There Were Two Hidden 'Arrested Development' References in 'Frozen' — Did You Spot Them?


Frozen and Arrested Development may be strange bedfellows, but bedfellows they now are.

At first glance (and perhaps second) Arrested Development's Bluth family and Frozen's Elsa and Anna have nothing in common. Arrested Development is a dark cult comedy that was network canceled and Netflix resurrected; Frozen is an animated movie that raked in over $1 billion. Arrested Development's fans trade running inside jokes back and forth like cool factor currency; Frozen gained fame for its countless progressive moments, strong female leads and theme song no one can stop singing.

Somewhere, some brilliant mind had the idea to bring these two convergent pop cultural powers together.

In two beautifully under-the-radar instances, Tumblr fans have discovered some artfully snuck in Arrested Development references. 

Image Credit: Imgur

Like a Mean Girls quote delicately slipped into conversation without anyone noticing, Disney pulled this Arrested Development homage off in style. But was it even purposeful?

Sure it could be a casual coincidence but it seems more likely that someone in the Disney studio is a huge Lindsay Bluth fan — and who could blame them? With her mindless pluck, messy sibling issues, attention to fashion and bad decision-making when it comes to marriage, Lindsay Bluth is basically Princess Anna without a crown.

Or maybe we're taking this theory too far.