Unfazed Bernie Sanders is the best meme to come out of the inauguration


Look, no one is happier than me to see that fascist leave the oval office. I ugly cried when Gaga sang — even though I have mixed feelings about the national anthem — and yes, her outfit was great. The Obamas came through like stunning superheroes, as usual. And oh yeah, it was super cool to watch anyone who’s not a handsy authoritarian racist take the oaths of office. But you know who’s really winning the hearts and minds of America right now? Bernie Sanders.

Bernie’s sensible ensemble and fed-up-aunty demeanor demonstrate the kind of attitude that I am looking for in a political candidate. The Twitterverse is aflame with our collective adoration of the artist formerly known as our next President. Here are some of our favorite prompt and on-point tributes.

Who needs fashion when you have mittens? They were probably knit from the wool of a rescued Vermontian sheep named Karl Marx.

The man just has too many things to do to be bothered with all this pomp.

Repping for the working class since 1941.

Keep on keepin' on.

Disheveled bankruptcy is the new black.

Slow clap for a man who knows how to stay in his lane.

A worthy alternative to savasana.

Finally, Bernie’s posture perfectly encapsulates how we all feel being forced to sit through the performance of optimism.