'Persona 5' Name Entry: When and how you can choose your main character name


Persona 5 is full of important choices, and one of the first ones you'll make is what to call your character. The protagonist is yours to name as you see fit, so make sure you've got a good name for when you reach the Persona 5 name entry screen. Here's when to expect it and how to navigate it.

Editor's note: Spoilers for Persona 5's story follow.

Persona 5 Name Entry: When you'll see the character name entry screen


You'll have to let quite a bit of plot unfold before you're able to name your Persona 5 protagonist. It happens about 20 minutes into the game. Your character is hauled in by the cops for a crime they may or may not have committed. After a bit of violence, you'll be asked to sign a confession. At this point, the name entry screen will just pop up on its own without any prompting.

Persona 5 Name Entry: How to use the character name entry screen

Once the name entry screen has popped up, you can choose a first and last name for your protagonist. There is no default name, so you'll need to pick a name that you like — like Will Sasso or Donnie Jeffcoat. Those are just our suggestions. The first blanks are for your given name, and the second set of blanks is for your last name. There are only spaces for eight letters in each name, so choose wisely.

It's important to remember that your character's name won't be spoken during recorded dialogue since you're able to name them pretty much anything you want, so that's not a glitch. Take care, Phantom Thieves.

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