The 65 best gifts under $35 on Amazon if you want to make a big impact for cheap

Small spend, huge payoff.

ByClaire Epting
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In a perfect world, friends and family would just tell us what they want for Christmas. But, of course, that’s not always the case. What if I told you that you could find clever, wallet-friendly gifts for everyone on your list, without even having to leave the house? It’s not too good to be true — let me show you the way.

If you want your present to make a big impact, pick something tailored to their passion or hobby. Know someone with a green thumb? They’ll love this bonsai tree-growing kit complete with seed packets, pots, and peat pellets. For the craft beer fan, I’ve included a set of insulated pint glasses that keep beverages chilled for hours. Below, you’ll find so many genius gift ideas that the people in your life are bound to love — and they won’t even put a dent in your wallet.


A carbonated clay face mask that bubbles up on your face

I’ll bet your friends and family have never tried a carbonated face mask before. Combining activated charcoal, white kaolin clay, and carbon dioxide, the bubbling face mask is like a reset for your skin. A great gift for the spa lover, the foamy formula deeply penetrates pores, drawing out dirt and impurities while you relax. It may sound bizarre, but according to hundreds of positive reviews, it actually works.


These clothing organizer cubes for the heavy packer

There’s no shame in bringing half your closet with you on a weeklong getaway — and these packing cubes that compress clothing offer a solution for the person who’s always running out of room in their suitcase. Each clothing organizer is made of hard-wearing nylon with a sturdy zipper closure. Thanks to the sheer mesh windows on top, you can easily see what you’ve packed inside.

  • Available colors: 10


The 3-tier jewelry organizer that’s minimalist & elegant

Those who lean towards minimalism in their decor choices will love this hanging jewelry organizer. With three tiers for holding necklaces, bracelets, and hoop earrings — as well as a catchall tray for rings and studs — the metal piece blends effortlessly into any bedroom. With an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars on Amazon, it’s clear this organizer is a hit among reviewers.

  • Available colors: 2


A portable hammock with high reviewer ratings

Lightweight and portable, this hammock from Wise Owl makes any campground instantly better (and comfier) — plus it’s earned a 4.8-star overall rating after 45,000 reviews. Available in two sizes and over a dozen colors, the rip-resistant nylon hammock is easy to set up wherever you happen to be, whether that’s the mountains, the beach, or your own backyard. It folds down to the size of an eggplant, so you can conveniently pack it away when not in use.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 15


This trio of moisturizing lip balms made with all-natural ingredients

Featuring a blend of hydrating jojoba, olive, and almond oils, these lip balms from Ancient Greek Remedy rely on tried-and-true ingredients straight from nature. You get three pucker-worthy flavors in a pack — red mandarin, sweet orange, and Italian lemon. “The glosses are so nurturing and make my lips feel velvety and smooth,” wrote one happy reviewer.


The nifty battery organizer you never knew you needed

While a battery organizer may not be on your radar when it comes to gift shopping, it really is a useful and pragmatic present that any household could benefit from. With slots for 93 batteries of various sizes, the transparent case works wonders in tidying up a cluttered drawer. There’s even a convenient battery tester, so you can toss any that don’t work anymore.

  • Available colors: 7


A sophisticated bamboo serving board with a built-in drawer

Frequent entertainers will love this bamboo charcuterie board, as it’s both sophisticated and functional. Deep grooves around the border provide the perfect spot for crackers and nuts, while the center serves up sliced cheese, meats, and fruits. Not to mention, an ingenious built-in storage drawer conceals a set of stainless steel serving tools.


The grooming kit for folks with majestic beards

Complete with Tame The Wild’s signature orange-walnut beard soap, moisturizing beeswax balm, a sandalwood comb, and more, this grooming kit makes the perfect gift for anyone who rocks facial hair. All the goodies come packed inside a neat travel case, so your recipient can tend to their beard while on the go. “I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. Makes your beard softer, and easier to groom,” wrote one happy reviewer.


A lumbar-supportive pillow made of soft memory foam

There are so many ways to use this memory foam cushion, whether you attach it to a car seat, a desk chair, or a wheelchair. Its ergonomic design supports the lumbar region of your spine, relieving pressure and encouraging good posture. The adjustable elastic straps are compatible with most chairs, and the mesh cover is machine-washable for easy upkeep.

  • Available colors: 4


This engaging game that will keep your group entertained for hours

Forget dusting off your old Yahtzee cup; add some life to your next get-together with Beat That! , which just might become your new favorite party game. Equipped with 160 challenge cards, the lively competition game will keep your group of family or friends entertained for hours on end. The family-friendly rules are designed for folks of all ages, so everyone can get in on the fun.


A trio of brightly colored makeup bags for the frequent traveler

Makeup lovers know how important it is to keep a cosmetics collection organized and in one place — and that’s especially true while traveling. These waterproof makeup bags don’t just look great, they also keep your makeup tidy and safe from accidental splashes. Choose from a variety of eye-catching hues, from bright blue to mustard yellow to baby pink.

  • Available multipacks: 6


These flexible grill lights for greater visibility at night

While these LED grill lights certainly work perfectly for their intended purpose — illuminating your grill at night — they also prove incredibly useful while camping, working on car repairs, or reading. Battery-operated, each one has a flexible gooseneck that allows you to tilt the light at any angle, as well as a magnet for attaching the light to any metal surface.


An electric crepe griddle that’s quick & easy to use

While cooking crepes may sound intimidating at first, this griddle from ChefMan makes the process as simple as can be, thanks to the nonstick surface and wooden scraper and spatula. Also great for hash browns, omelets, pancakes, and blintzes, the griddle quickly preheats to your desired temperature — so you can cut down the time of your daily breakfast routine.


The cuff bracelet engraved with one of over 100 inspiring mantras

Available in over 100 designs, this cuff bracelet makes for a super thoughtful, personalized gift. Pick from inspiring mantras such as “perseverance” and “stay strong,” as well as specific phrases for moms, sisters, cousins, and more. Plus, the cuff is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

  • Available styles: 100+


A popcorn maker that’s so much better than the stuff in a bag

Once your recipient tries out this silicone popcorn maker, they may never go back to using the microwaveable bags again. Why would they? The Hotpop bowl puffs up to 15 cups of popped corn at once, without the need for any butter or oil. Plus, when not in use, the bowl collapses down to a compactsize that hardly takes up any space in your cupboard.

  • Available colors: 19


This interactive world map that tracks where you’ve traveled

A great gift for the globe-trotter in your life, this interactive world map allows you to scratch off the places you’ve visited — promptly turning them from beige into a vibrant hue. You also get a scratch-off map of the United States, which is great for those who have embarked on cross-country road trips.


The island-themed ring toss game that’s fun for all ages

The island-inspired Tiki Toss game adds an element of fun to any patio, dorm room, or garage. Complete with all the installation hardware you need, the ring toss is easy to set up and even easier to learn how to play. Kids, teens, and adults can join in the game, making it an awesome family gift.


A white noise machine that helps you relax & sleep

Know someone with noisy neighbors or roommates? This white noise machine can provide some much-needed relaxation. Equipped with 18 soothing sounds including rainfall, birds chirping, and ocean waves, the compact unit creates a serene soundscape that can help you unwind and fall asleep. The battery-powered device even has a timer function, so it automatically shuts off when you want it to.


The ice trays that make oversized cubes for cocktails

Gift the cocktail or whiskey connoisseur in your life these ice trays — the extra large cubes melt less quickly, so drinks won’t get diluted. You get two trays in this set: one square-shaped, and one spherical. Made out of flexible silicone, the trays allow you to easily remove your perfectly shaped pieces of ice.


An exfoliating sugar scrub for ultra-soft lips

Blended with skin-softening kukui nut oil and shea butter, this Hawaiian sugar scrub is the key to ultra-soft lips. The vitamin-rich, vegan formula doesn’t just exfoliate — it also locks in moisture, resulting in a smooth, hydrated pout. Using this scrub is basically like sending your lips on a tropical vacation.


The mini rice cooker for compact kitchens

This mini rice cooker makes such a difference for those who live in tight quarters, whether it’s a dorm, RV, or studio apartment. With a 2-cup capacity, the cooker is perfect for making individual meals including steamed rice, soup, and veggies. You also get a mixing paddle and measuring cup to ensure that each meal turns out just right.

  • Available colors: 8


These plant watering stakes shaped like adorable little mushrooms

Besides being ridiculously adorable, these mushroom-shaped watering stakes keep your houseplants hydrated for up to five days — just fill them with water and press them into the soil. Perfect for those with busy schedules, the stakes ensure that potted plants stay perky while their owners are away. Each terra cotta stake comes painted in a rich shade of yellow, maroon, or white.


A warm knit beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones

This cozy knit beanie doesn’t just keep your ears warm — it also allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while taking a stroll in the cold. Simply pair the beanie with any Bluetooth-compatible device, then use the buttons on the side to control the volume. It’s hard to believe this cool gadget-slash-winter accessory comes at such a wallet-friendly price.

  • Available styles: 6


This pizza stone that turns out a perfectly crisp crust

Got an aspiring pizza maker on your list? This pizza stone is a kitchen essential that helps you achieve a perfectly crisp bottom crust — and the nonstick glaze means it’s easy to remove the pie when it’s time for eating. The pan is cast from black cordierite with a heat-resistant coating that keeps it from smoking in hot ovens. Use it for baking bread and calzones too.


The wooden alarm clock with a built-in wireless charger

Despite its nature-inspired wood-grain appearance, this digital alarm clock is actually quite high-tech. Besides its adjustable LCD display and alarm setting, the clock also has a built-in wireless charger for your smartphone. It even shows the temperature and humidity level. “This is the best alarm clock we've ever owned, will buy a few more because it's like the perfect, practical gift for anybody!” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 3


A set of knife-sharpening stones for any home chef

Sharpening your own kitchen knives at home doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. This sharpening stone kit is straightforward enough for a beginner to use, and it provides excellent results. You get two stones — one for rough grinding and one for smooth polishing. Both can rest in the sleek bamboo holder when not in use.


These fuzzy chenille hand towels with a unique ball shape

These ball-shaped fuzzy towels add a touch of whimsy to your bathroom, but that’s not all — you’ll also find that they’re easier to use than traditional hand towels. Made of ultra-absorbent microfiber, the hanging towels soak up the moisture from your hands and quickly air dry in between uses. And don’t worry, they’re also machine-washable.


A delicate gold-plated necklace with a birthstone

Plated in 14-karat gold, this delicate bar necklace is a lovely, impressive gift that just feels special. Even better, the jewelry features a bright, glittering crystal that correlates with your special someone’s birth month. The understated design means it goes with just about anything — which only adds to the thoughtfulness of this gift.

  • Available styles: 12


This set of acrylic paints for the aspiring artist

With this set of 24 acrylic paints, any aspiring or experienced artist can set their canvas ablaze with the vibrant hues of the rainbow. A set of three brushes makes it easy to get started — all you need is a surface to paint on. The water-based paints are non-toxic, fast-drying, and easy to blend, so you can get the exact shade you’re after.


The tiny ballpoint pen that fits on your key chain

A fun and surprisingly useful stocking stuffer, this mini ballpoint pen is ready to hook on any key chain. Now, no matter where you go, you’ll always have a pen at the ready. The 4.5-inch pen retracts to just 2 inches in length, making it easy to fit in your pocket. You also get three refills to use once the pen runs out of ink.


A vitamin C face scrub that brightens & exfoliates the skin

Infused with refreshing, skin-brightening vitamin C, this face scrub from Elizabeth Mott works to exfoliate the skin, clarify pores, and boost your natural radiance. Perfect for the self-care aficionado, it’s specifically formulated to suit all skin types — yes, even sensitive and acne-prone skin — so it’s a great fit for just about anyone.


The copper mug set for next-level Moscow mules

Let’s face it: Moscow mules just taste better when they’re served in proper copper mugs, and you can gift the adult beverage-loving person in your life with this set of four. The hand-crafted mugs come with matching copper straws and a jigger, so you’re just one step closer to enjoying that festive blend of ginger beer, lime, and vodka.


A set of cozy fleece pajamas in 30+ prints

Available in a variety of festive plaid, snowflake, and polka-dotted prints, this highly rated fleece pajama set will have you feeling cozy when the temperatures start to drop. The roomy pants feature a drawstring closure and two front pockets, while the button-down shirt has a notched collar and subtle satin trim. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in these with a mug of cocoa in hand?

  • Available sizes: Small — 4X-Large
  • Available colors and patterns: 34


This freestanding wine rack with an accordion design

For the wine collector in your life, this wooden rack makes a stunning gift. The freestanding piece holds up to 10 bottles of wine at once, while adding a natural vibe to any dining room or kitchen. Several customers report that the rack is easy to assemble, and it doesn’t take up too much room on a counter or sideboard.


A wooden storage box for the tea connoisseur

Made of sleek bamboo wood, this tea box looks lovely on any countertop — and it’s a great gift for the Earl Grey or chamomile drinker in your life. It has 10 individual compartments for organizing a variety of tea bags, as well as any sugar or honey packets lying around. The transparent lid makes it easy to view your tea collection without even opening the box.


This hand-poured candle with a warm, woodsy scent

Candles don’t have to smell like sugary treats or sweet fruits — Craft & Kin specializes in understated, elegant scents that make wonderful presents. This one has a rustic, woodsy fragrance, but there are plenty others to choose from — English leather, violet velvet, and white sage are just three of the enticing scents available.

  • Available scents: 8


The bonsai tree kit for your friend with a green thumb

This growing kit has everything you need to tend to three varieties of bonsai trees — everything from seed packets to pots to peat pellets. With a little bit of patience, your plant-loving friend can enjoy their own mini forest in their room or on their patio. The set also includes a guide with clear instructions for sowing to help you get started.


A pair of rubber-soled moccasin slippers you can wear outdoors

While many slippers aren’t fit for outdoor use, these moccasins from Hanes are, thanks to their hard-wearing rubber outsoles. They’re still totally comfy, though, thanks to the thick memory foam insoles that cushion every step. Another great perk? The slippers are machine-washable, so they’re easy to freshen up after a walk to get the morning paper.

  • Available colors: 15


The tea infuser that doubles as a travel mug

For those with busy morning routines, there may not be enough time to brew a cup of tea for the road — that’s where this loose leaf tea infuser bottle comes in. Made of insulated stainless steel, the bottle keeps your drink piping hot for hours on end. Simply place the tea leaves inside the mesh infuser and close the lid. When the tea is finished steeping, just remove the infuser to enjoy.

  • Available colors: 4


These petal-infused bath salts with a light floral scent

Kick any bath up a notch by using these petal-infused bath salts. You get two varieties in a pack — rose and lavender — for gifting together or separately. As you soak, the salt crystals exfoliate your skin while the lightly floral scent sends you into a relaxing state. Each one comes in a pretty glass bottle that adds an elegant touch to any bathroom.


The breakfast griddle that cooks up fluffy omelets in minutes

Breakfast fanatics will love this nonstick griddle — it whips up not one, but two fluffy omelets in just a few minutes. Also incredibly useful for making frittatas, pizza pockets, and apple turnovers, the stainless steel unit makes cooking stress-free and even fun. Measuring just 10 inches by 8 inches, it also won’t take up too much room in your kitchen.

  • Available colors: 7


A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with 100,000 5-star ratings

Whether you’re at home or out and about, this portable Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to access your favorite tunes. Measuring just 5.25 inches long, it’s easy to pack in your bag, and has a 100-foot range. And since it’s water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about accidental splashes if you use it by the pool or on the lake.

  • Available colors: 8


This YETI mug that’s insulated and break-resistant

Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors, on your daily commute, or sitting in the stands of a football game, you don’t want to worry about your mug breaking — or your coffee getting cold. Boasting a 4.8-star overall rating after 21,000 review, the cult-favorite YETI Rambler mug has insulated stainless steel walls that are fully shatterproof, so you can enjoy your hot beverage anywhere. Plus, YETI’s signature magnetic lid ensures no liquid will spill out, even if you drop your mug.

  • Available colors: 24


A mini shoulder bag that’s totally ‘90s-inspired

The trends of the ‘90s are back, including this faux alligator leather shoulder bag. With just enough room for your phone, wallet, and keys, the purse adds a chic, retro-inspired touch to any outfit. It comes with both a faux leather strap and a long metal shoulder chain, giving you multiple ways to carry it.

  • Available colors: 14


The kitchen tool for making gourmet pasta at home

Made from sleek stainless steel, pasta maker helps anyone make gourmet noodles at home, from beginners to seasoned chefs. With seven different thickness options, you can create anything from spaghetti to linguine. With a little bit of practice, your recipient will be whipping up their own homemade pasta in no time — expect lots of yummy meals in return.


These insulated beer glasses that keep your drink ice cold

Your favorite beer drinker will appreciate these beer glasses that keep any pint ice cold. They’re constructed from double-layered walls and filled with a cooling gel — just keep them in the freezer, then take them out when you’re ready to crack open a bottle of suds. They’re also break-resistant and designed with silicone grips that won’t get cold or slippery.

  • Available colors: 6


A satin pillowcase that feels so luxe

Give the gift of a luxurious night of sleep with this satin pillowcase. Besides staying cool to the touch, satin has a wealth of beauty benefits — it’s much gentler on your skin and hair than a cotton, so you wake up with less hair breakage and fewer pillow creases. Available in multiple sizes and colors, there’s a pillowcase to go with any bedding setup

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king
  • Avaialble colors: 20


This shiatsu massager with slings for your arms

Give the gift of muscle relaxation in the form of this shiatsu back and neck massager. Along with a heating function that warms up tight muscles, it has eight bidirectional nodes that work out knots and tension. You can adjust the intensity, and the arm slings make it easy to keep the whole thing in place.


A water bottle that reminds you to hydrate throughout the day

Here’s a water bottle that also acts as a gentle reminder to stay hydrated, thanks to the time markings written on the side. The goal is to drink water until the fill line reaches the time of day, ensuring you’re properly hydrating from the morning to evening. Other fun features you’ll find in this bottle? A detachable carrying strap, a built-in fruit infuser, and an anti-condensation neoprene sleeve.

  • Available colors: 16


These record-shaped coasters that are delightfully retro

Your favorite vinyl aficionado will get a kick out of this retro-inspired set of record-shaped drink coasters. Each one features a different charming, detailed design, complete with a song title. The vinyl coasters even come with a record player-shaped holder — how groovy is that?


An eclectic assortment of colorful hair clips

Featuring a dazzling array of designs, this multipack of colorful clips make a cute gift idea for anyone who likes to experiment with their hair. Resin, pearls, and metal all come together in this set, providing your recipient with endless ways to embellish their ponytails, braids, and half-up ‘dos. “I have a pixie cut and these help make me feel cute and stylish! Sometimes I need my bangs to not hang over my eyes and these help tremendously,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available multipacks: 5


Some moisturizing spa socks infused with lavender & vitamin E

With these lavender- and vitamin E-infused socks, anyone can take their feet on a trip to the spa — without even leaving their house. Made of soft, stretchy yarn, the low-cut socks provide moisturizing relief to dry, cracked soles. You don’t even have to worry about slipping on hard-surface floors since the socks have anti-slip rubber grips on the soles.


A lightly scented mist for your pillows, linens & more

Blended with lavender and chamomile essential oils, this aromatherapeutic spray adds a light scent to your pillows, linens, and clothes — you can even just spritz it in the air. Free of parabens and sulfates, the eco-friendly formula helps create a relaxing environment in your home. “I am in love! As someone who hates strong smells, this is truly the perfect amount of fragrance. And it’s 100% natural!” raved one reviewer.


This wine chiller wand that keeps whites & roses cold for hours

If you have a white wine or rosé drinker on your list, this wine chiller set is guaranteed to be a hit. Just store the chilling wand in the freezer for about an hour, then insert it into the neck of the bottle, and your vino will remain cold and refreshing for up to two hours — no ice bucket necessary. The set also comes with a foil cutter, stopper, and wine aerator/pourer.


The mini waffle maker that every kitchen should have

At such a wallet-friendly price, there’s no reason not to gift this mini waffle maker to someone in your life. It heats up automatically in just a few minutes — just pour in your batter, close the lid, and wait for the waffle to cook. Pro tip: Use a mixture of egg and cheese in place of batter for a crispy, keto-friendly “chaffle.”

  • Available colors and styles: 23


A calming facial mist sourced from French thermal spring water

Those of us with sensitive skin know how important it is to use gentle ingredients on our faces. That’s why this spring water facial mist is a breath of fresh air —the mineral-rich formula soothes and softens skin without any irritating fragrances. The water is sourced from Avène, France, which is famous for its thermal spring that restores skin balance. All you need is a couple of spritzes to feel the cooling effects.


This variety pack of sheet masks infused with nourishing botanicals

This set of sheet masks includes 12 different varieties that are formulated to brighten, calm, and moisturize your skin. Drawing on the powerful properties of natural botanical ingredients such as avocado, açai berries, and aloe vera, each mask delivers nourishing benefits to your face. Gift them all to one lucky person, or split them up as stocking stuffers for your family or friends.


The incredibly useful pocket tool that’s shaped like a key

Warning: Whoever uses this key-shaped pocket tool may or may not end up feeling like a spy. The ingeniously designed multitool has 16 different uses, peforming as a ruler, bottle opener, wrench, bike spoke key, and more. Lightweight yet durable, this tool fits conveniently on a key chain for easy access.


A high-end hand cream that comes in 5 elegant scents

Perhaps the hardest part of gifting this skin-nourishing hand cream is deciding which invigorating scent to pick. From vanilla and orange peel to cactus flower and cedarwood, Grown Alchemist specializes in complex, sophisticated aromas that are sure to impress. A little goes a long way, so this bottle will (luckily) last a while.


This set of matching cooking utensils made of heat-resistant silicone

This set of matching silicone cooking utensils is a great way to pull together a kitchen. The heat-resistant spatulas and spoons are fitted with acacia wood handles, giving them a clean, natural look. And, since the set is available in six different shades, you can even pick a hue that complements your recipient’s kitchen decor.

  • Available colors: 6


An adjustable phone stand that’s like having an extra set of hands

Whether you’re having a video chat, watching TV, or reading a recipe, this adjustable phone stand keeps your phone mounted at the optimal angle. For multitaskers, it’s the next best thing to having a second pair of hands. The dock is compatible with all devices ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches, and includes slot at the bottom for a charging cable.

  • Available colors: 10


This cute quilted pouch for your nail polish collection

With slots for up to 10 bottles of nail polish, this organizing case is so useful for lovers of DIY manicures. There are two zippered pouches — one on the inside, and one on the outside — to hold nail files, clippers, glitter, and more. Not to mention, the quilted case is fully padded, so your belongings will stay safely cushioned while traveling.

  • Available colors: 3


The farmhouse-chic butter dish with a wooden lid

Made of powder-coated stainless steel, this butter dish is both durable and farmhouse-chic. It comes with a sturdy wooden lid that keeps its contents covered, whether you place it in the fridge or on the countertop. Not to mention, the butter dish is labeled appropriately in a pretty script, so guests will easily be able to identify it as soon as they see it.


A USB-powered fan that’s also a functioning clock

Any fan of tech-y gadgets can appreciate this small LED light fan that also serves as a clock. The USB-powered device has a flexible metal neck that allows you to position it however you like. As the blades spin, the lights create a clock face with moving hands. Besides its obvious novelty factor, this clock is surprisingly functional — and delivers a cool breeze.


This tortilla-shaped throw blanket that’s just so frickin’ cute

For anyone with a good sense of humor, this tortilla throw blanket comes in clutch. Made of soft and cozy flannel, the blanket can be used to turn anyone into a giant burrito while staying nice and warm. Not a fan of Mexican food? There are waffle and pizza designs available, as well.

  • Available styles: 9