Someone Put Up a Craigslist Ad for the Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane


With the search zone of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight extending across an area larger than the continental United States, everyone from experts to those following the investigation are fighting off the grim thought that the plane carrying 239 people may be lost forever. Trudging through the abyss of possible scenarios, little evidence and confusion, the world is trying to help find the missing passengers as the disappearance approaches a week.

But as American writer Madeleine L'Engle once said, "A good laugh heals a lot of hurts." One person on Craigslist couldn't agree more. Trying to make light of the grave situation, the post for the missing flight has been making its rounds on the Internet since Thursday. 

The asking price? "$15,000,000 USD, or best offer (this includes all the snacks in the plane)." 

Image Credit: Craigslist

The post continues, "Not much fuel in the plane at the moment, but it's in great flying condition. ABSOLUTELY NO JOY RIDES! SOLD AS — IS. NO TRADES OR RETURNS. ALL DEALS ARE FINAL." 

The post makes a pointed joke of reports that one of the pilots on the plane had taken passengers into the cockpit during takeoff and landing (extremely illegal). 

"Ask for Fariq when calling and setting up appointments to see the plane."

Interested buyers can see all the seats available inside and other details of the Boeing 777.

The ad evokes viewers to stammer, "really?" If only briefly, however, the public can take a moment to deal with the tragedy and confusion surrounding Flight MH370 through humor, courtesy of one insensitive Craigslist ad.