39 Shirts Feminists Won't Feel Guilty Buying

As a feminist, it can be really hard to find something to wear. If you're anything like me, you've boycotted too many places to keep count and it kills you everytime a company you hate comes out with a product you love. Whether it's the chair of Lululemon making offensive comments about women or American Apparel's coming out with another sexist ad campaign, it seems like everywhere you look there's fabulous clothing you can't stomach to buy. 

Today, the search is finally over. Here are 39 wearables that won't require you to hang your feminist beliefs on the shelf. You no longer have to choose between looking good and feeling good about where your money is going. 


Via: Look Human

Gender roles are the worst. Pizza rolls are the best. Seems like a no-brainer to me! Get your greasy fingers on this tank top while it's hot.


Via: Look Human

Fun is good, but fundamental rights are better


Via: Look Human

also hear that home is where the netflix, the wifi and the sweat pants are. 


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Clinton or Warren? Now you don't need to choose.  


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Always listen to your heart


Via: Etsy

Being an online feminist comes with a lot of trolls. Remind yourself not to pay attention to the haterade with this cool pendant. Although it technically isn't a shirt, it rules.

Order it here


Who could disagree with that? 


This sweater is appropriate when you're visiting the grocery store, taking a stroll in the park or being interviewed by Piers Morgan.


Via: Look Human

I recommend wearing this to any speed dating event.


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And if you're on a tight budget, you can always buy a pin and turn a regular shirt into a badass feminist one.


This shirt is perfect for a night on the town to make sure no one with a fedora comes up to you to convince you that the gender wage gap is "actually a myth."


Via: Where to get it

You can get this on the Beyoncé store. Yes, this place exists and it lives on the internet.


Via: Look Human

Fedora-shaming is not only funny, it's discursive activism. Join the movement.


We shower in them too.


Via: Souvenirs and Shipwrecks Tumblr

The perfect shirt to wear when your mom asks why you're spending your fifth Thursday night in a row staying home alone live-tweeting Scandal.


Via: Look Human

C'mon. Buy this shirt and "Treat Yo Self."


Via: Iammi

True story.


Via: Look Human

Getting between a feminist and her cat is like getting between my mouth and a burrito. You don't want to go there.


Via: Look Human

This is a great shirt to wear the next time you're going to hang out with someone who tends to be transvaginal about everything. 


Via: Feminist T-Shirts Tumblr

This sweater is perfect for your next early morning abortion clinic defense shift. It will keep you nice and warm and your anti-choice stalkers will totally dig it. The only place I wouldn't wear it? During a pap smear with your male gynecologist.


This shirt is a great for apple-picking with your uber religious in-laws. Guaranteed conversation starter!


Via: Skreened

This is what the official mantra of our country should be changed to.


Via: Cafe Press

This is perfect for any expecting mother or any small friend you might have! 


Via: Look Human

Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure this was Sailor Moon's original slogan.


This is a great tank top to wear on your next job interview. That way, when they see "feminism" in your interests, they won't assume you're a hairy-legged man-hating celibate!


Via: Look Human

To get you through a grueling workout or a Hunger Games marathon. 


Crop tops are in. Feminism is in. This shirt has it all. Go for it.


Via: Look Human

I knew Ariel's secret alternate destiny was to become a weightlifter.


Via: Tumblr: Meeshy and Cosplay

If you need an extra dose of motivation at the gym.


Via: Zazzle

Into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and feminism? Zazzle has got the tote bag for you.


For that special "Tinder" sweetheart in your life.


Via: Look Human

The only thing that stops a bad girl with some guns is a good girl with some guns. Finally, a shirt the NRA and feminists can agree on!


Via: Feministing

Although this picture was Photoshopped, this amazing T-shirt isn't and you can buy it here.


Ideal for the next time you're in the mood for some "Chat Roulette."


Via: Red Bubble

Can she reduce child obesity by 43%? Yes she can.


Via: Look Human

On days where you're too tired to remember that beauty is a social construct, you should wear this.


Via: Red Bubble

I thought puppies were cute until I saw an ultrasound of my uterus.


Via: Skreened

Because you never know when you'll run into a crazy person from the Westboro Baptist Church.


Via: Cafe Press

And if you're wondering which pants to wear with your awesome new T-shirts, you can buy some dazzling Hillary 2016 pants here.

While most of Look Human's inventory is printed on American Apparel shirts, we hope American Apparel embraces these empowering messages in future ad campaigns.

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