10 Hanukkah TV specials that pair perfectly with latkes and jelly donuts

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these classic TV episodes, including ‘A Rugrats Chanukah’ and SNL’s Hanukkah Harry.

Composite of still images from "The O.C.," "Rugrats," and "Broad City" Hanukkah TV specials
Composite. Courtesy of YouTube
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Hanukkah 2021 is lighting up the calendar a little early, beginning shortly after Thanksgiving on November 28. If you’re not yet in the winter holiday spirit, these ten classic Hanukkah TV specials could be the perfect way to dunk yourself in oil and get fried up before the Festival of Lights. (No, wait, that’s how you make latkes and sufganiyot.)

While the Christmas special remains a staple of American television, these Hanukkah-themed episodes feature music, celebration, family conflict, and a few questionable forays into Jewish history. Check out each episode to see why Hanukkah has made for compelling wintertime TV for decades.

Broad City, “Hanukkah”

Though the 2018 web special isn’t a full episode, Broad City was full of so much Jewish humor throughout its run that the lack of a Hanukkah special isn’t a big deal. In the webisode, Ilana wears a Hanukkah onesie and has decorated her apartment with gel Stars of David to exchange gifts with Abbi via video chat. Ilana’s gift is appropriately inappropriate, and the scene is decked out with many a menorah.

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