44 clever products that save you lots of money, according to tons of reviewers

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I'm a huge fan of the Amazon reviewer community when it comes to discovering inexpensive things that will save you big bucks in the long run. Those reviews are your secret weapon when it comes to separating the yes items from the meh items and these 44 money-saving products on Amazon definitely fall into the former category.

Taking the recommendation of Amazon reviewers is just one step removed from hearing about a worthy product from a trusted friend. For example, a reviewer reported that this all-in-one beard grooming kit offers "the cleanest and closest shave" that's "resulted in the least amount of irritation to my skin," and another wrote, "It makes the whole shaving experience an art instead of a chore." That's pretty much all you need to know — and a lot like talking to a couple buddies.

This list is packed with reviewer faves from a wide variety of categories, all of which will help you bank some bucks. Check out these reusable single-use coffee filter cups that'll save you money at the café, or this electric blanket that can even help you cut down on your energy bill by letting you turn down the thermostat. So don't sleep on these online reviews, and check out these fan-approved products that'll help you stick to a budget.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This ingenious moldable glue that will help you repair so many things

Available in black, white, and multicolored packs, this moldable glue works to bond everything from shoes to wood and ceramics. You can use your bare hands to mold it, and once you've gotten the shape you need, you can leave it to dry. The waterproof glue is resistant to heat and cold, and you can use it to seal leaks, repair shoes, or bond frayed cables.


This insulating glass coffee mug with a lid

Make your coffee at home and keep it perfectly hot with this insulated glass mug, which comes with a convenient lid. It's made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass that's durable yet lightweight and won't impart any weird tastes or odors like certain metals do.


This 10-pack of dishcloths should last an entire year

Straight from Scandinavia, these dishcloths are machine-washable up to 50 times, so the 10-pack should easily last you through a year. Soft, absorbent, and durable, they can be used to do the dishes, or as a substitute for paper towels while wiping down kitchen counters or the bathroom.


A reusable cotton swab that's more environmentally friendly

Speaking of sustainability, this reusable swab can replace the use of up to 1,000 disposable cotton swabs. The tips are made from soft and flexible medical-grade silicone, and they can be cleaned using simple soap and water. The swab comes with a protective storage case made from corn (!) in your choice of five colors.


The shower mat that exfoliates your feet between pedicures

Instead of bending over to scrub your feet in the shower, use this massaging and exfoliating mat. It suctions firmly to the shower floor and has hundreds of soft and flexible bristles to deep clean and remove rough skin. (Plus, it's legitimately relaxing.) Tip: You can also use this with some tea tree oil to naturally fend off athlete's foot.


These food containers that are fun and functional

These produce-shaped containers are designed to help you get more life out of your leftovers. The set comes with four: a yellow onion, red onion, garlic, and tomato, so you can know exactly what's inside each one. They're BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and easy to spot in your refrigerator.


These double-sided sponges that tackle all kinds of dishes

Take on heavy-duty pots and pans as well as more delicate dishes and cookware with these double-sided sponges. One side features an abrasive surface that's great for scouring, while the other side is made from soft microfiber that goes easy on glasses and nicer plates. They're odor-resistant, and you can throw them in the wash for easy cleaning and reuse.


A smart power strip that's compatible with Alexa & Google Home

With four AC outlets and four USB ports, this smart power strip has all the space you need for your electronics — and it's compatible with Alexa and Google Home, too. Use voice commands or an app on your phone to set individual outlets on a schedule or to cut power, so you can turn off that lamp, even when you're away from home.


This kit that lets you grow your own organic mushrooms

If you love to cook with mushrooms, you might want to try growing your own at home with this kit. It comes with everything you need to grow your own organic, non-GMO mushrooms indoors. Combined with a week of indirect sunlight and twice daily misting, this kit will give you three to four servings of fresh, delicious mushrooms in just 10 days.


An electric toothbrush that won't break the bank

Sonic vibrations power this toothbrush to deliver ultra-fast cleaning waves that zap the plaque and tartar right off of your teeth, while banishing bacteria and massaging gums. The toothbrush comes with eight brush heads — six with soft bristles and two with stiff bristles — so you can customize your brushing experience and have plenty of refills on hand.


The rechargeable light bulbs that are great in power outages

With the capacity to provide illumination for up to five hours, these rechargeable LED light bulbs are helpful to have around during unforeseen power outages. These bulbs screw right into any light fixture, but they also come with hooks, so you can hang them up and use them as outdoor lighting when you camp or hang out in the backyard.


An electric blanket that comes in handy on cold nights

Instead of turning up the thermostat when the temperature drops, save on your energy bill by wrapping up in this electric blanket. Made from soft flannel, it features 10 heating levels, so you can customize your preferred level of warmth. An auto-shutoff kicks in after three hours, and you can machine wash the blanket when it's time for a cleaning.


The wine aerator and bottle stopper set that enhances any bottle of vino

Make even inexpensive wines taste like fine vintages with this aerator set. The aerator literally breathes life into the wine to bring out its flavor and aroma, and when you've enjoyed all you care to, you can use the vacuum pump and stoppers to remove oxygen from the bottle and keep the wine fresh for up to 14 days.


The foot balm that moisturizes & fends off fungus

Whether you're trying to repair dry, cracked heels, keep your toenails healthy, relieve athlete's foot, or eliminate foot odor, you can do it with this foot balm. It hydrates skin with moisturizing coconut and shea butter, while essential oils work to refresh feet and fend off fungus, irritation, and itching.


This 3-setting shower head that filters water

With three water flow modes — rainfall, jet, and massage — this shower head gives you a customizable experience, while the micro-nozzle design increases flow speed without wasting water. Even better, the shower head features a built-in filtration system that purifies and softens hard water, resulting in less skin irritation and stronger hair.


An insulated lunch bag that maintains food temperature

Taking your lunch has never looked better, thanks to this insulated lunch bag made from gray Oxford cloth. The leakproof tote is insulated to keep food warm or cold for up to five hours, and it even doubles as a cooler that's spacious enough to hold up to 24 cans of soda or beer.


The handy budget planner that makes it easy to track expenses

Make sure there are no surprises with this convenient budget planner, which comes in over 20 fun colors. Use it to set monthly financial goals, remind yourself of upcoming bills, and even track holiday spending at the end of the year. Best of all, this planner has a leatherette hardcover design for durability, plus an elastic band, a pen holder, an accordion pocket, and no-bleed paper.


The portable blender that's perfect for smoothies on the go

Make your own smoothies or protein shakes when you're on the go with this portable blender. It charges via USB, so you don't need a wall outlet to plug in, and the one-button operation makes it easy to use. When you're done blending, the jar doubles as a to-go cup for sipping.


A car wash kit for getting your ride clean at home

When your vehicle is dirty, don't you just feel kind of dirty, too? Take care of that feeling with this at-home car wash kit. It includes everything you need to clean both the inside and the outside of your vehicle: glass wipes, a wash and wax formula, tire foam, and protectant to keep everything looking like new. Pick up a wash mitt and drying towel set to complete the job.


This coffee grinder that upgrades your morning cup of joe

If you love coffee but hate shelling out for a fresh brew at your local café, try starting out your morning with this coffee grinder. It has a high-powered motor that finishes the task quickly, and the simple grind system lets you control the coarseness, so you can brew anything from French press to espresso.


This battery charger that saves lots of money in the long run

Ditch your standard batteries (and keep them out of landfills) by using this charger in tandem with rechargeable AA and AAA NiMH batteries. You can use them just as you would standard batteries, and the charger features a status indicator and an audible alert to let you know when everything is powered up.


This Wi-Fi range extender

Get up to 1,000 extra square feet of coverage for as many as 15 devices with this Wi-Fi extender, which costs under $30. It has universal compatibility and gives you fast performance, whether you're using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


The filter pitcher that lasts 4 times longer than its competitors

With a filter that can deliver up to 150 gallons of fresh water — four times more than its competitors — this pitcher is a great way to save money in the long run. It filters up to 1.3 liters in just one minute, and the narrow profile means you can store on the door of your fridge.


This roll of heavy-duty, reusable oven liners to keep messes under control

Avoid baked on messes in your oven with this reusable oven liner roll. It's made of heavy-duty, nonstick material that's free of BPA or PFOA, and it can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These liners can be cut to the size you need and used to protect your electric, gas, or microwave oven — and they can be used as a grill mat too.


The sweat stain & deodorant remover that saves your shirts

Give your shirts new life with this sweat stain and deodorant remover. The natural formula can be used on most materials to remove yellow pit stains and marks left behind by antiperspirant, and it can even work on other organic stains, like sauce.


These skinny spatulas that get the last drop out of all your bottles

Whether you're trying to get the last few drops from a bottle of a ketchup or a jar of hand cream, these skinny spatulas can help. Made from flexible silicone, the set of four comes in a variety of sizes, so you can get just the leverage and length you need.


A motion sensor switch that cuts down on your power bill

Compatible with your existing lighting setup, this motion sensor switch installs in just 15 minutes and can reduce your energy bills by automatically turning the lights off when you're no longer in the room. As a bonus, you can also set it to turn off the lights when there's enough available natural light, so you don't accidentally leave the chandelier on in the day.


These microfiber mop pads that are a cheaper (& greener) alternative

If you use a mop with disposable with pads, it may be worth giving these reusable microfiber pads a shot instead. Made from microfiber, they can be used both wet and dry to pick up dirt, dust, and grime like a champ. They go right in the washer and dryer, so you can use them again and again.


A "bed of nails" that gives you masseuse-level muscle relief

If you have back, shoulder, or neck pain, you'll be happy you ran into this acupressure mat that some reviewers (lovingly) refer to as a "bed of nails." It's outfitted with hundreds of acupressure points that stimulates circulation to loosen up knots and relieve soreness. With close to 24,000 4.5-star ratings, it's a winner in the relaxation game.


This squeezer that delivers the last of the toothpaste right to your brush

Get the very last of your toothpaste out of the tube with these squeezers. Just insert the tube and twist the knob to work your way up. Made from durable stainless steel, they'll last you as long as you have teeth to brush, and the set comes with two, so you can share one with your favorite dental hygiene nerd.


The resistance band set that brings the gym to you

If you don't want to shell out for a gym membership, this resistance band kit gives you everything you need for a strength-training workout at home. The kit comes with five resistance bands in progressive strengths, as well as four core sliders that can be used for push-ups and lunges.


A waterproof timer that guarantees you get out of the shower on schedule

If you tend to lose track of time in the shower, you can use this waterproof timer to help you stay on schedule and save water, too. It mounts easily via the magnet and has three timer settings: 10 seconds, one minute, and 10 minutes.


This small-but-powerful desk fan that let's you give the A.C. a break

Don't be fooled by its compact size — this 11.8-inch tall bladeless desk fan will help keep your space cool and comfortable so you don't have to crank up the A.C. The touchscreen operation lets you choose from four different modes, and the fan itself comes in three different colors. On top of that, it's rechargeable via the included USB adapter.


A set of reusable clothes to replace your paper towels

This set of cloths can replace paper towels for so many jobs (like wiping down the counters), saving money and helping to make your kitchen a little more green. The highly rated cloths come in a perforated roll so you can tear off what you need, and after you're done, you can toss them in the wash for easy laundering.


This brilliantly designed strainer that won't let rice slip through

With this cleverly designed colander, you can wash and strain rice, lentils, and other small foods without half of your meal ending up in the sink. It's made of tough, BPA-free plastic and can also be used to wash larger items like fruits and vegetables.


An easy way to get those last drops of bottled goods

Whether you're talking about a bottle of honey or some precious hand sanitizer, some things really are good to the last drop. Now you can get that last drop with this bottle-emptying set that includes a stand for inverting bottles, along with a flip cap and silicone seals to prevent leaks.


These reusable K-cups let you use your own coffee

Single-use coffee brewers are so easy and convenient, but the disposable cups can get expensive (not to mention the plastic waste factor). These universal and reusable filter cups are a budget-friendly substitute, and they fit all single-use coffee makers. Just add your favorite ground coffee to the stainless steel filter, and you're good to go.


This massager that's a fraction of the price of some of its competitors

With four nodes that deliver deep pressure, this shiatsu massager is an affordable (and effective) way to relieve muscle pain and loosen up knots. The massage nodes reverse direction automatically, and there's even an optional infrared heat function for extra relaxation and warmth. This reviewer says, "Just what the doctor ordered!! [...] Cheaper than a 1/2 hour massage. Worth every penny!!!"


This all-in-one safety razor kit with 10 blade refills

Although it's a small investment upfront, this all-in-one shaving kit will definitely save you money over time. The kit includes a safety razor with 10 blade refills, a shaving brush, some great-smelling sandalwood soap, and a stainless steel bowl to work up a lather. Plus, it comes with a storage stand and a canvas toiletry bag.


The mesh bags that are great for produce and so much more

We're putting 8 million tons of plastic into the world's oceans every year, so take these reusable produce bags with you the next time you head out to the grocery store. Made from durable mesh, they're lightweight (so won't add to your bill at the checkout), and come in three sizes, so you can stock up on garlic and romaine lettuce alike.


A set of silicone straws for less

Reusable straws like the ones in this set are everywhere these days because they're so much better for the environment than plastic. This set comes with 10 bent straws made from silicone, and the muted colors mean they're as good looking as they are practical.


This scale lets you keep an eye on baggage costs

Never shell out for excess baggage fees again when you have this luggage scale that helps you keep an eye on just how much stuff you've shoved into your suitcase. The lightweight design and small footprint means it can go along with you on your travels (without adding to aforementioned fees), so you can make sure those souvenirs don't weigh you down on the return trip, either.


This water flosser that's more fun than string floss

Flossing has to be one of the most dreaded self-care chores ever, but this rechargeable water flosser makes it quick, easy, and dare I say... enjoyable? And of course, it keeps you from having to spend big bucks on dental care down the road. It operates on three settings to get rid of food debris and keep gums healthy.


The shaker that lets you make your own salad dressing

Equipped with the same kind of mixer ball that whips up your protein shakes in the morning, this shaker is ideal for making salad dressings and meat marinades. The glass cruet is topped with a lid with an auto-locking spout for mess-free pouring with just one hand, and when you're done, you can throw this in the dishwasher.