50 weird things for your home on Amazon that are legitimately brilliant

You’ll wish you’d thought of these things sooner.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
Originally Published: 
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If a citrus squeeze that folds flat, a cleaning paste that belongs in Barbie’s color palette, or a can opener that removes lids (no fingers required) seem strange but intriguing — you’re in the right place. Read on to feast your eyes on weird things for your home on Amazon that are legitimately brilliant, including a way to keep your cilantro fresh for over two weeks and a magnetic screen door that keeps breezes flowing but bugs safely outside. Bizarre, perhaps, but genius? Definitely.


This toilet bowl cleaning gel that keeps odors & stains at bay

Keep your toilet consistently clean and smelling fresh with the help of this ingenious toilet bowl cleaning gel. The gel comes in a tube that creates a charming flower stamp that adheres directly to the inside of the bowl and maintains freshness with every flush for up to 14 days. Every pack comes with 32 septic tank-safe stamps in a refreshing wildflower and peach scent.


These produce savers in the shape of a bright blue apple

These produce savers may look a bit strange as they come in the form of a bright blue apple (and what varietal is this? you might ask), but the ethylene absorber packet contained inside truly works wonders. Each packet lasts for up to three months and, through the vents in the top of the apple, absorbs the ethylene gas that makes your produce ripen and spoil prematurely. Keep reusing the blue apples again and again to stretch the life of those valuable fruits and veggies.


The innovative citrus juicer that requires way less effort

If you thought there couldn’t possibly be an improvement on the traditional handheld citrus juicer — think again. This completely brilliant citrus juicer turns things on its head, or side to be precise, by having you squeeze your citrus inwards as opposed to vertically, with less muscle needed to get the job done. A built-in strainer catches the seeds and the whole thing ingeniously folds flat to fit easily in your kitchen drawer.


A next-level can opener with a built-in lid lifter

Let fingers and hands remain completely safe when cracking open a can of coconut milk or cat food when you use this innovative can opener. It locks onto the top with no clamping required and cuts through metal without leaving a dangerously sharp edge behind. Integrated mini pincers allow you to remove the lid easily and a ring puller deals with tabs effectively with no need for awkward or painful use of your fingers.


This coffee machine descaler that returns the flavor to your morning brew

Able to be used with all manner of machines and brands from Keurig to Cuisinart and from single-use to espresso machines, this descaler will remove all that mineral buildup that might be messing with your usually flavorful cup. Two bottles come in every pack and work to gently break down hard water or mineral deposits, ensuring that your machine keeps producing great-tasting coffee for years to come.


These mosquito-repellent sticks that are made with plant-based ingredients

For an easy way to help keep bugs away, turn to these mosquito-repellent sticks that are made with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oil. They work for up to three hours and function best when four or five are placed as a perimeter around your dining or lounging area. Each pack comes with 12 sticks for blissfully bug-free evenings.


A sofa side table that turns your couch arm into an eating & drinking surface

No room for a side table? No problem. This brilliant sofa side table clips onto your couch’s armrest and transforms it into a surface for placing food and drink. Made of bamboo and available in an assortment of finishes such as natural, blue, or gray, there’s even a 360-degree rotating stand for your phone or tablet.


This automatic soap dispenser that’s completely touchless

Keep hands hygienic through every part of the washing process with this automatic soap dispenser that uses motion sensing to release the perfect amount of liquid. Operating with the help of four AA batteries (not included), select from five available levels of output to suit lighter or heavier washing needs. And with the large 17-ounce capacity, you won’t need to refill until after 1,400 hand washes.


This under-cabinet hook with 360-degree rotation

Take advantage of previously wasted space with this under-cabinet hook that can rotate 360 degrees for easy retrieval. Six hooks allow you to hang anything from kitchen utensils to cleaning tools to beauty supplies with strong self-adhesive providing a secure mount that won’t damage surfaces. Able to hold up to about 4 pounds, you’ll be amazed at what a game-changer this little hook can be.


An ice stick mold that creates cubes designed for water bottles

This ice stick tray may be something you’ve never considered before, but there’s no denying it ingeniously solves the problem of quickly getting bottled water cold. The BPA-free mold creates 10 ice sticks that work with any standard narrow bottle mouth. And you’ll soon be overjoyed at the amount of precious time it saves if you usually like to freeze water bottles overnight.


A pack of touch-up pens that’ll keep paint fresh for years

These paint touch-up pens are great to have on hand to quickly fix scuffs and scratches in your walls or furniture. Simply fill them with the paint of your choosing, which will stay fresh inside the pen for years. Each of the pens boasts brush tips for easy applications, and the set even comes with a little syringe for mess-free filling.


This handy groove-cleaning tool for hard-to-clean spaces

Great for cleaning shower door tracks, window ledges, and other hard-to-reach places, this gap-cleaning tool is a must-have for detailed housekeeping sessions. It boasts a dual-sided design with a brush on one end and a scraping tool on the other and has a contoured handle that’s easy to hold at all angles. And at just $6, it’s a bargain.


A grooved sponge that captures dust from nooks & crannies

Dusting your baseboards, blinds, and vents can prove challenging at times, but this dusting sponge helps make it a little easier thanks to a grooved design that gets into all the nooks and crannies. The sponge traps dirt and dust without spreading it around, and it doesn’t require any cleaning products to use. Simply wet it with water and go to town.


A set of coasters that store creatively in a cactus shape

There is something oddly pleasing about these coasters that, when stored, look like an abstract version of a sun-soaked desert cactus. Every set comes with six coasters as well as a flower pot holder. Slits in the sides of the coasters, which are made of EVA foam, allow them to be placed on top of each other in an interlocking fashion and create different-shaped cacti based on how many are in use underneath beverages.


A pack of activated charcoal bags that naturally & effectively absorb smells

Pop these activated charcoal bags in cars, shoes, or any place in your home that’s got some suspect smells or excessive moisture. Made of bamboo charcoal, the bags come in six 50-gram and six 150-gram sizes so as to accommodate different areas of the house including that odiferous gym bag. They’ll last up to two years and can even be kept potent by just a couple of hours in the sunshine every month.


A powerful all-purpose cleaning paste with over 162,000 reviews

Don’t be fooled by the bright Barbie pink shade, this clearly popular all-purpose cleaning paste works as a mild abrasive to take care of dirty surfaces in every corner of your house. It can rid your oven of grease stains, polish your toilet, clean kitchen floors to a sparkle, and even banish permanent marker stains from surfaces where they shouldn't be. Apply it using a soft cloth and rinse away with hot water for a renewed and resplendent result.


A compact clip-on strainer with a universal design

Replace your old clunky colander with this clip-on strainer that can attach to nearly any pot or pan. Strong clips on the sides keep it securely attached while straining heavy pasta and potatoes, and the flexible silicone material bends to the shape of your pan. It takes up less than half the cabinet space of a standard strainer and can be put in the dishwasher to clean.


This bacon grease container to preserve that precious cooking fat

It couldn’t be easier to put that liquid gold (i.e. bacon grease) to use than with the help of this bacon grease container. Made of stainless steel, simply pour the leftover grease through the included strainer to remove large food pieces. The spout makes it easy to pour the leftover grease into a pan to cook up your next incredibly flavorful meal.


A sponge holder that’ll actually look stylish on your countertop

This surprisingly stylish sponge holder sports a classy embossed design and clean white finish that you won’t mind having displayed on your kitchen countertop. It’s made of heat-safe ceramic porcelain that cradles your sponge vertically and catches all drips below. Pop it in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.


This automatic drink dispenser for hands-free pouring

Never again hold your breath when pouring from an unwieldy bottle, because, with this automatic drink dispenser, all you have to do is press up against the trigger. The dispenser works with most standard bottle mouths and uses two AA batteries (not included) to work its magic. Great for parties and the day-to-day, the dispenser also allows you to control the flow and prevent any potential messes.


A laundry soap station made at an angle for easy dispensing

Handling huge bottles of laundry detergent can feel like a mess waiting to happen, which is why this laundry soap station is so brilliant. The holder is designed at an angle so that it’s a cinch to dispense your required amount of detergent and there’s even an easy-to-clean drip tray to catch any mess. A strap keeps the bottle in place and rubber feet keep the soap station from shifting.


This broom holder that conveniently mounts to the wall

Save major space in your utility closet or shed when you mount this broom holder to the wall. Hang brooms and mops in the five available spring-loaded slots and store other tools on the included six hooks. It can hold up to 35 pounds and can even be mounted outside as it’s fully weatherproof.


A dryer vent cleaner kit that can access up to 40 feet

On top of simply making your dryer less efficient, built-up lint can be a serious problem (read: dangerous dryer fires). This dryer vent cleaning kit is great because it can reach up to 40 feet within a vent and clean out every last piece of errant lint with its synthetic brush head. There’s even a drill attachment so as to generate tons of speed for a fast and efficient clean.


A relaxing bath pillow made of breathable 3-D mesh

Baths have a lot going for them in the relaxation department but there is nothing that upgrades the experience more than a bath pillow. This one is made with lots of cushioning and is constructed of breathable 3-D air mesh that will keep you comfortable throughout your soak. Hang it via the built-in hook to the back of your door to thoroughly dry in between home spa days.


This grill cleaning kit that’s bristle-free

There’ll be no chance of bristles getting left on your grates when you opt for this clever grill cleaning kit made purely of sturdy stainless steel. The kit includes a long handle for maximum leverage attached to a grill scraper that can accommodate both round and V-shaped grates. Hang it by the included chain on your barbecue to always have it ready for a pre or post-grill cleaning.


A pancake batter dispenser for restaurant-worthy flapjacks

Wow friends and family with perfect-looking breakfast delights using this pancake batter dispenser. It can hold up to 4 cups of batter and simply requires a squeeze of the trigger to dispense that batter onto your surface of choice with no leaks or drips. Use it additionally to make cupcakes, crepes, waffles, and even chunky muffins.


The stovetop shelf that keeps spices & oils easy to reach

Those with a flat stove will be thankful to learn of this stovetop shelf that allows you to store crucial seasonings and oils right within easy reach. Three screws are included for a secure installation with silicone pads on the bottom for extra grip. A raised bar at the front keeps items from toppling over and the rustproof stainless steel is a cinch to keep clean.


An extendable microfiber duster to clean hard-to-reach places

With a handle that can extend between 27 and 47 inches long, this fan duster makes easy work of an otherwise tedious task. It has a hollow, O-shaped dusting head that cleans all sides of your fan blades at once and can even be used to clean cobwebs and dust from ceiling corners and other hard-to-reach places. Plus, the dusting head is removable and washable.


This super slim outlet cover with an attached power strip

Clean up the look of your office or living room with this outlet cover that’ll help keep cables out of sight. It boasts a long, 8-foot cable with a three-outlet power strip on the end that can be hidden under couches or behind bookshelves to keep cords out of sight. Use it in your office, living room, or bedroom to create a clean look.


This special outlet cover plate with a built-in guide light

This outlet cover plate may not warrant a second glance but when the light of day fades, it stands out by automatically providing a soft guide light. It installs easily and requires no batteries or wiring to function. Available in several styles and colors, it’s extremely energy efficient and can even double as a soothing night-light.


A battery organizer that includes its own tester

Though extremely satisfying, it’s no good having all your batteries neatly organized if half of them are dead. With this helpful battery organizer, you can achieve the best of both worlds: a way to tidily store up to 93 batteries of different types and an included tester to make sure they all work. Choose from six available colors like black, light green, or blue, and store the organizer in your cabinet or easily mount it to the wall.


The microfiber duster that accesses narrow spaces

There’s a reason the space underneath your fridge, stove, or sofa rarely gets cleaned — it’s impossible to access. Enter this cleverly designed microfiber duster that features a slim, flat, and bendable panel to get in those narrow spaces underneath furniture and behind large appliances. The accompanying aluminum pole is extendable up to 55 inches and gives you the opportunity to reach those high shelves or bookcases as well.


A set of refrigerator organizer bins for neatly storing cans

With over 9,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these refrigerator organizer bins are obviously well-loved for their ability to keep your fridge shelves supremely tidy. Made of BPA-free clear plastic, there are four bins that come in each set which are designed to hold up to nine 12-ounce cans. Use them additionally to store other beverages, condiments, or canned food.


This pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner that tackles limescale & stains

If you have stubborn hard water stains or limescale deposits in your toilet bowl, this pumice stone cleaner may be the trick. The gritty, textured stone helps remove tough stains and buildup yet is gentle enough to be used on porcelain and tile without leaving scratch marks behind. It’s completely chemical and odor-free and even comes with a case for drying and storage.


A set of storage bags that can slide easily under your bed

Clear up some closet space with these storage bags that are designed to stash extra clothes, blankets, and pillows easily under your bed. Each one measures just 6 inches high to fit under a variety of bed frames, has a clear top to see what’s inside, and is made out of a durable material that won’t let dust or bugs inside.


This kitchen wrap organizer that eliminates bulky boxes from your drawers

This ingenious kitchen wrap organizer will give you a subtle satisfaction that truly adds up mainly because it solves the problem of ripped and torn paper boxes cluttering up your drawers. It’s constructed of chic bamboo and comes in options that include two, three, or four slots. Use the premade labels to denote what’s stored where with the built-in cutter creating a clean cut every time.


A turtle garden figurine that lights up at night

Add a bit of magic to evenings spent outdoors when you place this turtle figurine in your garden. It features a solar panel that charges during the day to then illuminate the colorful succulent decorations on the turtle’s back throughout the night. And the figurine is completely waterproof so you can leave it outside no matter the weather. Other styles are also available in the listing, such as a rabbit or a gnome.


This roll-up dish drying rack that takes up barely any space

This roll-up dish drying rack has over 32,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating due to its ingenious space-saving design. Made with stainless steel slats attached to nonslip silicone feet, the rack rolls directly over your sink to provide you with a breezy place to dry items while taking up no countertop space. Alternatively, use it to air dry produce or as a trivet for hot dishes and roll it up to store away within a small footprint.


An herb keeper that greatly extends the life of pricey produce

There’s nothing worse than investing in bunches of pricey herbs only to use them for one dish before they all spoil. This ingenious herb keeper extends the life of that produce to up to three weeks and works by filling the glass container with the appropriate amount of water and placing the herbs in the inner plastic cup. Lift up the herbs via the top handle to use and change out the water every two to three days to keep things fresh.


The popular pet hair remover with over 109,000 5-star reviews

Clearly popular with a boatload of five-star reviews, this pet hair remover is completely reusable again and again as it requires no adhesive paper refills or battery replacements. It picks up pet hair from every upholstered surface simply through static electricity generated by you rolling it back and forth. Empty the collected hair from the built-in receptacle directly into the trash and have a seat on your newly de-haired sofa.


A pack of eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets that dissolve in water

There is so much to say about these inventive and innovative laundry detergent sheets. They’re formulated without harsh chemicals making them both safe for sensitive skin and environmentally friendly, they take up barely any storage space next to the usual massive plastic jugs, and, most importantly, their potent formula effectively cleans clothing by simply dissolving in the water from your washing machine. Consider traditional laundry detergents done and dusted.


This grout pen that quickly refreshes bathroom tiles

Put a pin in costly bathroom reno jobs and opt instead for this grout pen that will shock you with how much fresher your bathroom will feel. Its formula is nontoxic and water-based with the pen coming in both a narrow and wide tip option. Prime the pen by depressing the tip to saturate and simply draw over the old grout for a rejuvenated look.


A pack of tablets that keep your washing machine smelling fresh

If your latest wash has emerged from the machine smelling slightly suspect, it might be the state of your washing machine at fault. These washing machine tablets come to the rescue by thoroughly cleaning all parts of your machine to remove built-up residue and odorous grime. The pack includes six tablets that work with top and front-loading washers from all major brands, and it’s backed by over 200,000 five-star ratings.


This magnetic screen door that allows for breezy, bug-free afternoons

When the weather’s nice, keep graceful breezes blowing through your home without mosquitoes or flies taking up residence with the help of this magnetic screen door. It installs easily using the included hardware, with strong magnets lining the middle seam to let people and pets through easily but returning to a secure seal after they pass through.


A door handle stopper that prevents unsightly dents in your wall

These clever door handle stoppers prevent the annoying problem of flying doors wreaking havoc on your walls. They come in a pack of six in a clear finish and feature a strong self-adhesive to stick to your walls without damaging them. The material is constructed of thermoplastic rubber, providing a shock-absorbing surface for the door handle to land against.


This door draft stopper that helps keep your home temperate

Maintain comfortable temperatures at home with the simple addition of this door draft stopper. Made of thick memory foam which can be cut to size, it’s encased in a sleek polyester cover and is easily slipped under your door to prevent hot or cold drafts as well as dust, noise, or pests. Plus, you’ll feel even better when you see a reduction in your future energy bills.


A USB-rechargeable book light with multiple lighting modes

This little book light is small enough to fit in your pocket yet offers tons of customizability with its three lighting modes and five levels of brightness. It clips onto your book and can be adjusted (including the lamp, which moves separately) to get the light just where you need it. Choose between an amber, breeze, and precise lighting mode and conveniently charge it via USB.


These biodegradable dishcloths that can be used up to 100 times

Reduce the number of paper towels you use with this pack of super-absorbent dishcloths that can be reused over and over again. They’re made of plant-based fibers, so they’re completely biodegradable, and they can be used wet or dry to wash dishes, wipe countertops, and clean windows. Best of all, they can be thrown in the washer to clean as needed.


A roll of weather stripping to keep drafts at bay

After years of use, the weather stripping around your doors and windows can become damaged — potentially allowing light, air, and critters inside. But you can easily replace it yourself with this roll of adhesive-backed weather stripping that’s made of durable rubber material. It can be cut to your desired length and used on everything from doors to car trunks and even coolers.


These cable labels that exactly identify each cord

Trying to unplug that one cable but can't make heads or tails of the rat's nest of cords? Never deal with this problem again thanks to these absolutely genius cable labels that’ll have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Each pack comes with 36 nylon labels in an assortment of colors that can be written on easily and used again and again thanks to a hook and loop closure that won’t leave any gummy residue behind.