Rajul Punjabi


Rajul Punjabi — who goes by Raj if you're cool with her — is a New York-based journalist and educator. She is currently the senior editor of the lifestyle section at Mic, a culture and politics outlet, and has previously served as wellness editor at Tonic, a VICE vertical. With over 12 years of writing and reporting experience (the Atlantic, Village Voice, New York Daily News), her focus is health and wellness through the lens of identity and social justice. Some of her favorite things including ranting about health outcome disparities, telling people what CBD oil actually doesn't do, and watching Beyoncé's "Homecoming," weekly, as an act of self-preservation and political resistance. Rajul is on the journalism faculty at City College in New York, where she's reminded that everything really is going to be okay because her students are beautiful, mini geniuses who continue to enlighten her. Her favorite subject to teach is Race and the Media, where she explores the role of racial bias in the news.