These Evangelicals Hate Gays So Much, Life Isn't Worth Living Anymore


Christian conservatives in the U.S. say the darnedest things. From seeing the gay agenda on cereals to considering same-sex marriage sodomy-based, they never miss an occasion to ridicule themselves. Their latest declaration is even funnier: It's better to die than to live in a world opening up to LGBT people.

In a list of "9 Reasons You Will Be Made to Care" about the gay takeover of our society, evangelical activist group Family Leader cited Winston Churchill with the following:

"If you do not fight when you have a chance of winning, you will eventually fight when you have no hope of winning, because it will be better to die than to live."

Although I approve of their condemnation of people being arrested for shouting anti-gay messages or of bakers being arrested for refusing to cook for same-sex couples, the rest of their rhetoric is just the same old, bigoted, intolerant nonsense.

There is no homosexual "lifestyle", as it's (most probably) not a choice. If it is, then so is heterosexuality. And there is no gay "agenda" peer-reviewed studies have been able to identify as clearly as nuclear fission or calculus. Besides, if "the gays" have an agenda, Christians have one too, namely teaching their unproven, unsubstantiated version of the origins of life on par with hard science by giving it a different name and selectively choosing to discriminate against certain groups (mainly gays) by cherry-picking passages from the Bible while ignoring others they wouldn't approve of.

If they are so unhappy in Western countries, then surely they can go elsewhere. There is Russia, where gay "propaganda" is a crime, but so is, increasingly, free speech. They could also go to the Arabian Peninsula, where homosexuality is punishable by death. However, non-Muslims, when not persecuted, are totally unfree, especially in cases of apostasy.

If they choose to stay, if the mental "pain" caused by the full recognition of LGBT people as citizens like anyone else is so unbearable that they "must" terminate their lives, then I won't stop them. Considering the pain, both physical and mental, they have directly or through very naïve people inflicted to LGBT people, I won't shed a tear for them.