This Funny, Honest 'Frozen' Trailer Gets It Way More Right Than the Original


With its multiple Oscar wins and recent crossing of the $1 billion mark, Frozen has already cemented its legacy as one of the best animated films of all time. But it just got a hilarious new "Honest Trailer" that might knock it down a few pegs.

Frozen, we still love you, but this is perfect.

Spoiler alert: This video is made by the same group that satirized the beloved Hunger Games, Gravity and Robo-Cop ("rated R for Robo Cop"), so if Frozen can do no wrong in your eyes, look away.

The trailer totally nails the movie's biggest oddities and plot holes. (We're just going to gloss over the fact that Elsa can literally create life? Okay, then.) It describes Frozen as taking place in a land that's "magical-ish and Scandinavia-ish," points out that Anna spends years shut inside the castle "even though she could leave at any time" and says that all the men in the movie "are disgusting loners, greedy murderers or lying manipulative power-hungry sociopaths" (valid point). And, "Who could forget the completely unnecessary, unexplained magical troll rocks?"

The trailer also makes fun of the fact that "Let It Go" (which just won the Oscar for Best Original Song) is the only song people actually remember from the movie, saying that Frozen features "unforgettable songs like: the exposition song ... the song that sounds like it's from Wicked ... the romantic duet ... and the YOLO song."

Watch the movie, fall in love, watch this trailer, repeat. Oh, and learn the words to "the exposition song," and prove these haters wrong.