iPhone 5 Release Date: Kate Upton Brings Apple Phone to Samsung Galaxy Party


As the Apple iPhone 5/Samsung Android war intensifies, and Apple readies for its upcoming big iPhone 5 releaseSports Illustrated model Kate Upton is back in the news because of a tech faux pas she committed in a recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 event in New York City -- according to Business Insider.

Upton, remembered for the YouTube “Cat Daddy” controversy, in which the site banned a video of the model dancing to Rej3ctz’s song, only to restore it and apologize short after, was invited by Samsung to appear at the Big Apple Galaxy Note 10.1 event. 

But, unfortunately, the model was photographed using a white Apple iPhone instead -- it makes one wonder if the model or her agent is even aware of the ongoing Apple/Samsung conflict.

Furthermore, what about Samsung's PR people? What where they thinking by inviting a high profile supermodel such as Upton and not double checking on the talent's gadget situation for the night. If not a fully endorsement of Android, Upton should have been asked -- at least -- not to be seen/photographed with the competition's device.  

Upton is not stranger to controversy. Last July, the also aspiring actress managed to upset the Catholic Church over the “nunkini” she wore during a cameo at the 2012 Farelly brothers’ film The Three Stooges. In addition, the model, which is reportedly dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Veerlander, was also spotted drinking what appeared to be beer at one of his boyfriend's games (Upton is not yet 21). On the bright side, Upton has been described as a positive role model for women, as her healthy frame demonstrates not only extremely thin models can succeed in the industry. 

Whether Apple wins from Upton's tech faux pas, is yet to be seen. The Cupertino, California, company's outgoing dispute with Samsung might alienate some users who feel Apple is becoming "too big to fail," a sort of "Big Tech" company which is becoming the "Big Brother" they decried back in 1984 -- when they were still were the underdog. 

As far as Android, Google's device will continue increasing its market share, thanks to its appeal to younger and most cost-conscious smart phone users.