I put CBD in my vagina for better sex

Should you try it? Experts say no, I say maybe.

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CBD suppositories have been around a minute, but they've never really taken off in terms of hot weed trends. I'm just guessing, but it's probably the fact that suppositories don’t exactly sound sexy — even when they’re meant to make your sex life hotter. But some folks claim that THC and CBD vaginal suppositories are a lot more erotic than they sound. The idea is that these suppositories — which can be inserted into the vagina or the anus, depending on the specific product — can enhance sexual pleasure by minimizing pain, decreasing anxiety, and increasing blood flow once the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. After hearing enough about it, I was curious enough to try some cannabis suppositories myself — and ask experts to weigh in about whether it’s actually okay to put weed in your vagina.

Is it safe to put CBD suppositories in your vagina?

Almost every doctor I’ve ever talked to about vaginas has advised against putting any unnecessary products in your vagina, and it turns out cannabis suppositories are no exception. “In terms of safety, research does not necessarily support them being okay to place in the vagina,” Denise Asafu-Adjei, MD, a Chicago-based urologist and researcher at Loyola Medical Center, tells me. But, Asafu-Adjei adds, cannabis vaginal suppositories aren’t deadly and likely don’t have severe side effects for people who are generally healthy.

While Asafu-Adjei doesn’t recommend putting weed in your vag, she does say that using cannabis products around your vagina may have some benefits. “The female genital tract has a dense amount of cannabinoid receptors, especially in the uterus,” she says, noting that lubricants containing CBD and THC are thought to enhance pleasure. Basically, lubes are probably fine and safe, but vaginal CBD suppositories aren’t doctor recommended — at least not by this doctor.

Can vaginal CBD suppositories lead to better sex?

Jordan Tishler, a physician in Cambridge and professor at Harvard Medical School who studies cannabis medicine, says cannabis lubes and suppositories probably don’t work fast enough for most people to experience the benefits. “It needs about 40 to 60 minutes to work — which isn’t usually that helpful for sex,” he says. “Who wants to ‘lube up’ and sit there for that time before doing it?” But, he adds, there may be pleasurable benefits of mixing weed and sex.

“There’s good evidence that THC can be helpful [for increasing pleasure during sex], but that evidence is based on systemic use (taken internally), not vaginally or anally,” Tishler says, pointing out that there isn’t any evidence that suggests that CBD works in the same way. He recommends using a flower vaporizer for sexy weed time. “Low doses — 5 to 15 mg — taken systemically provide increased libido, relaxation, and lubrication; more frequent and intense orgasms; and better satisfaction overall,” he says. This is true for people with vaginas and penises, he notes.

What does using a vaginal CBD suppository feel like?

I was, frankly, completely unsurprised that doctors — even cannabis experts — aren’t ready to recommend the barely researched, totally anecdotal claims that vaginal suppositories are the best thing to happen to sex since consent. Still, I’m always down for some sexperimentation, so I tried them anyway.

I wasn’t concerned about the whole “long waiting period to kick in” thing — because, foreplay. Are all y’all really just wham-bamming out there? Tsk tsk. But I digress. Back to putting weed in my pleasure pocket.

First, I tried Foria’s CBD Intimacy Melts, which the brand graciously sent me. I found them slightly awkward to insert — though that’s probably because they had melted on my porch after delivery, and throwing them into the freezer to re-harden them made the texture a little brittle, not an actual design flaw. Pro tip: Don’t leave sex packages on a hot porch in August. Anyway, I shoved the semi-broken bits in my pus and drove to my boo’s place.

Although I didn’t notice a major increase in sensitivity, my vagina did seem a little more responsive to touch. The sex was hot, and I totally came — but only once, and it wasn’t anything particularly extraordinary. Still, I really enjoyed the feeling of the extra internal lube, and after bae did some muff diving, he told me I tasted like chocolate. (Foria’s suppositories contain cocoa butter.) All-in-all, I’m calling that a win.

Next, I tried Hello Again’s CBD + THC suppositories. They’re actually meant to help you sleep, but, I thought, “Why not try them for a little pre-bedtime sex snack?” Again, I inserted the suppository about 30 minutes before foreplay. By the time I was tied up spread eagle on bae’s bed, I definitely felt an increase in sensitivity. In fact, it almost felt like I was experiencing penetration from the inside out, which was fascinating, hot, and also almost a little too much at some moments.

Not only did I feel every stroke, but my orgasms were extra hard — something I’ve been struggling with lately. I didn’t feel high, exactly, but I did feel a little spacey in a fun way. I didn’t love the oily residue left on my toys, but it cleaned up quickly. I stayed awake post-coitus exactly long enough for my partner to tell me my vagina kind of smelled like weed, and then I passed out into a beautiful, blissed out sleep. Another win.

Do CBD suppositories work for other people?

While I am somewhat finicky about what goes into my vagina — I typically limit it to clean toys and the body parts of very hot people — I will definitely use these suppositories again. Yes, I will do this despite the fact that doctors don’t recommend them. Why? Well, frankly, my vagina is pretty sturdy, and I’m a pleasure-seeker. In this hellscape of a world, why not lube up and have fun?

Other people who have tried vaginal CBD suppositories for sex seem to agree with me. “It was definitely hot,” DeJanae Evins, a 30-year-old blogger in Los Angeles, tells me about her experience with Foria’s Intimacy Melts. “I really liked the warming sensation of the suppository melting inside of me. It's a very different experience from applying oil. I'm speaking for my vagina when I say she felt more relaxed and sensitive to touch.”

Kelly Ashlen, a 30-year-old sex writer in California, had a similarly positive experience. “I often have trouble climaxing because I need to be quite relaxed in order to cum. Having a CDB suppository definitely helped with that,” Ashlen says. “The sex was really chill and romantic. My partner was also high after he had a joint, so the first time we experienced it was pretty fun for both of us, as we aren't heavy 'stoners.’ I really noticed that it helped us feel much more connected while in the moment, and could feel more of a bond between us.”

To be fair, almost everyone I talked to about weed suppositories thought they were cool, but that they’d be more likely to just smoke a spliff in service of spontenaeity. In other words, vaginal CBD suppositories are fun, but they’re also kind of a gimmick, and you don’t really need to make the investment if all you want is a little stoned sex.