6 Prime Day deals that are actually worth it for gamers

Playing video games while sitting on sofa

It's that time of year again. It's Amazon Prime Day, otherwise known as veritable Christmas in July for those looking to snag a hot deal on some of the products they've had their eyes on for some time. Alongside sizzling deals on things like laptops, cameras, tablets, toasters, school supplies, and other useful items, Amazon is (as usual) running plenty of gamer-centric products at hefty discounts. Whether you're looking for something new to add to your collection or feel like banking on a new console, there's a deal out there sure to excite everyone. Just make sure you don't blow all your money on Day 1.

Nintendo's most popular console right now is on sale for just $299 with a $25 Nintendo eShop gift card, which gets you plenty of cash to play around with for your new system. Though Amazon's price says $334 at present, when you add the sale to your cart, it's actually $299. The Switch has plenty of excellent games to choose from, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, the recently-released Super Mario Maker 2, and the upcoming Pokémon Switch exclusives, Pokémon Sword and Shield. If TV connectivity is important to you and you don't want to wait until later this year for the Nintendo Switch Lite to debut, you may very well want to pull the trigger on this deal.

With PlayStation exclusives like Death Stranding coming in the latter half of 2019 and the legendary Final Fantasy VII Remake hitting in 2020, now's a better time than ever to go ahead and pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro. Its upgraded tech means it can run anything you throw at it with enhanced graphics and processing power, and it can still handle your entire collection of PlayStation 4 titles and backward-compatible PlayStation 3 games as well. Plus, you get two excellent games with this bundle: God of War and Days Gone, both of which should be added to your must-play list immediately.

The PlayStation Classic is one of the most versatile miniature consoles, and it comes packing some of the most exciting PlayStation titles from the '90s. With over 20 pre-loaded games running the gamut from Final Fantasy VII to Metal Gear Solid, it's got something for just about every gamer included. Plus, it's far cheaper, especially right now, than buying all of the included titles individually, especially Intelligent Qube – which can go for upward of $50 on eBay and via other retailers.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a simply breathtaking PlayStation 4 title that's an absolute bargain at just $9.99. Following a young woman named Aloy on an adventure to figure out her mysterious origins (and save the lives of the outcast tribe she's a part of), it's a heartfelt journey that you won't want to put down. It's also widely considered one of the PlayStation 4's best. Aloy has gone down in the hallowed halls of video game history as one of the better female heroes so far, and she absolutely deserves it. You'll agree by the time you set the controller down at the end of her saga.

Suit up and join your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man on his biggest adventure yet: swinging onto the PlayStation 4. There's something rotten going on in New York City, and Peter Parker has to don his iconic suit once more to get to the bottom of a crime syndicate that threatens the livelihood of the city's upstanding citizens. In the entry, you even get to play as Mary Jane throughout her own special segments as well – a first for the Spider-Man series and an exciting prospect for any MJ fan.

As a Nintendo Switch owner, you'll definitely want to make sure you've got extra Joy-Con around just in case something happens to the ones that came with your system. You never know when you might accidentally send one flying while playing or lose one that's necessary to enjoy a certain game. So since this attractive pair is on sale, it's a good idea to go ahead and grab them, and at the very least keep them for when you might need to break them out.

Amazon Prime Day is continuing tomorrow, July 16, so if you didn't see anything that struck your fancy today, you might want to instead check back and see what's available then by way of new gaming deals. For now, you can count the hours until your latest exciting new purchases reach your door.