11 gifts for the fitness fanatic who won’t skip a workout this winter

Let it snow.

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It’s tempting to hide from the cold gloom of winter by burrowing under the covers and self-soothing with cat TikTok.

But natural light and exercise lift our spirits during these short, dark days — meaning that cold weather workout gear could be the perfect gift. Here are 11 items that’ll facilitate a much-needed endorphin boost without the frostbite.

Textured Tech Pant

These pants safeguard against sweat and stank, whether you’re logging mileage on a long-distance run or squeezing in a quick HIIT workout.

Women's Rincon 3

If you’re going to run in the cold, you might as well be comfy. Hoka’s Women Rincon 3 provides cushioning without compromising lightness or breathability.

Fleece-lined Knit Beanie

Simple, soft, and snug but not oppressive, this machine-washable beanie is perfect for joggers who enjoy feeling their ears.

New Balance
Printed Fast Flight Jacket

For a cold- and water-resistant jacket that won’t leave you looking like the Abominable Snowman, throw on this lightweight jacket from New Balance. Its eye-popping, geometric design offers a fresh alternative to classic winter flannel.

Inlet Vest

The golden hue of this warm yet breathable recycled nylon vest will brighten even the grayest of winter days.

Get Strong Set

For those who prefer their cardio sessions with a side of strength training, Crossrope's Get Strong Set of weighted ropes will boost your heart rate and your muscle mass.


Who says wellness wearables need to be clunky? The chic, understated Fitbit Luxe tracks heart rate, oxygen saturation, and other fitness metrics without sacrificing style.

Momentum Thermal Tight

These running tights are snug yet stretchy, for optimal warmth and mobility.

Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Pant

Made with 88% recycled polyester and low-water dyes, these pants are as sustainable as they are soft.

High-Waist Airlift Legging

These leggings flatter your every contour, so that you look as fierce as you feel.

Nike Multiplier Crew Sock (2 pairs)

These sweat-wicking socks keep feet dry and toasty. Throw on the lime green pair for when you crave a pop of color, the gray one for when you’re feeling more low-key.


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