Weekly Culture Round Up: Everything You Should Have Read This Week


When looking through the content we published on this historic week in order to pick what to feature in the must-reads section I was floored. This week’s range of topics – which spanned everything from first hand artist interviews to Paula Deen analysis – was some of the best I’ve ever seen on PolicyMic. Hats off to everyone involved. 

As we cruise on into July we have some exciting series happening in the section, including the PolicyMic Summer Reading Series. If you’d like to get involved please shoot me an e-mail.

Without further ado …

Shout Outs of the Week:

Shout out to Culture Intern Hannah Loewentheil whose piece on baby names made popular by pop culture was picked up and re-posted by Salon. An additional shout out to Culture Intern Sam Brounstein who today wraps up his two-month internship with us.

Recommended Viewing:

After this historic week for gay rights, I highly recommend watching HBO’s incredibly moving documentary The Out Listplaying now on HBOGo. The film features simple, straightforward interviews with high-profile gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals from Neil Patrick Harris to Christine Quinn to Larry Kramer.

What Have You Been Up To?

In the weekly newsletter I’ll be sharing our illustrious pundits fantastic writing achievements as well as highlighting news about what we’re all doing offline. If you have anything you’d like me to include (accomplishments, achievements, job openings), about yourself or a fellow PolicyMic-er, please send it my way!

This weekend, PolicyMic writer Alison Sher will be performing in the show Off the Muff in New York City. Go check it out on Friday or Saturday night.

Culture Section Must-Reads of the Week:

Be Kind, Rewind: Why Cassette Tapes Are Making a Comeback (Jeff Hersch) – Cassette tapes are thriving in the DIY music community. Am I dreaming?

This Is What a Cuban-Egyptian Feminist Clothing Line Looks Like (Ana Defillo, @adefillo) – The Scandar sisters are streamlining the new generation of fashion, and PolicyMic had a chance to talk to them about their unique clothing company.

5 Millennial Writers You Should Have Read By Now (Marielle Mondon, @MarielleMondon) – These five millennial writers offer a sometimes poignant, often analytical, and always unique approach to the vast world of creative nonfiction.

One Of the Worst Movies Of All Time Turns 10 (Sam Brounstein, @SamTheBearJew) – Tommy Wiseau's cult classic "The Room," which some have dubbed the worst film of all time, is turning 10. Where is he now?

Sports and Politics Are Not Strange Bedfellows, They Are Old Lovers (Nick Recktenwald) – Despite arguments that political debates taint the mythical purity of American sports, the two arenas can actually impart a great deal of value on each other.

Do We Always Dismiss the Protests Of Native Americans? (Marley Brown, @ProfessaCharles) – Johnny Depp's Tonto in "Lone Ranger" has caused a stir in the Native American community, which is also unhappy with the Redskins. Are we continuously ignoring the concerns of Native Americans?

YA Novelist Gwen Li On ‘The Switch Sisters’ and the Need For Diversity in YA Lit (Evangeline Furton) – YA novelist Gwen Li talks about her writing, her inspirations, and the need for more minority characters in literature.

What This Utopian Artist Community Can Teach Us 50 Years After Its Downfall (Andrea Garcia, @andreafgarcia) – Drop City's golden era ended by 1968, but not without having impacted countless others to explore alternative daily habitats, aesthetics, and lifestyles.

Is Ray Donovan America’s Next Great Antihero? (Andrew Chow) – With intense acting and intriguing dialogue, "Ray Donovan" is poised to become Showtime’s leading drama as "Dexter" finishes up its seven-year run.

6 Incredible LGBT Poets Who Will Get You Pumped For Pride Month (Chelsea Hawkins) –  What better way to celebrate LGBT Pride month (and the end of DOMA!) than by supporting queer artists and poets?

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