'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "First Murder" Guide: How to complete it and possible outcomes


Mass Effect: Andromeda is full of unique side quests you'll often undertake as Pathfinder. You'll want to assist others in any way you can in order to gain the trust of the people and to ensure your new homes in space are peaceful and enjoyable for everyone involved. One such task you'll encounter during your travels is the "First Murder" side quest. According to personal experience — and RPGSite's methods — here's how you can best navigate this sidequest.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "First Murder" guide: How to unlock the side quest

To complete this quest, first you have to unlock it. You'll want to make sure you're far enough into the game to have full run of the Nexus space station. Head there and look for the Militia Office near Nexus Operations. Look for a downtrodden turian named Mariette. Her husband has been accused of committing a heinous crime in Andromeda: the first murder. Mariette begs you to help her and her loved one. Accept her quest and see if you can get her husband, Rensus Nilken, out of hot water.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "First Murder" guide: How to solve the case

First, you'll want to find Nilken, the accused. If convicted of murder, the plan is to exile him from the Nexus, which may as well be a death sentence, so you've got to get to the bottom of what actually happened and figure out if he's innocent or guilty. 

Run across the hallway from where you met Mariette and talk to Nilken, who's in a cell behind another turian sergeant. Chat with Nilken and he'll tell you his side of the story. You can decide how you want to respond to him, but you'll have to end up investigating his claims from here on, so you can answer with whatever response you like. You'll need some hard evidence before you can make any sort of judgments, though, so head on over to Kandros, another turian across the hallway.

Talk to Kandros and inquire about security footage. Kandros has already made up his mind about Nilken, but he'll let you in on the security footage and even a witness you can speak to named Cassidy Shaw. Run back across the hall once more and find a computer that has the security recordings. It really looks bad for Nilken after listening to the recordings, but it's too early to make a judgment. 


Next you'll want to go speak with Cassidy Shaw, the witness. Go up the Nexus bridge and check the higher, raised part there to find Cassidy holding a data pad and fidgeting. Question her about Nilken. Make sure to glean as much information from her as you can. Her responses will lead you to discover that the body of the deceased was actually never recovered. Your next step is to talk to Tann and ask about this very thing. 

Once you go back to Tann's office and speak to him, he'll let you know he's fine with you going to Eos to retrieve the body. He'll offer the coordinates you need to make your way to Eos and figure out who's guilty or innocent once and for all. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda "First Murder" guide: Continue the investigation on Eos

Head to Eos and make sure you've got the First Murderer side-quest selected in your journal. Make your way to the waypoint buried within the Golden Wastes on the planet, being mindful of the radiation. 

You'll need to scan near the waypoint, but you won't find a body. You'll find a body part, then you'll see the scanning point will change to a new location. Go ahead and move there, and scan again. Keep moving and scanning until your search brings you to the Kaerkyn Cave.  

When you get to the cave, just kill all the enemies, and look around in the cave for yet another item to scan. It appears that Nilken didn't kill the victim, but he meant to. This means you've got to decide how you want to handle him since attempted murder is just as serious as carrying out the murder in the eyes of the law. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda First Murder quest: Discussing Nilken's fate


With the new information you have about Nilken, you'll want to go back to the Nexus and talk to him. Tell him whatever you like, as your dialogue decisions here won't change anything. When you're done making him sweat, return to Tann's office.

Tann asks you if you want to exile him for attempted murder or free him because he didn't actually murder anyone. Before you choose, consider the following: If you exile Nilken, he will be found alive on the planet Kadara later on in the game; if you release him, he will stay around and eventually be put into stasis, where he chooses to stay frozen for a while with news of his attempted crime out in the open.

Whatever you choose, you will be rewarded with closure and experience points for the chapter. If you choose to exile him, speak with Kandros. If you let him go, return to speak to Mariette. Either way you go, it's case closed.

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