Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Attacks Will Backfire, Helping Obama Win Reelection


As I sit back and watch Republicans rollout attack after attack on President Obama, I don't necessarily think it works out in their favor. While Republicans may think they are gaining ground by attacking Obama, they may actually lose in the end.  

Obama is highly knowledgeable, knows what he passed, knows what the reports say, and knows what the results are. He is also effective at explaining how things benefit individuals. For every punch in the debates, Obama will counter-punch effectively.

Citizens like you and I will see a president who has spent all day fighting for the middle class and ordinary Americans -- with a high level of effectiveness -- and their expectations will be so greatly exceeded that Obama's approval ratings are likely to bounce upwards. Americans will see a strong, intelligent leader and not the caricature Republicans paint.

Sociologists have researched the truth factor and how it impacts people. Many of the Republican attacks are not true, and the American public will learn this very quickly while millions watch the debates.

If a child, for example, is told that touching a boy will make her pregnant or, told that smoking one cigarette will give him cancer, what happens when that is shown to be false? 

What happens when the girl watches a game of freeze tag and another girl touches a boy and is not instantly pregnant? What happens if a boy sees a man smoke a cigarette and asks the man, "do you have cancer?" and the man says, "no"? They boy begins to entirely lose trust in his parents. The same is true with adults. 

When we find out most of the attacks on the Affordable Care Act -- aka Obamacare -- are false, it disturbs us. We realize Republicans have broken our trust. When we realize "Romneycare" is essentially the Affordable Care Act, that Romney called for the individual mandate to go national (after being the first person to pass it on a state level), when we find out that Obama hired Romney's team to write the ACA and that they now spend every day customizing the plan to fit the various needs of each state -- they will be shocked. Republican credibility will be lost.

Already, we can watch videos of Romney all over YouTube calling for the mandate as I posted in my article on Romney's giant flip-flop on health care. At the same time, expectations are being driven so low for Obama the only way he has to go is up. Obama beat Hillary Clinton and all the other Democrats in the primaries. Then he beat one of the longest serving senators -- John McCain -- who had decades to perfect his grasp of the issues and debate ability from the floor of the senate.

Watch this video where Obama, for 1 hour and 25 minutes, counters the talking points and debate points of the entire Republican House Caucus one at a time. At minute 36 in he is actually talking to Paul Ryan.

The entire Republican caucus nails the president, representative after representative, and Obama has responses to every issue. Obama even speaks about the individual governors he is working with on specific issues that the representatives bring up.

Republicans should keep attacking. Americans will learn one at a time that most of the attacks are false and Republicans will lose credibility. This is likely to happen in the debates. The GOP will set the expectations of Obama's knowledge and ability so low that he might face a major bounce after each debate. Obama will greatly exceed expectations. This is the biggest gift Republicans can give to the president.