'Persona 5' Justice Confidant Guide: How to max relationship with Goro Akechi


Persona 5 features several different confidants with which you can form special bonds. One special confidant is Goro Akechi, who represents the justice arcana. He's a mysterious character who's somehow been able to awaken his persona without any outside aid, making him an anomaly. 

He's taken it upon himself to investigate a strange individual who's trying to frame our heroes, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Here's how you can form a strong bond with Goro Akechi as the justice confidant.  

Persona 5 Justice Confidant Guide: How to boost your relationship with Goro Akechi 

Unlike several other confidants in the game, Goro Akechi has a relationship progression that simply levels up as long as you play the game. You won't need to have special conversations or choose the best time or place to hang out. Instead, the relationship will simply mature over time, with special interactions occurring on select dates throughout the game. Here are the dates you should keep track of, according to personal experience and RPGSite

Rank 1: You'll automatically unlock this rank on June 10, when you first make contact with Goro Akechi. 

Rank 2: You'll unlock this rank as the story progresses on July 24. 

Rank 3: Playing the story will unlock this rank on Aug. 28. 

Rank 4: Continue playing through the game as normal to unlock this rank on Oct. 24. 

Rank 5: Not two days after you reach rank 4 in game, you'll reach rank 5 on Oct. 26. 

Rank 6: This rank very quickly levels up on Oct. 29, three days after the previous one. On this day, you'll unlock several abilities. The first is baton pass, which will let Goro pass his own turn in battle to another character following a one more. You'll get follow up, which allows Goro to attack an enemy after Joker at random intervals. Harisen recovery will let Goro come to an ally's aid when they're afflicted by a status effect. Lastly, detective talk will be unlocked, which is valuable when negotiating with shadows. It will allow Goro to step in and turn the tides of negotiation efforts. 

Rank 7: You'll go back to the regular progression schedule with this rank, which unlocks on Nov. 19. 

Rank 8: Keep on with the main story to unlock this rank on the next day, Nov. 20. 

Rank 9: You'll be exploring the sixth palace area when this rank will unlock at random. Just play through the area as normal. 

Rank 10: Much like rank 9, you need to continue playing through the sixth palace to unlock this rank at random. However, this rank will also unlock second awakening, which allows you to fuse the ultimate justice persona, Metatron.

That's all for Goro Akechi, one of the simplest characters in the game to max out. 

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