Vote Gary Johnson: Here Are 5 Reasons Americans Need to Wake the F*uck Up and Boot Obama and Romney


Samuel L. Jackson is attempting to bring back the 2008 passion for Hope and Change by instructing Obama supporters to Wake the F*ck Up! and get involved in the reelection of the same president who routinely orders drone strikes on innocent Pakistanis. 

Yes We Can! Sixteen-trillion dollars in debt! Unfortunately, there are many well-meaning Hollywood stars who have gone all-in for the Obama reelection. Who can blame them? Obama is hip and trendy. He'll wink at you and say things you want to hear. Romney, on the other hand, is a complete failure. Out of touch and intellectually bankrupt, Mitt Romney has had one awful presidential campaign. The RNC went out of its way to break its own rules, deny Ron Paul's movement, and install Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. Great job wasting all that Tea Party momentum!


Unless you've been plugged directly into mainstream media propaganda, you've probably heard of the National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Obama. Before the indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA, President Obama proposed prolonged detention of terrorism suspects without trial. This is an important lesson in tyrannical incrementalism (They do this all the time). In fact, the language which protected American citizens from indefinite detention was specifically requested to be removed by the Obama administration. It seems like President Obama loves detaining American citizens in violation of the Constitution he used to lecture on at the University of Chicago Law School. Wake the F*ck Up!


After Obama's unconstitutional "kinetic military action" that resutled in Gaddafi's removal, Libya became yet another sovereign nation destabilized by NATO. This destabilization campaign resulted in escalated tensions between black Libyans and their Arab counterparts. NATO is responsible for enabling serious human rights violations! But Obama gets away with mass murder with a wink, a smile, and an appearance on The View. We sure do love our dictator!

I'm sure the fact that Gaddafi wanted to start using a gold-backed dinar instead of the U.S. dollar for oil had nothing to do with it ....

Now that Gaddafi is out and Libya is open, AFRICOM has free rein in Africa. Hope and Change? Or has the first black president ever opened up Africa and its people to the wrath of NATO? Wake the F*ck Up!

The Failed Drug War

Obama has betrayed his roof-hitting roots by continuing the failed war on drugs. Instead of allowing medicinal marijuana patients to treat themselves with cancer-curing cannabis, Obama has surpassed the Bush regime in its unconstitutional raids in states that allow medicinal marijuana.

How can these trendy celebrities endorse a president who appoints a former Monsanto VP to the head of the FDA while he simultaneously sends the DEA to destroy private property that may cure the Monsanto-caused cancer? The failure of the drug war is common knowledge. Wake the F*ck Up!

The Economy

Barack Obama is a Keynesian. So is Mitt Romney. They believe government spending is the cure for our economic woes. If we just print enough money, then everything will be alright! Keynesian overlord Paul Krugman has refused to debate Austrian economist Robert Murphy, even though a New York food bank would get over $73,000 when and if the Nobel Prize winning Krugman decides to accept the challenge. You can make a pledge to increase the funds received by the food bank here. The recent actions taken by the Federal Reserve have guaranteed economic hardships in the future: another bubble created, another bubble that will inevitably burst. Obama has showed no significant signs of dealing with economic reality that everday Americans are facing. Wake the F*ck Up!

Goldman Sachs 

Ahh, Goldman Sachs. Our benevolent banking oligarchs. Both Obama and Mitt Romney are favored by the banking elite. Neither one of these empty suits question the current monetary policy of the Federal Reserve which props up zombie banks like GS (because they are both funded by Goldman Sachs, get it?). Check out this article I wrote months ago detailing the criminality of Goldman Sachs. Wake the F*ck Up!

Hopefully, somehow, Samuel L. Jackson will read this and have this reaction:

Then maybe Jackson and other Americans will repudiate Obama and his horrendous record. Sure, he seems better than Romney. How hard is that, really? While it may be too late for America to get behind the greatest champion of liberty, Ron Paul, there is another choice besides the two Goldman Sachs frontmen. Gary Johnson is being prevented from participating in the presidential debates. Wonder why?As the Libertarian candidate says, "I'm the only candidate that doesn't want to bomb Iran." Saving innocent Iranian lives should be reason enough for Americans to reject Obama and Romney and vote for Gary Johnson. 

Samuel L. Jackson is right, but for the wrong reason. It's time to wake the f*ck up and undestand real economics, real U.S. history, and leave the corporatist two-party system behind. This country was built on a firm understanding of Liberty, it can be saved by the same.