Welcome to Miami, a Place For Photobombers


Sometimes there's a man who, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. That man is never basketball player Chris Bosh. At least, it never used to be. While everyone always thought that Bosh was probably a weird guy, but showering in a champagne bukkake after the Heat's 2012 Championship sealed his status as forever uncool. He was simply weird and that's just who he would be. Or so we thought.

Then Bosh steered into the skid. All season long he's been photobombing post-game interviews with childlike joy and grown-man creepiness. Check it out:


The photobomb is typically reserved for dorky guys in the background of hot girls's pictures. If you are a phtobomber, it's a pretty sure bet that you're drunk or weird. Probably both. You can't be cool and be a phtobomber. But maybe Bosh knew something we didn't. I mean, Bosh loves photobombing. Oh, how he loves it! Maybe we're missing out on something? Could it actually be cool to be a photobomber?

One impressionable young man, a Julian Gamble from the University of Miami, certainly believes so. I have no idea if Julian Gamble was inspired by Bosh's year-long antics, but on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, he took a move out of his fellow South-Beacher's playbook and landed this jewel of a photobomb:

So the city of Miami was definitely showcasing the two most impressive photobombers in collegiate and professional sports respectively. At this point, it couldn't be questioned. There was only one event that finally answered the question we were all wondering. Is it now cool to be a photobomber? I would have said no, but then this happened:

LeBron bombed a photo. The King of South Beach had spoken. Or more appropriately, the king had scared the crap out of us with a nightmare-spawning smile. It's official, cool people are photobombing.

Sometimes there's a man for his time and place. By his own persistence to his weird image, that man is Chris Bosh. He took his weirdness, stuck with it hard, and he won over an entire city, forging a place for his kind. His home is Miami, a place for photobombers.