40 genius things under $35 that should probably be on your radar

ByCliché Wynter

Every so often you'll stumble across some really clever products that you wish you had known about sooner. These tend to be items that make your life easier (and the kind you use every single day), but somehow, they can get lost in the endless feed of online advertising. As luck would have it, I actually enjoy digging through Amazon to find the best that online shopping has to offer.

First things first: How many times have you struggled to fit all your grooming products onto the bathroom counter? (I'm talking to you, reader with limited bathroom space.) Enter this cover that can be placed directly over your sink to give you a dedicated platform for your beard trimmer, pomade, and comb. The best part is that it folds up when you're done, so you don't have to worry about clutter.

And since you need a wallet anyway, why not make it this ultra-slim wallet that takes up almost no space in your pocket? Made from real leather, it has plenty of space for cards and cash, but it won't feel bulky. It's sleek, modern, and best of all, extremely affordable. Read on for more genius things that should probably be on your radar. Bonus: They're all under $35.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

01. A hook that limits contact with high-touch surfaces

When it comes to avoiding germs on surfaces, fewer tools will come in more handy than this utility hook. Its clever design allows you to open doors, press buttons, pull levers, and operate PIN pads, all without coming into direct skin contact with the surface. Plus, it conveniently hooks onto your keychain.

02. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is ideal for listening to podcasts and your favorite tunes while you're in the shower. It has a strong suction cup on back that secures firmly to the shower wall, and it can play for up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery. And since it has a carabiner, you can strap it to your bag and take it to the beach.

03. A sink topper for anyone with limited bathroom counter space

If you have limited counter space in your bathroom, this sink topper can help solve the problem. Waterproof and heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the silicone mat can be spread across your sink for hair dryers, shavers, and other grooming tools, and once you're done using it, you can fold it up and store it away.

04. The dish-drying rack you can place over your sink

If you're trying to maximize space in your kitchen, try out this roll-up dish-drying rack. Made from durable stainless steel with silicone tips, the rack can be used to dry dishes, rinse fruits and vegetables, and store hot pots and pans when they're just out of the oven. When you're all done, roll it up and tuck it in a corner for a neat and tidy kitchen.

05. A phone holder with a built-in stand

This phone case allows you to enjoy hands-free streaming, thanks to the kickstand that's designed to be used both vertically and horizontally, depending on your viewing preference. Just as good, it has a swiveling holster clip, so you can comfortably hook your phone on your belt loop or the outside of your pocket.

06. A slim wallet that doesn't take up space in your pocket

Swap out your bulky wallet for this ultra-sleek wallet with a slim profile that fits comfortably in your pocket. Along with a small pocket for cash, the single-panel wallet has space for up to 12 cars plus your ID. It's available in six leather styles and over a dozen colors including black, khaki, and coffee. Available colors: 15

07. A sturdy window hammock for your cat

Treat your cat to a little sunbathing with this window hammock. It's designed with strong suction cups that firmly grip glass (without causing damage) and stainless steel cables that allow the hammock to hold up to 40 pounds. It even includes a flannel pad for optimal feline comfort.

08. The moon lamp inspired by NASA images

Pro tip: A cool moon lamp can instantly elevate your space. The touch-activated device was designed using real images from NASA, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can operate for up to eight hours on a full charge. You can purchase the lamp with a black or white ceramic hand base.

09. The organizers that will declutter your junk drawers

These two organizers will help you declutter your desk as well as your catchall junk drawer. They're ideal for storing all kinds of goods, from pencils and staples to grooming products and small tools, and each organizer features three compartments with an adjustable divider.

10. The yoga wheel that helps improve core strength

If you're looking to take your workouts to the next level, this yoga wheel can help. In addition to improving core strength, it also improves flexibility and balance while massaging the back. The yoga wheel includes a workout strap and an e-book with 16 poses to help you get started.

11. A cellphone stand for hands-free use

Stream videos and make hands-free phone calls with this sturdy phone stand that's earned more than 50,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. The nonslip rubber pads protect your device from scratches, and a hole in back lets you thread through a charging cable. You can purchase it in five colors: black, silver, gray, red, and rose gold.

12. The positive affirmation cards that foster mindfulness

Refocus your mind with these positive affirmation cards. Each of the 52 cards is designed with a unique message and exercise that helps you train your brain to relax and dial down the tension. Consider it an anti-stress deck you can pull out whenever life becomes a bit overwhelming.

13. An herb garden kit for beginners

This herb garden starter kit is a fantastic way to start growing your own organic seeds at home. The easy-to-use kit comes with all the essentials, including compostable peat pots, potting soil discs, plant markers, and five types of seeds: basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme. Bonus: You'll no longer have to drop by the grocery store to pick up herbs.

14. The touch-sensitive lamp with a modern aesthetic

This modern lamp utilizes touch-sensor technology, which means you can adjust the lighting level with the just the tap of your finger. The brightness-adjustable lamp gives off a soft glow and runs off energy-efficient LED bulbs. Plus, the understated aesthetic of this lamp will blend in with just about any decor theme.

15. A 2-pack of lazy susan organizers for easy access to your condiments and spices

Whether you’re reaching for your favorite hot sauce for taco night or you're on the hunt for some oregano, this two-pack of spinning organizers will make your life so much easier. Made of durable plastic and equipped with easy-glide ball bearings, you'll have no problem locating exactly what you need in your pantry or fridge. The set includes one large and one small lazy susan.

16. The phone ring that doubles as a kickstand

Attach this ring holder to the back of your phone, and you'll have a finger grip that ensures it stays firmly in your hand. Even better, you can flip the ring out and use it as a kickstand on any flat surface, and it's compatible with magnetic car mounts too.

17. These reusable food storage bags that are more eco-friendly

Swap out your plastic food baggies for this 6-pack of reusable silicone storage bags. The eco-friendly bags have an airtight seal that keeps food fresh, and since they're cold and heat resistant, you can take them from the dishwasher to microwave to freezer without a problem. They are available in a wide range of set sizes, so you can choose what works for your storage needs, whether that's housing berries, sandwiches, or whole heads of lettuce. Available sizes: 6 multi-size options Available colors: colors vary depending on set

18. A drawer organizer for your socks & ties

Tired of a messy underwear drawer? These divided drawer organizers will finally solve the problem. The four bins feature compartments of different sizes that are ideal for tucking away boxers, socks, belts, ties, and more. What's more, the dividers are made from non-woven fabric that resists mold and mildew.

19. These flexible silicone ice trays for oversized cubes

These BPA-free silicone ice trays are just the things you need to top off your favorite cocktail. You get one mold that makes six extra-large cubes and another mold that makes 6 spheres — both promise to instantly elevate the overall look of your drink while chilling and preventing dilution. And since the trays are made from flexible silicone, you won't have to struggle while removing them.

20. The wool dryer balls that speed up drying time

Not only are these reusable wool dryer balls an all-natural alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets, but they also decrease drying time and limit wrinkles and lint. Simply pop a couple in with each load. According to one reviewer: "These are very helpful moving clothing around the dryer for drier, fluffier clothes."

21. These highly absorbent sponge cloths that replace paper towels

Tired of running through a roll of paper towels every couple of days? Then it might be time to invest in these reusable sponge cloths that reviewers say are the "best." They're made from highly absorbent cellulose and cotton to sops up spills and scrub kitchens with ease. You can clean the cloths in the dishwasher or washing machine before putting them back to work.

22. The shake bottles that mix protein drinks without a blender

These shaker bottles make it really convenient to whip up shakes in a hurry — even if you don't have a blender nearby. Each bottle feature a whisk mixing ball to blend powder and a filter to fend off lumps, and there's a small built-in compartment where you can store your protein powder, supplements, and more. The set comes with two dishwasher-safe bottles.

23. A foldable Bluetooth keyboard that connects to your phone or tablet

This foldable Bluetooth keyboard makes a convincing case for setting up shop just about anywhere. It connects to your tablet or phone with ease and it weighs only 6.24 ounces, so it's easy to pack in your bag to work on the go. The rechargeable battery offers 40 hours of active use or 30 days in standby mode, so you'll get plenty of use before you need to power it up again.

24. The toilet spray that neutralizes odors

This toilet spray ensures there are no unwelcome odors are left behind when you leave the bathroom. The natural formula uses essential oils to create a film on the surface of the water and trap odors. Just spritz a few times before going. It even comes in a compact bottle that's convenient for traveling.

25. These rug grippers that help prevent slipping & curling

Attaching these grippers will help keep your rug in place (no more tripping), and they'll also keep the edges of your rug from curling up. The grippers are engineered with vacuum technology that utilizes suction to keep the mat in place on your floor, and the pack comes with four pieces to cover each corner.

26. A multipurpose cabinet organizer you can use in any room

Give your miscellaneous items a space-efficient home with this cabinet organizer. The rack is designed with three deep tiers (so you can see what's in the back), and you can use it to store spices, desk supplies, grooming products, and more. It's available in several colors and two sizes: 10 inches and 15 inches.

27. This mounted storage box for keeping all your desk cords out of sight

Keep all your desk cords, cables, and surge protectors neatly off the floor and in one place (out of sight) with this mountable storage box. It doesn't require any drilling to install, and it can hold just over 4 pounds so you can keep your under-desk area pristine.

28. A mirror that won't fog up in the shower

This shower mirror won't fog up while you're running hot water, which comes in clutch when you're trying to shower and shave at the same time. It attaches to the wall with a strong suction cup and even comes with a razor hook for extra convenience. You can get it in white, black, and silver.

29. A growing kit for an avocado tree

Take your love for avocados to the next level with your very own avocado tree growing kit. Just save a pit from an avocado and place it in the container, then float in water to germinate. As it grows, you can transfer it to a bigger planter or even your backyard. Not only is this fun, but it's a great way to save money on the most expensive item in the produce aisle.

30. The LED lights that sync with music

These multicolor LED lights can be used anywhere in your home to bring some much needed fun into the space. Try attaching them to the back side of your entertainment center or under your bookshelves, for example. The color- and brightness-adjustable lights can be controlled via an app or remote control, and you can even sync them to music for full-on party vibes.

31. A clip-on strainer that frees up your hand

The beauty of this silicone strainer is that it can be clipped onto most round pots, so you can strain with just one hand. The BPA-free strainer will also take up less space in your kitchen than a traditional colander. It's available in five colors: gray, green, orange, purple, and red.

32. The cast iron handle covers that protect your hands from the heat

If you've ever cooked with a cast iron skillet, you know just how hot the pan can get. Luckily, these silicone handle covers are heat-resistant up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can guard your hand while you cook. They fit skillets 10.5 inches and up, and they easily wipe clean after use.

33. A pour-over coffee maker with more than 18,000 reviews

This sleek pour-over coffee maker gives you greater control over your brew, since you can adjust the water temperature and rate of extraction. The result? Coffee that's more flavorful and less bitter. The set includes a stainless steel mesh filter and a borosilicate glass pitcher with a heat-resistant cork band. It's also dishwasher-safe, which makes for fuss-free cleaning. "I picked this up on a whim, having never tried pour over coffee," shared one reviewer. "After my first cup, I was hooked!" Available sizes: 4 Available colors and styles: 5

34. This heated ice cream scoop with an easy release

Zeroll has been making reliable ice cream scoops since 1935, and it's easy to see why they're still a favorite. For example, they've designed this unique scoop with a heat-conductive liquid in the handle that reacts to the warmth in your hand. This heats things up, making it easier to scoop and release ice cream that's frozen solid.

35. The Bluetooth handphones you can comfortably sleep in

Available in black and gray, these Bluetooth headphones are built into into a soft headband, making them comfortable to wear while you work out or even sleep. With a long-running battery, they allow you to listen to music for up to 10 hours or talk up to 12 on a full charge.

36. These blue light-blocking glasses that fend off eye fatigue

If you spend a lot of time in front of screens, these non-prescription blue light-blocking glasses are a worthwhile investment. They help combat the eye fatigue and irritation that can occur after extended hours spent on electronic devices, and they can even help you get a better night's sleep. (Blue light is known to interfere with your circadian rhythm.) Choose from two-packs in four different colors.

37. The stove gap covers that help keep the kitchen clean

These stove gap fillers help prevent sauce, crumbs, and food bits from falling in between the cracks where it's difficult to clean. Heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, they're made from flexible silicone that effortlessly slips into the groove between your stove and counter, and they're easy to wipe clean. Choose from three colors: white, semi-clear, and black.

38. The mug warmer that keeps your beverage at the optimal drinking temperature

This mug warmer lets you to slowly sip on your coffee or tea without losing the heat that makes it so good. It has a waterproof design (so need to worry about accidental spills) and an automatic shut-off function will power it down after four hours of use. Get yours in black or faux wood grain.

39. A car trash can that keeps your ride pristine

This car trash can will go a long way in keeping your vehicle clean. It has an adjustable strap that can be affixed to the headrest or center console, and the waterproof material helps prevent leaks. The exterior mesh pockets offer additional storage, and the collapsible design that makes it easy to store while not in use.

40. The silicone stretch lids that are so much easier than plastic wrap

This 12-pack of silicone stretch lids makes it a cinch to keep food fresh without the annoying hassle of plastic wrap. The food-grade silicone set includes four different colored lids (yellow, clear, pink, and blue) that all stretch to up to four inches, so you can keep your bowls, mugs, and containers completely sealed. When you're done using them, just toss them in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup.