A 'Shark Tank' star wants Jay-Z to add guest judge to his billion-dollar resume


Just a few days after Jay-Z's billionaire status was confirmed by Forbes, he's been offered a new gig. Barbara Corcoran, of ABC's hit reality series Shark Tank, told TMZ on June 5 that she would be more than happy to feature the mogul in a guest spot on the show.

“He deserves it, come on. He’s self-promoted, he works his ass off, why shouldn’t he be a billionaire?” Corcoran said to TMZ. “I bet he would be a guest shark, why not? I’ll make sure he gets invited.”

For those not familiar with the long-running series, the premise of Shark Tank is that wealthy, successful business people (referred to as sharks) sit in a room (the shark tank) while entrepreneurs pitch them business ventures that they hope the sharks will want to invest in. Sometimes the ideas are excellent, sometimes they're inane, but the contestants always get solid advice from the panel, at the very least.

Corcoran, who made her fortune in real estate, serves as the third shark on the show alongside Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. And while she didn't give TMZ any specifics on her potential invite to Jay-Z to join the program, it's not too hard to picture him sitting next to the trio in the role of a guest shark. After all, the rapper's investments in art, liquor, technology and more have made him a fortune over his decades-long career, as Forbes reported. There's his $70 million investment in Uber; his profit from owning the streaming service Tidal; his $70 million art collection; his profit from his music company Roc Nation; and his $50 million in real estate.

And that's not including the wealth of Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce; her personal fortune is valued at more than $350 million, making the couple's combined net worth... a whole lot.

Jay-Z is only the fifth black person to become a billionaire in the United States, joining Robert F. Smith, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and David Steward. After the news of Jay-Z's ranking was reported in early June, everyone from Wendy Williams to 50 Cent offered their congratulations. Rapper Meek Mill called the Brooklyn-born mogul an inspiration, writing on Instagram, "Keep leading the way oldhead and we following up," Meek wrote.

Diddy — who is currently hip-hop's second richest figure behind Jay-Z, with an estimated net worth of $825 million — also congratulated him in an Instagram post. "So proud of my brother," Diddy wrote.

If Jay-Z does indeed join Shark Tank as a guest shark, perhaps he could provide the contestants with some of the sage wisdom he's surely accumulated over his years as an entrepreneur and business mogul. Even before he made it into the world's most elite tier of wealth, he was making plenty of smart business deals and innovating ideas that earned him both money and respect. By accepting Corcoran's invitation to be on the show, Jay-Z would be providing not just the show's contestants, but viewers at home, with a rare opportunity to learn some of his clearly-successful financial strategies.