4-Year-Old Bruno Mars' Elvis Impersonation is the Most Adorable Thing You'll Watch All Day

Whether you loved Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl halftime show or hated it, you can’t deny that his stint as “the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator” was the short-lived golden age of Elvis impersonation:

Extra props for sticking with the hairstyle:

Image: Necole Bitchie

According to the interview following this performance, young Bruno started impersonating Elvis when he was two. His family owned an Elvis memorabilia store in Hawaii, where he spent time watching the rock-n-roll legend’s performance videos and perfecting the iconic Elvis “sneer.” When asked what he liked about Elvis, 4-year-old Bruno replied: “I like his singing, and his dance, and his lip” (curls lip for emphasis). The impatient British interviewer seemed completely unamused by this.

Adorable. Just adorable.