The 10 Best Reactions To DOMA and Prop 8


As you may know, the court has struck down DOMA and Prop. 8 this morninig. Since everyone is still nursing their Texas fillibuster hangover, here's all you need to know about what happened today.

1. As Soon As Edith Windsor Heard The News, She Called Her Friend And Said: “Please get married right away!”

2. President Obama Started Off The Social Media Show With A Pretty Amazing Tweet.

3. The Prop 8 Plaintiffs Celebrated As Soon As They Got Out Of The Supreme Court.

4. Two Of Them Actually Got Engaged Right There On The Steps.

5. Later, The Plaintiffs Got A Surprise Phone Call From President Obama During An On-Air Interview

6. Couples Everywhere Were Posting Pictures About Their Newly Acquired Rights.

7. Barney Frank Spoke Some Wisdom Outside Court.

"When gay people talk about their sexuality it's called coming out, when straight people do it, it's called talking." he told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

8. Instagram casually chimed in.

9. Nancy Pelosi Fabulously Destroyed Michelle Bachman's Anti-Gay Stance With Two Words: "Who Cares?"

10. But The True Champions Were The Frazzled Interns Bolting From The Supreme Court To Deliver Papers From The Decision.

Can this guy at least say thanks to his painlessly devoted (and panting) intern? This is how I imagine him fetching anything from dry-cleaning to caramel lattes.