When Even the GOP is Ripping Romney For Killing Jobs, You Know Obama Has a Point


Romney is running his 2012 presidential campaign on his business experience and repealing Obamacare. If those are the core aspects of his presidential run, his opponents and supporters both should examine his experience at Bain as well as Romney's health care work.

Romney was one of the founders of Bain Capital as well as the CEO. Founders and CEOs set the culture and long-term mission of a business.  If Romney hired all the people who focused Bain on outsourcing jobs and Romney set the overall direction of the company, then doesn't it matter what they did during and after Romney's time at Bain?

It is my interpretation that many of the people involved in the outsourcing of American jobs overseas were people who worked for Romney for a long time. To me, as a business leader, if Romney was there is less relevant to me. What was the character of the team he hired? Was Romney focused on helping America create jobs? Or was he simply maximizing profits at whatever cost to America?  

Researching the issue further, I found that Republicans attacked Romney harder and more sharply in the GOP primaries earlier this year than Obama has attacked his rival in the lead-up to the general election today. Newt Gingrich's Super PAC raises the same questions regarding the SEC documents that show Romney was CEO years after he says he was no longer involved at Bain.

Gingrich's PAC "Winning Our Future," felt it was so important to understand Romney's role as a job destroyer that they created a 28 minute video on the matter.

A key moment in the video mentions the SEC documents that raised questions for the Obama campaign now. The video also claims that the worst of Bain's job destruction was a pattern starting early on while Romney was in charge.

The argument that Romney's form of vulture capitalism at Bain made him a job destroyer was made most strongly by Republicans. Gingrich's PAC probably felt it better to try and warn the American public about this before the primaries were over so this wouldn't come out in the general elections with Romney as nominee.

The SEC docs came up then and Romney still has not sufficiently answered the claims made by Obama today. Instead he questions Obama's honesty. However, Obama's team seems to be just now catching up to what Gingrich's Republican PAC already knew. 

Watch this Republican PAC make the claims about Romney as a job destroyer in their video "When Mitt Romney Came to Town."

Maybe there is nothing to the Obama campaign claim. But if that is true, then why did Republicans find the same evidence and make the same attacks on Romney?

Romney questions Obama's honesty. We should question Romney's too.  

Maybe, Romney is completely honest. If that is true, how do we account for his massive flip flops on health care? Or, climate change, as seen in this 2011 video, where Romney held two opposing positions four months apart. 

Shouldn't we be questioning Romney's honesty? Aren't we considering if his character is worthy of him becoming the leader of the free world? Shouldn't we be interested in the actions of people he hired?  Shouldn't we be asking questions about Romney's time at Bain if he says his business experience is why he should be President?

What have you learned about Romney's time at Bain? 

How do you feel about the attacks Obama made recently, that Republican Newt Gingrich's PAC made in the past?