Your life could be easier around the house if you do any of these 40 things

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Sometimes life is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Personally? My biggest gripes are that I’m always cleaning up after my significant other, and don’t get me started on how many times per week I misplace my keys. But regardless of whether or not we share the same struggles, the extremely helpful Amazon products you’ll find below can at least make life a little bit easier.

But if you need examples? My significant other would always leave his shoes out all over our apartment, even though we have a rack right next to the front door. That’s why I bought these shoe slots. No longer can he use the excuse that “the rack is full,” as they’ve opened up tons more room for shoes of nearly any shape or size — including heels. As for misplacing my keys? Look no further than this handy tile. Just loop it onto your lanyard, and the next time your keys go missing you’ll be able to use the downloadable app to have it let out a loud ring. There are also charging stations for messy desktops, organizer bins for cluttered pantries or fridges — all made to help make your life around the house easier.

Life can be hard — but the useful Amazon products you’ll find below can help make it a little easier, especially around the house. Keep scrolling for more.


This charging station that comes with shortened cables

Don’t let your desk become a mess of tangled charging cables — use this charging station to help keep everything tidy. The smart USB ports automatically detect the optimal charging speed for your devices, while the dividers keep tablets, phones, and more neatly separated. Each order includes six shortened cables: three lightning, three micro-USB, as well as one type-C.


These silicone sheets that are great for both crafts and cooking

It’s always good to have silicone sheets in the house since they serve so many functions. This set of three environmentally friendly mats is child-friendly, and a perfect way to protect surfaces during craft time. Or, if it’s a cold winter day (or, any day) and you feel the need to make a batch of cookies? These sheets are there for you. As a bonus, they’re also easy to clean.


A flatware organizer that expands to fit drawers

Made from 100% bamboo, this flatware organizer can expand to fit into wide drawers, as well as compress when you’re working with less space. It’s also water-resistant and eco-friendly. And if your flatware is already sorted? You can also use it with office supplies, makeup, and more.


The food storage containers made from glass & bamboo

Looking for a set of food storage containers that stands above the rest? Search no further. With borosilicate glass bodies and sleek bamboo tops, they’re just as fashionable as they are functional. Plus, the groove in the lids makes it easy for them to stack on top of each other.


A pad that helps keep rugs from shifting around

If your rugs have a habit of shifting out from underneath you, this pad is a must-have. The non-slip surface helps keep your rugs firmly in place, as well as prevent them from bunching up. And unlike some pads, this one doesn’t add so much height that it’s likely to block doors from swinging open.


A desk organizer that’ll stop you from losing important documents

Even if you’re not fully working from home anymore, you’re probably still taking care of a few things after-hours. This desk organizer is a great way to keep track of important documents. It’s also a great place to store pens, post-its, and everything else you have trouble finding only when you really need them. Made from alloy steel, this organizer will make any home office look more polished.


These bins that help organize messy fridges

Regardless of what’s cluttering up your fridge, these bins can help keep everything organized. They’re made from clear, BPA-free plastic that’s completely shatterproof, with handles on the front that make it easy to pull them out. And if your fridge is already spotless? You can also use them in the pantry, or even your workshop. There’s always something that needs to be organized.


A full set of brand new cooking utensils to make the most out of your meals

There’s a good chance that a lot of your cooking tools are either things you inherited from your parents or past roommates. That, or they were initially bought a decade ago and should have been replaced by now. A new set of kitchen utensils (and a nifty jar to store them in) can change everything. For one, it’ll help you take cooking more seriously. Sometimes, the right-sized spatula can turn meal presentation from good to great. These are BPA-free and available in six dynamic colors.


A jewelry organizer that mounts to your wall

Not enough room on your vanity for a bulky jewelry box? Then you’ll likely want to check out this wall-mounted jewelry organizer. With space for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, it’s the perfect alternative for anyone looking to save space. Plus, the ledge is also great for holding small decorative items.


These insulated wine glasses that won’t shatter when dropped

Not only are these wine glasses double-wall insulated, but each one is also made from tough stainless steel. They won’t shatter when dropped and even come with leak-resistant lids to help prevent spills. The best part? You have the choice of more than 15 colors, including a gorgeous shade called French Rose.


A pour-over coffee maker that’s made from borosilicate glass

Tired of spending money on expensive pre-made cold brew? Make your own at home using this pour-over coffee maker. The borosilicate glass is temperature-resistant — as well as non-porous — so that any unwanted odors or chemical residues don’t get absorbed. Plus, the reusable filter is even made from stainless steel.


The LED light strip that’s surprisingly versatile

Add this LED light strip behind your television to help reduce strain on your eyes, or even place it underneath your kitchen counters for an affordable home upgrade. You can trim it to any length you need — and since it’s backed with adhesive, installation is as easy as sticking it into place.


These hangers that help you save space

Not only do these ultra-thin hangers take up less space on your closet rod, but each one is also covered with soft, non-slip velvet. They’re so sturdy that they can hold up to 10 pounds, making them great for heavier pairs of pants or jackets — and the notches on the corners are great for spaghetti straps.


A strainer that rests right over your sink

Whereas regular strainers can tip over, this one expands to fit over your sink so that it’s incredibly unlikely that anything will spill out. It expands out to 19.5 inches, making it perfect for larger sinks — and it’s even heat-resistant, good with temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from five colors, including a fun shade of yellow that’ll add a pop of brightness to your kitchen.


The oven mitts made from tough silicone

Cotton oven mitts only provide so much protection, whereas these silicone ones are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also longer than many, which helps keep your forearms protected when reaching into the oven or cooking over the grill. Plus, the textured palms help you keep a firm grip on hot cookware. They’re a great way to prevent burns and accidents.


A notepad that helps you plan weekly dinners

Are you having trouble planning what you want for dinner? This notepad can help you figure it out, as it has dedicated space where you can list ingredients, meals, and more. Each one comes with 50 sheets, which is almost enough for an entire years’ worth of dinners.


This soap dispenser that’s completely touchless

When was the last time you washed the pump on your soap bottle? Probably never — which is why it’s time to upgrade to this touchless dispenser. The infrared sensor detects when your hands are underneath the spout, and you can even adjust how much soap is squirted out. There’s even an on/off switch for more control. Just make sure you have four AA batteries available before it arrives at your door.


These straps that help keep your fitted sheets in place

If you’re tired of your fitted sheet riding up over your mattress at night, these straps are a total game-changer. They’re made from elastic so that they’ve got a little “give” to them, which helps prevent rips or tears in your sheet. And since you can adjust how long they are, you can easily use them with beds of nearly any shape or size.


The slots that help open up space on your shoe rack

Running out of room on your shoe rack? Pop your shoes into these slots, and you’ll be able to neatly stack them on top of each other to help open up some space. They’re designed to work with all types of shoes — including high heels — and the non-slip ridges will help keep them from shifting out of place.


A chainmail scrubber that’s safe to use on cast iron

Using soap to clean cast iron pans will strip the seasoning, which is why you’re supposed to clean them using a chainmail scrubber — like this one. It’s tough enough to get rid of any burnt-on bits of crud but won’t ruin the layer of seasoning you’ve worked so hard to build up. Plus, the stainless steel metal is resistant to rust.


This tile that helps you find misplaced items

If you’re always misplacing your keys, try looping this tile onto your lanyard. Once they go missing, you can use the free downloadable app to have the tile let out a loud ring, making them easy to find. You can also slip it into your wallet, purse, or stick it to any other item that you have trouble keeping track of.


A level that uses a laser to make sure your photos are hung straight

Not only can this laser help make sure your picture frames are hung evenly, but it also features a measuring tape that reaches out to 8 feet. There’s even a regular bubble level — just in case your room is too bright for the laser to be seen — and each order comes with three additional backup batteries.


The board that helps you fold shirts uniformly

Shirts, pants, dresses — regardless of what you’re stacking on your shelves, this folding board can help make sure they all look uniform and even. It’s also a fun way to get kids to help with the laundry. And if you aren’t into black? You have the choice of three other colors: green, red, or blue.


A rope basket that’s perfect for throw blankets & laundry

I have a rope basket similar to this one in my closet, and it works perfectly for holding all my socks, underwear, and more. You can also use it for your collection of living room throw blankets — or even those spare pillows you’ve likely got kicking around. And since it features convenient handles on either side, transporting it from room to room is just as easily said as done.


This vegetable chopper that helps save time in the kitchen

Instead of tediously chopping up all those veggies, why not send them through this chopper and get all that prep work done in just a few minutes? Each order comes with four interchangeable blades that let you mince, dice, ribbon, or spiralize your veggies — and since they’re made from stainless steel, they’re also resistant to rust.


An electric whisk you can use to upgrade your morning coffee

Use this electric whisk to froth up some milk for your coffee, whip egg whites, or even just mix your morning smoothie. The motor runs at an ultra-silent level so that it’s unlikely you’ll disturb your neighbors at the office — all it needs are two AA batteries (not included), and it’s ready to go.


The shower curtain liner with rustproof grommets

Whereas some shower curtain liners can develop rust over time, this one is made with rustproof grommets — and the magnetic weights at the bottom help keep it from billowing out of your tub. The best part? It’s made from odorless, non-toxic PVC that’s both tear and puncture-resistant.


A clothes steamer that you can take with you

I don’t think I’ve ever opened my suitcase to find clothes that aren’t wrinkled — that’s why I like to bring a clothes steamer, like this one, with me when traveling. The water tank is large enough to produce up to 15 minutes of steam, while the 9-foot power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets. Plus, you can also use it to sanitize questionable-looking hotel surfaces.


This meat thermometer that helps prevent undercooked dinners

Stick this thermometer into roasts, burgers, steaks, or nearly any other protein you’re having for dinner, and it’ll give you an accurate read on its internal temperature within seconds. And if you aren’t sure what the proper temperature should be? Not a problem, as there’s also a temperature chart printed on the handle.


These apothecary jars that help protect cotton swabs from dust

Whether you fill these apothecary jars with cotton rounds, Q-tips, or Bobby pins is completely up to you — but either way, the tight-fitting lids will help keep everything safe from dust. They’re made from thick plastic that’s less likely to shatter when dropped. Plus, each order also includes four blank labels to really help you organize. These also come in packs of three and four.


A pack of reusable Swedish dishcloths that are shockingly absorbent

These Swedish dishcloths have thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, and for good reason too. They’re absorbent as well as reusable, making them more eco-friendly than regular paper towels. Plus, they’re safe to use on nearly any surface — so there’s no need to worry about them scratching non-stick cookware. They come in eight different colors and are currently listed as one of Amazon’s top best sellers.


The remote control holder that’ll stylishly keep all of your remotes handy

Not all remote control holders are made equal — this one is made from gorgeous faux leather that’s almost guaranteed to look good sitting on your coffee table. You can also match it to your couch, as it comes in more than 12 stunning shades. Choose from two sizes: small or large.


These smart light bulbs that you can put on schedules

Download the free Kasa app and you’ll be able to control these smart bulbs without having to get up off the couch. You can also set them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home — and if you pair them with Alexa or Google Home, they can easily be turned on or off using voice commands.


A microfiber duster that reaches really, really far

With a telescopic handle that extends out to 100 inches, this duster is perfect for high windowsills, fan blades, and more. The head is made from microfiber that latches onto dust until you’re ready to shake it off — and since the pole is detachable, you can easily break it down so that it fits into your utility closet.


This drain protector that won’t impede the flow of water

Unlike some drain protectors, this one has a tower-shaped design that allows water to flow through even if it’s clogged with hair. Cleaning it out is as easy as wiping out the bottom with your finger or a damp rag — and with six colors to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t coordinate it to match your shower curtain.


An timer that changes colors to let you know your eggs are done

It’s almost too easy to overcook your medium or soft-boiled eggs — unless you’ve got this timer. Just submerge it in boiling water along with your eggs, and it’ll change color to let you know how cooked they are. Plus, the sensor inside of it automatically takes into account how many eggs are in the pot, how deep the water is, and your altitude. You’ll wonder how you ever boiled eggs without it.


The stick-on shade that lets in just a little light

If you’d still like a little light — but not too much light — coming into your home, this fabric shade is an easy addition to your windows. Zero tools are needed for installation, as the adhesive strip on the top lets you stick it right into place. Plus, the cordless lifting mechanism makes it easy to push up or pull down.


An organizer with room for toothbrushes, skincare, razors, & more

Not only can this organizer fit up to four toothbrushes, but there’s also space for paper cups, skincare bottles, razors, and more. The best part? Zero tools are needed for installation, as each order comes with a strong double-sided adhesive that’ll allow you to press it right in place.


This bedside lamp with 2 USB ports

With two USB ports, this bedside lamp makes it easy to plug in your phone to charge overnight. There’s also a regular AC outlet on the top — just in case you need to power up your laptop, or another non-USB device — and the small footprint means it takes up hardly any space on your nightstand.


These drink coaster made from thick, non-slip silicone

With their non-slip bottoms and non-stick tops, these coasters are must-haves when it comes to keeping your coffee table safe from water rings. They’re large enough to fit nearly any glass, including Mason jars. Plus, the silicone material is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can use them as small trivets in a pinch. They come in 13 colors, and also make for a fun housewarming gift.