable drawer organizer bins

If you have an extra-deep drawer, these transparent drawer organizers are easy to stack for two levels of storage. Each pack comes with organizers in five different sizes, so it's easy to find one that will fit your kitchen utensils, sticky notes, or even makeup palettes. Plus, each organizer is designed with sticky non-slip pads on the bottom to keep them in place.


Problem: You like fresh & dry shoes, but you don't have a natural solution

Solution: These charcoal deodorizing bags that also purify the air

If you prefer extra-dry and fresh shoes and gym bags, these charcoal deodorizing bags soak up moisture and remove odors naturally. The compact odor-absorbing bags purify the air and can also be used in other spots in your home, like around a litter box. They come in a money-saving pack of 12 and are reusable — place them in the sun to get rid of moisture and they’ll be ready to absorb odors yet again.


Problem: Your bed sheets roll up at night

Solution: A pack of fitted sheet fasteners

For only $10, your fitted sheet will never pop off while you sleep again. These fitted sheet fasteners have nylon accents to pad the clamps and protect your sheets from snags. The nickel-plated clamps are rust-proof and each corner is secured in three places with adjustable elastic straps. That means you can adjust the tension, so your sheets don’t get stretched out.


Problem: You spend a ton of time on food prep

Solution: A mini food processer that chops and grinds food

You don’t need a huge food processor to chop up ingredients for dinner. This miniature food processer is the perfect size for everyday dinner prep, like mincing garlic. It holds three cups, and the stainless steel blade can even chop up herbs without turning them into mush. It has two simple chop or grind settings and comes with a spatula for scooping out your freshly minced ingredients.


Problem: Cords crowding your entertainment system

Solution: A ventilated cord organizer box that fits a power strip

This cord organizer box has three different slots for all of your cords to fit through — it can even hold a 13.5-inch power strip. The curved design makes this organizer look like a sleek storage bin, or honestly, a part of your decor. It’s designed with ventilation holes on the top for cords that are organized — but also safe.


Problem: You drop your keys and phone between car seats

Solution: A soft cover designed for your car seat gap

Stick this gap cover in that space between your car seats — you know, that spot your keys and phone love to fall into. The unique design fits around your seatbelt buckle and doesn’t interfere with buckling. You’ll get two of these soft neoprene-coated covers in a pack, so both of your front seats will be protected from drops and spills.


Problem: You can’t get dirty & streaky screens clean

Solution: This 60-pack of quick-drying screen wipes

All of your screens deserve to be streak-free, and these screen wipes are especially helpful for touch screens covered in fingerprints. The quick-drying wipes come in packs of 30 or 60 and include a microfiber towel. Use a wipe to clean the surface and follow up with the cloth to dry it to a streak-free finish.


Problem: You struggle to clean corners and ceilings

Solution: An extendable duster that telescopes to 100 inches

Bend the head of this extendable duster to really get into the corners of your ceilings. It extends to 100 inches long so you can stop struggling to reach the ceiling fan and other distant (and dirty) surfaces. You also won't have to worry about scratching up your ceiling or trim because the fluffy microfiber brush is complete with a soft rubber tip. This $12 cleaning solution will ensure every single spot in your room is sparkling.


Problem: It takes you forever to peel garlic

Solution: A set of garlic peeling tubes that you simply roll back and forth

Whether you’re faced with the task of peeling a jumbo bulb of garlic or you have a few tiny cloves you need to chop— this set of garlic peelers effortlessly peel cloves of every size. They’re made of washable silicone with a textured interior that scrapes off all of those annoying and super sticky peels — and all you have to do is roll them back and forth on a surface. This time-saving tool comes in a pack of two.


Problem: Your brooms fall over in your closet

Solution: This broom organizer that fits all of your cleaning tools

Even if you have a heavy-duty mop with an extra-wide handle, this mop and broom holder will securely hold it. Each of the five hanging slots holds up to 7.5 pounds and has a rolling ball design that expands and tightens to perfectly fit the handles of your favorite cleaning tools. Each broom slot holds up to 7.5 pounds. In between the slots you’ll find six hooks for hanging smaller tools like cloths and broom pans.


Problem: Your lips are super chapped

Solution: This $8 lip balm with 11 scent options & sun protection

This under $10 lip balm comes in 11 amazing scent options like black tea and blackberry and is formulated with shea butter, avocado, vitamin E, green tea, and even SPF 25 to protect your lips from UV rays. It has more than 16,000 reviews with one reviewer raving: “First time in 17 years I don't have chapped lips, WOW. I was using different natural organic oils, bee wax, intensive night cream for my lips over the years but nothing worked that fast or so well like this balm does. [...]”


Problem: Your pans & lids are a mess

Solution: An expandable pan & lid organizer

Expand and adjust this pot and pan organizer to fit all of your go-to pans and lids in your cabinet. When completely extended, this metal organizer fits up to 10 pots, pans, and even accompanying lids. It’s 100% rust-proof so no worries if your pan isn’t completely dry. The silicone feet keep it steady and will also protect your countertops.


Problem: You look fuzzy on Zoom conferences

Solution: A laptop ring light with adjustable brightness

Fix your fuzzy video in your Zoom conferences with this LED ring light. It's actually built for those never-ending conferences because it clips directly onto the top of your laptop. The brightness and temperature are adjustable, so you always look perfectly clear. Plus, this ring light has a super quick setup if you're running late — just plug in the included USB.


Problem: Your counters are a little grimy

Solution: These extra-large eraser sponges in a bulk pack

You won't have to repurchase these eraser sponges any time soon because they come in a bulk pack of 20. Each sponge lasts a long time because they're extra-thick with a three-layer design. There are no chemical cleaners needed with these odor-free sponges — just add a little water and wipe down surfaces like countertops to get the grime off.


Problem: There’s also trash floating around your car

Solution: This waterproof car trash can with pockets

This car trash can not only offers a roomy compartment where you can easily place any trash that collects in your car, but it has pockets to provide additional storage solutions, which is always helpful. The structured fabric case with carrying handles has a waterproof lining, a secure velcro lid, and it comes with a 10-pack of trash bags in case you have a few half-empty coffees floating around (I know I do). Snag one in one of eight colors.


Problem: Your brown sugar has become rock-hard

Solution: These brown sugar saver discs with adorable prints

Drop one of these ceramic brown sugar savers in water for 15 minutes and then directly into your brown sugar jar. Each one of these little discs keeps things like brown sugar or marshmallows soft for three months. They also keep ingredients like your spices dry and fresh (just don’t soak the disc first before using them in spices). These reusable discs come in 14 adorable prints, including an anchor, starfish, leaf, and more.


Problem: Your beard hair gets all over the bathroom counter

Solution: A bib beard that sticks to your mirror

If you prefer shaving, but you get beard hairs all over the counter, grab this beard bib. The oversize bib with suction cups on the corners sticks to your mirror. Not only does the long fabric stop stray hairs from falling down your drain, but it collects them so that you can then dump them in the trash when you're done. This beard bib also comes with a pouch for storage.


Problem: You’re constantly moving weighty kitchen appliances

Solution: These sliders for toasters, coffee makers, & more

These adhesive sliders are similar to your go-to furniture sliders, but they’re designed for all of your kitchen appliances. They securely stick to the bottom of your toaster, coffee maker, air fryer, and more. The Teflon material makes it so much easier to slide these appliances across the counter to try out that trendy recipe. They come in a pack of eight and cost less than $15.


Problem: You can’t resist your snooze button

Solution: A rolling alarm clock that’s under $50

Not a fan of early wake-up calls? This little extra-loud alarm clock is complete with two heavy-duty wheels, and I’m warning you — it’s designed to roll away when your alarm goes off so that you’re never again tempted to hit the snooze button. Also, don’t worry about it falling off your nightstand because it’s built for up to 3-foot falls. The clock comes in 10 colors and boasts more than 4,000 reviews.


Problem: You have nowhere to store mementos

Solution: These floating shelves with two hanging options

You can install these floating shelves face up, flip them upside down, or mix and match the hanging styles on your wall. The reinforced metal bracket design lets you customize how you hang them, and they can hold up to 40 pounds. So go ahead and display that special vase or your favorite plant baby because these solid paulownia wood shelves are super sturdy. They’re also affordable: a set of three shelves costs less than $30.


Problem: Your couch has tons of crumbs and dust underneath it

Solution: This extra-thin brush with a removable microfiber cover

This bendable gap cleaner is perfect for getting all of that debris out from under your couch. It comes with two removable microfiber covers so you can slide one on and keep cleaning (even if the other one is in the washing machine). The cleaning head is super long, and the adjustable aluminum handle extends from 40 to 55 inches.


Problem: You can’t find a natural toothpaste solution

Solution: A highly rated natural toothpaste that comes with a reusable tube roller

Not only is this peppermint toothpaste natural, fluoride-free, and sulfate-free — it also comes with a reusable metal tube roller so that you get every last drop and save money in the long run. This whitening formula doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners and boasts more than 3,000 reviews. I promise you’ll still get a fresh peppermint taste, thanks to the premium mint oil.