Apple’s noise-canceling AirPods might be here by the end of the month

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Fresh off the launch of the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models, it seems as though Apple may have (at least) one more release up its sleeve before the end of 2019. AirPod devotees have been long awaiting a noise-canceling version of the ubiquitous wireless earbud, and it seems that Tim Cook and co. will deliver before the holiday season. According to rumors, Apple's noise-canceling "AirPods Pro" will launch before the end of October.

The first glimmer that a new AirPod might soon be on its way came earlier this month when code detectives at 9to5Mac discovered a symbol in iOS 13.2 that provided a potential look at what the new AirPods will look like.

But now The Verge, citing a report from China Economic Daily, suspects that the noise-canceling AirPods will be available before end of month — and also sheds light on what you can expect to shell out for the shiny new accessories. Though previous iterations of the AirPods clocked in around $160-$200, rumors speculate that you’ll be paying about $260 for the Pro version. (So maybe add them to your holiday wishlist.)

An all-metal design will allow for noise-canceling capabilities, and some think there could be water resistance thrown in as well. According to the glyph in iOS 13.2, the new model could more closely resemble a cordless version of older Apple EarPods. Other potential upgrades, such as an increase in battery life or listening time, have yet to be uncovered, but experts believe an Apple special event later this month will reveal everything we need to know.

With companies from Google to Amazon coming for Apple’s wireless earbud crown, it may be more important than ever for the company to establish that the AirPod’s popularity is still well-earned. There’s little doubt that many dedicated users will find the higher price a worthwhile expense for an updated and upgraded version of their near-constant companions. Just uh, be careful not to lose them.