If you're a germaphobe, you'll love these 39 clever things on Amazon

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Hand washing has practically become an indoor sport for me, but for some people, staying on the squeaky side of clean has always been a priority. So if you're passionate about hygiene, have I got a list for you: a whole slew of clever things on Amazon that self-proclaimed "germaphobes" will love.

These cleaning and hygiene products are so much more than hand soap and sanitizing wipes. In particular, I'm loving how sanitizing UV light shows up in so many places. (It's like black light had an older, more serious cousin that suddenly developed superpowers. How could you not love it?) You'll find the technology not only in this sterilizing box that zaps your smartphone, but you'll also find it in items like this self-cleaning water bottle and this portable toothbrush sanitizing case that keeps your bristles clean when you're not brushing.

You'll even be able to travel in hygienic comfort, thanks to items like this airplane kit that establishes a barrier between you and in-cabin surfaces. It includes a seat cover, tray table cover, and face masks for ultimate peace of mind. So get ready to press "Add to Cart" on these super clever products: You're not just buying cleanliness, you're investing in some peace of mind.

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