If George Zimmerman’s Jury Had Seen This Chilling Video, Would They Still Have Let Him Go Free?


The death of Trayvon Martin shocked the entire nation. No matter how people felt about gun control or Stand-Your-Ground laws, the tragic death of an innocent African-American teenager made us all stop and think about how politics and legislation impacts lives. Those who were upset about the non-guilty verdict in this case thought that George Zimmerman should have never been able to walk free after killing an innocent teenager. Although the jury claimed that there wasn't sufficient evidence to put the man behind bars, the re-enactment of Trayvon's death, with real 9-11 audio from the night of his death, seems to tells a very different story.

This ad is part of a campaign from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The non-profit is demanding the dissolution of Stand Your Ground Laws in all twenty states that still have the "immoral legislation." Visit their website if you want to sign their petition.

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