Affordable Care Act Helps Women Earn The Jobs They Deserve


Employers look at the quality of a candidate when looking to fill a job opening. When there are many candidates for each opening employers focus on what it costs to get each candidate.

When Obama negotiated with insurance companies he factored in women. Insurance companies agreed that if 30-40 million more people will be required to buy private insurance then the insurance companies would stop charging women 50% more to cover the same level of service and same cost of service as men.

If an employer is faced with choosing a man or a woman to fill a role and factors in the cost of insuring a woman, then the man will win out every time.

Women, before the Affordable Care Act you were on a completely unfair playing field for getting a job. Even if you were more talented than a man, the increased costs of health insurance would lead to employers hiring the man.

Today, with the Affordable Care Act in place the playing field is leveled.  

While this doesn't give you any advantage over men, it allows your talent and experience to be the core determinant in you being hired for a job.

Men, this doesn't hurt you either. If you are hired for a job you can know it was because of who you are, not because of your gender.

Choosing to support the Affordable Care Act is choosing to make it easier for you women to get a job. describes this fully on a page written to explain the new benefits women will receive on its Women and the Affordable Care Actpage. 

Women, would you prefer to lose this and go back to your employer being charged far more than men?  

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