12 stress-relieving gifts for everyone in your life
A man relieving stress while lying in his bed covered with a yellow blanket
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Maybe it's you who's feverishly scrolling through Amazon for last-minute gifts, quietly stewing about spending time with extended family you don't get along with, and meeting work deadlines before the holiday break. Maybe it's a partner or friend who's frazzled by crowded airports, lack of natural daylight, and all the other joys winter brings. A gentle reminder: Tis the season to chill the hell out. We can help you de-stress — but not with jade rollers and fruity face masks, because this is not one of those gendered, whimsical stress-relief gift guides.

Mic's picks are thoughtfully curated so you can organically fit them into your days without interrupting your flow or have you feeling like an impossibly glowing wellness influencer. Unless you want to feel like one, in which case, just skip to down to #7. Either way, may your holiday be cozy and chill.

The heated blanket

Consider this sherpa-lined throw a grown-up version of your most comforting childhood blanky. And it's got auto shut-off so you can snuggle safely.

The fancy blanket

This one is the extremely chic self-soother, perfect for generating heat with someone else while binge-watching Netflix.

The bath time ritual

The shower bomb adds luxurious scents and sensations to your shower — because who has time to soak like a royal on a daily basis? Here's how the bomb works.

The footwear

Arch support is the most underrated virtue of a lounging slipper. Pair these with a luxurious robe, and perhaps a decent cigar if you truly earned it.

The robe

You knew this one was coming. The Classic Robe is the perfect embodiment of its name. It's light yet plush and stately in design — the perfect after-work ensemble.

The glow

Every relaxation gift guide in the free world has their candle pick, but ours wins based purely on one crucial factor: Sand + Fog's thoughtfully orchestrated scents are just potent enough to comfort and delight you without making you feel like your nose is glued to an air freshener.

The stretch

We all know how powerful even a little light exercise can be when it comes to combating stress. And you can successfully stretch on any surface, this mat is grippy, thick, and feels like a port in the storm when you need to shed the day's stress in a down-dog.

The tropical ambience

Yes, it's incredibly trendy to be a plant parent now but there's no denying the mental health benefits of having a little greenery in our proximity. This palm is particularly easy to care for, and brings irie vibes to any space.

The beverage

CBD — the non-inebriating compound in cannabis — is in everything now and people swear by its calming effects, even if researchers are just starting to look into its efficacy. If you want to see if a small dose works for you (caffeinated calm could be your new brand), this coffee is a tasty place to start.

The nightcap

A good bourbon is just as crucial as a warming blanket when the weather dips below 50. There's nothing like the soporific bliss that a well-made Old Fashioned yields.

The "journal"

Whether you want to admit when you're feeling anxious or not, this "workbook" is a hilarious, convenient way to cope. There are word games and drawing exercises that distract and comfort, as well as science-based tips to help you take a breath and find some zen.

The turn-down service

None of this relaxation stuff matters if you're not getting enough sleep. This pillow spray consists of a blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver, which are all believed to help nudge our bodies and minds into a restful night's sleep.