You Can Make Your Closets Seem So Much Bigger With These 30 Cheap, Clever Things

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ByKaren Belz
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It’s a problem that everyone suffers through in at least one house or rental apartment — small closets. When you have a small closet, you might need to pick and choose what gets a prime spot, and what gets stored away for the season. But, not all hope is lost — there are plenty of ways to seemingly expand your space, all thanks to Amazon.

Your closet will seem so much bigger after grabbing the things on this list that you can even add a few decorations and a mini humidifier (I included the perfect one on this list). These 30 cheap and clever things will seriously make your closet feel noticeably bigger.

The classic organizers on this list are all gentle on your clothes, like the fabric drawer and shelf organizer that tucks under your hanging clothes. Once you have all of your matching organization, there are even items on this list, like a moveable LED light switch. Why? This light switch illuminates all the hidden storage spots in your closet and makes it easier to see every new top and forgotten pair of jeans. Clever, right?

Plus, there are so many items on this list to replace bulky things like your vacuum. Just scroll down and find two mini vacuum options, including one that's so small it's built for pet hair and tabletops. You can also toss your oversized ironing board because I've found a super-compact steamer.

Once your closet has way more space, pop that mini humidifier on your new clutter-free shelf. Your closet will feel so luxurious you'll want to buy a few more for all of the closets in your home.


These plastic hangers that are actually non-slip

Those regular plastic hangers always claim to be non-slip, but these heavy-duty hangers actually are. They’re complete with rubber accents everywhere your clothes might slip off, like the bar where you hang your jeans. The unique shape also gives you a spot to hang ties and a way to hang up a crew neck without stretching it.


These epoxy-coated fabric shelf separators that won’t fall over

Even if you have some seriously heavy coats and sweaters, these epoxy-coated wire shelf dividers with gentle fabric lining won’t bend or fall over. The super secure attachment stretches to fit your shelf, and one reviewer raved, “Perfect for organizing the closet. Helps divide and hold things up vertically, so it takes up less space!”


A soft but easy to clean spot for your shoes

Shoe storage needs to fit the vibe but also be super durable, and this vertical shelf is the one. It has a metal frame that’s complete with non-woven fabric that’s soft but still cleanable if you have mud on your shoes. This shoe storage is dust-proof and waterproof and comes in gray, light gray, and black.


A hanging organizer that even has drawers

Closet organizers are supposed to make everything look tidier, which is why this hanging organizer has five drawers to hide away messy clothes. You also get a few different drawer sizes, including two with built-in clothing or accessory slots. There are extra-mesh pockets to tuck away even more clutter on the sides.


This jewelry organizer that comes in 15 colors to match your other storage solutions

This hanging jewelry organizer with 80 transparent pockets even comes in pink if you’re going for an all-pink vibe in your closet. There are 14 other neutral colors, and the vertical design means it won’t be bulky in your closet next to your clothes.


A handheld steamer that’s a way less bulky wrinkle solution

This compact steamer with a handle design takes up way less space than most wrinkle solutions — plus, it’ll allow you to toss the ironing board. It has an 8-foot cord, and the water tank is super small for storage — but, it still gives you 10 minutes of steaming time. You can buy it in three colors.


This breathable garment bag with shoe pockets

Pack your outfit the night before — including your shoes — in this breathable mesh garment bag. It’s under $20, folds up to half its size, and has over 1,500 five-star ratings. One reviewer raved, “Kept everything clean and wrinkle-free. Best choice for a garment bag! Very sturdy!”


These hanger add-ons that give you more space

Add these wooden organizers to your favorite clothes hangers, and you’ll save a bunch of closet space. Each one holds up six of your normal hangers. They’re made of sturdy beechwood, so your hangers will stay secure even if you use one for all of your heavy coats.


These breathable closet cubes that are versatile

Unlike clothing organizers with a bunch of tiny slots, this set of storage cubes gives you three slot-free bins. That means they’re more versatile if you want to use them in your desk drawer instead of your dresser. The non-woven fabric also won’t get moldy if you’d rather use them for a bathroom drawer.


A cart you can roll around to reach your clothes

Roll this three-shelf cart out of your closet to make reaching your clothes way easier. It comes in gray or white, has three hooks, and it’s water-resistant with drainage holes if you want to store it in a bathroom closet. Plus, it comes in a super skinny option that’s only 4.9 inches.


This extra-wide seven hook door hanger that’s actually decorative

This over-the-door hanger that actually has decorative detailing (unlike most) is wide enough that you won’t need to buy two for your closet door. It comes in four different styles and black or brown color options. One reviewer raved, “There’s enough hooks to hold lots of little bags, and the design is cute too. This is just perfect for what I needed it for and fairly priced — love it!”


This wooden coat rack that simply stacks together

You simply stack together this wooden coat rack (without any tools), and twist each piece until it’s secure. The height is adjustable and the base is sturdy without looking clunky or taking up too much floor space in your entryway. It also comes with six hooks and four color options, including natural pine.


This set of under cabinet lights that aren’t just for cabinets

These adhesive LED lights are obviously a good design for under your cabinets, but they’re also a good fit for inside kitchen cabinets, lining shelves in your closets, or even as an easy light in your entryway. You can also touch the lens to turn it on or off without even searching for the included remote.


This strip of LED lights that’s extra-long

This LED light strip is so long it comes on a roll. You get 16.4 feet of these minimalist interior lights that are perfect for lining shelves or even your kitchen backsplash. You also don’t have to use all 16.4 feet at once because this adhesive strip is easy to trim between each of the small lights.


A set of adhesive square mirrors for compact closets & closet doors

These adhesive square mirrors are easy to arrange, but the best part is, they’re small enough to put up in a compact closet. Grab them in a four-pack or three-pack and two different sizes to fit between your closet shelves. One reviewer raved, “I like how easy it was to install this mirror inside a closet door. Just large enough to use for a quick check of my outfit.”


This coat rack that bends & expands to fit your unique closet

Pull out this coat rack if you have a longer closet wall, or push it together for small spaces because it has a personalizable accordion design. No matter how wide you make it, it’s under $15 and gives you 13 extra spots for clothes.


These adhesive wooden knobs to arrange any way you want

Arrange these adhesive wooden knobs on your closet wall for customizable hanging space. Each one holds 8 pounds, and they’re way more elevated than a classic plastic stick-on hook. This eight-pack comes in two knob styles, including one with a more minimalist raw wood look.


A colorful canvas case to tuck away extra closet essentials

Tuck pencils, extra hemming tape, safety pins, or other small closet essentials in this colorful canvas case. It comes in nine colors, it can be flattened and zipped up, and one reviewer raved, “I can store all of my cords and attachments and a large backup portable charger. Bonus, it zips down to a smaller unit when necessary.”


A pack of 3M adhesive hangers for jewelry with a rose gold option

Jewelry might be small, but this white 3M adhesive wall hanger means your necklaces will take up even less space in your closet. They also come in a rose-gold toned option, and one reviewer raved, “Great value for the price, and I love that it’s ready to install with the sticky backing. Exactly what I was looking for instead of taking up space with a regular, tall necklace holder.”


This decorative linen-style basket with so many customizable options

This linen-style storage basket is basically customizable with all of the color and size options to match your closet decor. Each style has a twisted rope handle, and you can even grab an extra-jumbo basket for bulky sweaters. One reviewer raved, “Everything is neat and tidy. The baskets also made the closet look brighter inside with their light color.”


This $5 portable LED light switch that’ll help brighten up laundry day

Instead of finding a spot for a lamp or trying to wire lighting into your closet, place this $5 wireless LED portable light switch on the wall so you can see all of your clothes. It’s battery-operated, has three ways to hang it for a brighter closet, and it even has over 1,800 five-star ratings.


This fabric closet storage rack with drawers & five color options

This all-in-one metal and fabric storage rack will help you get your shoes, blankets, hats, clothes, and anything else off of your closet floor for more walking space. Available in five colors, this storage system has two drawers and plenty of space on top to stack more items. One reviewer raved, “I’ve been searching for the best closet shoe rack, and I think this one is it!”


A cordless vacuum that doesn’t take up your entire closet

This cordless vacuum with attachments is so compact it can fit on your closet shelf instead of taking up your entire closet like a traditional one. It’s handheld, charges with a USB, the HEPA filter is cleanable, and one reviewer raved, “Small and compact but packs a punch!”


A variety pack of cedar blocks with rings that barely take up any space

Even a minimalist closet needs protection with cedar blocks, and this variety pack of 40 comes with rings that slide onto your hangers and super small cedar balls. Plus, if you stop smelling their natural red cedar in a few months, you can use a little sandpaper on them to help release more scent.


A roll of patterned shelf liner to highlight your organized drawers

Sticking a fun pattern in your drawers behind your items will showcase how organized your storage is. This roll of grippy rubber shelf liner comes in 17 patterns, including a granite-style print, florals, gingham, neutral taupe, and more. Plus, it protects your clothes from getting snagged on metal shelves or drawer hardware.


The most miniature vacuum to replace your basket of cleaning products

Replace an entire basket of cleaning products (especially pet-related ones) with this super miniature vacuum that gets rid of pet hair, table crumbs, and more. This tiny cleaner is battery-powered and comes in three colors. As one reviewer raved, “Nice and quiet, easy to empty out and clean, and the bristles on the bottom collect dust bunnies and hair, so they don’t clog up the vacuum.”


A mini humidifier that you can fit on a closet shelf

Tuck this mini minimalist humidifier on a closet shelf or vanity, and your closet will instantly feel more luxurious. It comes in six colors, runs for 12 hours with a USB cable, and it’s small enough to carry from your closet to your bedroom at bedtime.


This clothes tagging device for labeling & storing clothes

At under $15, you can cheaply organize your clothes and label them for storage with this tagger. Or, you can simply create more room by using this product to tag and sell extra clothes. It comes with replacement needles and 2000 plastic fasteners, so you won’t have to buy more anytime soon if you’re using this tagger for your personal closet.


These super small deodorizers to tuck in drawers instead of large air fresheners

Place these small deodorizers all over your closet — think your shoes, between folded towels, in jacket pockets, and more. Choose from floral or beachy scents. No matter which scent you choose, you won’t have to find a shelf for an oversized air freshener.


These wool dryer balls that are completely unscented

These sensitive skin-friendly wool dryer balls will quickly replace your need for hypoallergenic dryer sheets. They’re completely unscented, and they come in a compact canvas bag. You can even use the drawstrings to hang them up instead of taking up laundry shelf space.