The Only Crying Baby That Will Make You Want to Have Children


You know when you're stuck on a flight surrounded by evil babies that won't stop crying/peeing/pooping/whining/ and you get home grossly reconsidering the promise you made to your parents to one day give them grand-children? Well this video will have the complete reverse effect. Regardless of what gender you identify with, your proverbial ovaries will quiver when you see this baby cry happy tears at the sound of her mother's singing. Caution: this video may cause you to become extremely calm, loving and give you a renewed desire to reproduce. You've been warned.

Amanda Leroux, the mother singing in the clip, told Carson Daily on the Today Show that her 10-month old daughter always wells up when she sings this song by Rod Stewart. The mom intended to make the clip for her family, but it has racked up over 5 million views on Youtube. 

The family might be from Canada, but something tells me this viral video will be impacting fertility rates pretty much everywhere.

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