Megan Thee Stallion terrorizes a conservative senator in the 'Thot Shit' video


Praise the Hot Girl gods, because Tina Snow, aka Megan Thee Stallion, is back in business and wasting no time destroying her detractors — or at least pretending to in her latest music video. Meg’s new single “Thot Shit” dropped at midnight on Friday, and the video is giving us 9-to-5 revenge vibes. The Hot Girl Coach and an army of gorgeous co-conspirators terrorize a fictional conservative senator who gets off on trolling sex-positive women. Obviously, Meg is omnipotent and doesn’t put up with such disrespect, so the old white man gets what’s coming to him.

At the top of the video, we watch him troll the YouTube comments for Meg’s “Body” video: “Stupid regressive whores should have their mouths washed out with holy water,” he writes, congratulating himself: “Good job, senator.” The vile man is settling in to, um, pleasure himself to the same video when the phone rings.

It’s Tina Snow, obviously: “Look motherfucker, the women that you accidentally trying to step on are everybody that you depend on. They treat your diseases, they cook your meals, they haul your trash, they drive your ambulances, they guard you while you sleep. They control every part of your life. Do not fuck with them.”

He doesn’t heed her warning, so he gets what’s coming to him: getting hit by a garbage truck. Guess who’s driving? It’s Meg, of course, shaking her safety orange-clad ass in gleeful triumph. The rest of the video is Tina Snow and her thotties chasing the senator all over town, terrorizing him with their sexy selves.

The video is definitely a direct response to all the conservative pearl-clutching inspired by Meg's music, most notably her smash hit "WAP" with Cardi B. Ben Shapiro was so flustered he did a dramatic reading of the song's lyrics and suggested women "suffering" from a WAP of their own should seek medical treatment. Detractors like Candace Owens attributed the song to a "weakening of American society."

Well, we'd like to point out that, per the ending of the "Thot Shit" video, Dr. Tina Snow has a medical procedure that can cure conservatives of what ails them. It involves putting a WAP where their mouths once were.