44 easy things you can do around your house that'll save you so much money

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


When you own your own home, it seems like every two weeks you're having to make a repair, and those repairs always cost way too much money. Even as a renter there's always maintenance to do; I'm lucky enough to live in a house with a yard, and while I love having the space, keeping up with the grass can be a costly proposition. The good news is that easy, money-saving home hacks really do exist. Isn't it nice to know that not everything in this life has to cost a metaphorical arm and leg?

I want to shout out one thing on this list first and foremost and it's this grout pen. If you have tile, I really believe that whitening your grout is one of those small project-big reward kind of situations that you will love yourself for doing once it's done. Yes, it's detail work, but think of it as floor-based meditation. There's also this at-home dry cleaning kit that lets you freshen 30 garments for less than $10 — talk about an easy way to cut down on your dry cleaning bill.

The little things in life add up, and when you implement these small home solutions, you can get big change — in your home, and in your wallet.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This knife sharpener that makes chopping easier

Instead of replacing your knives, keep them in pristine condition with this two-stage sharpener. It features coarse carbide blades to get dull and damaged knives back up to snuff, and ceramic rods for polishing and restoring an ultra-fine edge. The nonslip rubber base and rubber handle make it easy to use on your counter.


A smart bulb that lets you set lighting schedules

Save money on energy costs by setting up lighting schedules with this smart bulb that you can control from an app on your phone, or with voice commands via your smart home assistant. It's dimmable, and you can even operate it remotely when you're away. You can also track the energy it uses with Alexa Smart Energy, so you can find ways to cut down on your bill.


These reusable K-cups that cut down on coffee costs

Keurig coffee machines are terrifically convenient, but the little pods that go inside can be so expensive (and not great for the environment). These reusable pods are the solution to both issues — just fill them with your preferred blend of joe, and you can even customize the strength of the brew.


The drain protector that keeps the plumber away

Eliminate costly plumbing house calls with this drain protector that traps hair and prevents clogs. Made from germ-resistant silicone and stainless steel, it features holes throughout to allow for water flow. It works with both flat drains and pop-up drains, and the weighted design means it stays put, even when the water starts running.


This kit that lets you dry clean at home

You've learned how to do everything else at home — work, teach school, have cocktail hour via Zoom — why not dry clean your clothes, too? From trusted brand Woolite, this dry cleaning kit will save you a pretty penny, working to remove odors, stains, and wrinkles, just by placing a sheet in the dryer with your delicate garments. For under $10, you can clean and freshen up to 30 garments —that's just 30 cents apiece.


This pump that keeps opened bottles of wine fresh

Don't let that half-bottle of wine go to waste — seal it with this wine saver pump that removes all the air from your leftover bottle to prevent it from oxidizing. It comes with four airtight stoppers, so you can open and store up to four bottles, and ensure that each one tastes as good as the day you first uncorked it.


This hem tape lets you skip the tailor altogether

Why spend money on alterations when you could just pick up a roll of this budget-friendly hemming tape? It's incredibly helpful for shortening pants and skirts, but you can also use it to repair hems that are coming unraveled. Just apply the tape, then iron to seal a secure bond.


The Fire TV stick that gives you access to so many streaming faves

Unlock a world of high-quality television — and finally cut the cable — with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. This device is super easy to set up, and gives you access to so many great streaming services, like HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix — all at 4K resolution. Plus, the voice-controlled remote means you don't have to slowly type in the title you're searching for, letter by letter.


A compact heater that will help rescue your energy bill

Cut down on your heating costs with this energy-smart ceramic heater that provides a robust amount of warmth that far exceeds its small footprint This is a terrific unit for a desk, coffee table, or nightstand, and it has over-heat protection and housing that stays cool to the touch.


These reusable food wraps that are earth- and wallet-friendly

Instead of spending money on plastic wrap, stock up on these reusable food wraps made with organic cotton and sustainably harvested beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. A great way to cut down on plastic use, the wraps create an airtight and watertight seal, and they can be rinsed clean with cool water and soap. Each pack comes with three.


These cable protectors that prevent fraying

Charging cables tend to fray right where they connect to your phone, tablet or computer. Instead of buying new cables all the time, keep your existing ones in good condition with these cable protectors that prevent cords from bending at sharp angles. Now, if there was only one to stop other members of the household from stealing your cables...


This breakfast sandwich maker that eliminates expensive a.m. food runs

Save some cash by making your own breakfast sandwiches at home with this egg sandwich maker that's so easy to use, you'll wonder where it's been all your life. Just add bread, pre-cooked breakfast meat, cheese, then crack an egg, and let this handy machine cook up your meal in just five minutes.


This ingenious way to make soap last longer

Extend the life of your bars of soap with these pads that allow water to drain off. Durable and BPA-free, these pads keep water from pooling around the bar, so that your soap doesn't end up a soggy, melty mess. Each pack comes with four, and they can be used on their own or with a soap dish.


These stakes that keep plants green with less water

When you have these self-watering plant stakes, you won't need an expensive sprinkler system to keep your greenery looking its best when you're away from home. Just place a stake in the soil, then stick a wine bottle filled with water upside down into the stake, and the water will slowly be dispensed as needed through the terra cotta walls. Suitable for use with both indoor and outdoor plants, each one offers seven to 10 days of hydration.


A simple solution to stopping under-door drafts

Crafted with two layers of weather stripping, these draft guards ensure that cold outside air won't sneak inside during the winter, and that hot summer air won't make your air conditioning work overtime during the summer. With this two-pack, you have enough for the back and front doors, and they install easily: Just trim to fit, then apply with the ultra-strong adhesive backing.

  • Available colors: 4


The furniture wipes that conceal scratches

Don't despair over that table that's all scratched and scuffed — all it needs are these highly rated furniture wipes. The wipes are infused with a micro-filling technology that fills in scratches and forms a protective layer to prevent further damage. Made with plant-based ingredients, the wipes also add sun protection to your wood furniture, helping to prevent fading, drying, and discoloration.


The toothpaste squeezers that save money (& relationships)

Have you and your s.o. ever had the fight about who squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom and who squeezes from the middle? Get a handle on things with these toothpaste squeezers that put a definitive end to that battle, while also ensuring that you get the very last speck of toothpaste out of each tube. The set of four is great for roomies or for sharing.


These "apples" that extend the freshness of your produce

Fresh fruit and veggies last a lot longer when you add one of these produce savers to your crisper drawer. Each apple-shaped saver contains special ethylene-absorbing ingredients that fool your expensive produce into slowing down its aging process. Each one does the job for 90 days, so you can enjoy your fresh food for longer.


A glue that instantly fixes seams & hems in fabric and leather

Be your own seamstress (even if you don't know how to sew) with this adhesive that's a quick and easy solution to dropped hems, ripped pockets, and simple clothing alterations. Besides clothes, you can use this on cushion covers, drapes, and linens. It's made with fast-drying latex that can even be washed within just 15 minutes.


These smart plugs that let you create schedules for appliances

You can save money by creating schedules for lighting and appliances with these smart plugs that boast a 4.6-star overall rating after 80,000 reviews. The compatible app also allows you to view running time and energy usage, and you can control everything from your phone or with voice commands if you have an Alexa or Google assistant.


These airtight food containers that head off waste

Put an end to waste with these storage containers that feature airtight seals to keep foods fresh, so they can be enjoyed right down to the very last morsel. Great for cereal, rice, grains, and baking staples like flour and sugar, they're made from durable, BPA-free plastic, and come with a set of labels and a chalk marker for a pantry that's completely organized.


The spot remover that's cheaper than hiring carpet cleaners

Formulated to knock out the most stubborn stains, including red wine, grease, ink, and rust, this stain remover will save you from having to call professional carpet cleaners — and it's earned 44,000 perfect five-star ratings. Also excellent at removing pet stains and odors, this water-based formula is ultra-powerful, and one reviewer wrote, "A must have for any home. My carpet had some mystery stains that other stain remover products could not budge. I had resigned myself to never having them any better, until I found this product. It was very easy, spray it on, then put a paper towel on top and it disappears. Seriously!"


A shoe-cleaning kit to get your kicks spic & span

Designed to clean everything from Air Jordans to suede loafers, this shoe cleaning kit has all of the basics to rehabilitate old shoes and keep new ones looking so fresh and so clean. The cleaning solution works effectively without using harsh chemicals or abrasives, and there's enough to tackle up to 100 pairs. Plus, you'll get a brush that's safe to use on all kinds of materials.


These string lights that are solar-powered

Light up your deck or backyard with these solar-powered string lights that won't add a cent to your energy bill. Waterproof and weather-resistant, these classic lights lend your outdoor dining area a café-style feel, and offer up to six hours of illumination on a full charge. Choose from 27- and 48-foot lengths.


This filtering showerhead that magically saves water

With smaller holes set in a dense pattern, this showerhead creates the feeling of increased water pressure while actually using less water, and reviewers say it works like "magic". It has three settings — jet, massage, and rainfall — and the interior filtering stones work to soften hard water and remove impurities. It's easy to install on any standard size shower arm.


The coffee maker that lets you enjoy cold brew right at home

Cold brew is a must for getting through sleepy days, and now you can make your own caffeinated potion right at home with this coffee maker Made from shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan, this pitcher features an airtight lid, a nonslip silicone handle, and a fine mesh stainless steel filter. It makes 4 cups of your favorite blend.


A cleaning solution that makes your jewelry sparkle

Give your jewelry back its sparkle with this jewelry cleaner that's budget-friendly and so easy to use. The ammonia-free formula cleans jewelry in 30 seconds or less, and comes with a touch-up brush to get into all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It's safe to use on precious metals like gold and silver, as well as stones like diamonds.


A grout pen that instantly upgrades your bathroom

If your grout is dirty, it doesn't matter how much you scrub your tile, your bathroom is still going to look grungy overall. With this grout pen, you can put an end to that struggle by recoloring the grout, restoring it to a bright white. It's water-resistant, just as easy as coloring with a marker, and totally changes the look of your tile.


These thermal-insulated curtains that really make a difference in your energy bill

Made from triple-weave blackout fabric, these thermal-insulating curtains keep you from losing heat or air-conditioning through your windows — an easy way to help level out your energy bills. Plus, they also block out light, so you can actually get a good night's sleep. Finished with grommets, they're easy to hang and come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

  • Available sizes: 13
  • Available colors: 37


The kit that ensures you always get the very last drop

It can be hard to get the very last drops of laundry detergent, syrup, ketchup, honey, or anything else that comes in a bottle, but this kit changes all that. It comes with a stand that lets you store the bottle upside down, as well as multiple caps and adapters to dispense more effectively.


The moldable glue that does so much around the house

Mend broken ceramics. Fix frayed cords. Create a wall-mounted toothbrush holder. Repair a shoe with a sole that has peeled away — there's nothing that moldable glue can't do. Safe to use on all kinds of materials, you can use your fingers to create any shape you want with the glue, and within 24 hours, it'll transform into durable rubber.


These reusable paper towels that are eco-friendly

Replace your regular paper towels with these bamboo paper towels that can be washed and reused up to 120 times each. They're durable and absorbent, so you can wipe up spills and clean counters, just like you would with any other paper towel. One roll replaces up to six months of traditional paper towels, which is good for the environment and great for your wallet.


A water bottle that eliminates the need for single-use plastic

With a 26-ounce capacity that could last you all morning, this Brita water bottle is a great alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, and saves money in the long run, too. The straw has an integrated filter, which means you can refill from any tap and still get fresh, great-tasting water. Available in a handful of colors, it's BPA-free and comes with a leakproof flip-top lid.


An air fryer that won't break the bank

For delicious fried food — without all the oil — this air fryer can't be beat, and it rings up at a wallet-friendly price point. It uses 98% less oil than traditionally prepared versions of your favorite foods, like wings, fries, and other tasty hors d'oeuvres, and the 2-quart basket means you can make food for a small crowd. With a 4.6-star overall rating after 11,000 reviews, it's definitely fan-approved.


This shower curtain liner that resists soap scum

If you're constantly replacing your grungy shower curtain liner, check out this liner that's treated to bead water and resist soap scum for long-lasting use. Plus, the metal grommets are rust-resistant, and the weighted magnets at the bottom of the liner ensure it won't fly around every time you turn on the water.


These food storage bags that are endlessly reusable

No more throwing money right into the trash can along with those used snack and sandwich bags — these food storage bags can be used again and again, saving you cash and reducing single-use plastic. Perfect for storing sandwiches, meal prep ingredients, and leftovers, this variety pack comes with 10 bags in gallon, sandwich, and snack sizes.


The jar scraper that reaches every last drop

From the clever designers at OXO comes this spatula that's purpose-made for getting to the bottom of any jar, whether we're talking peanut butter, jelly, mayonnaise, or lots more. Heat-resistant up to 600 degrees, it's also great for cooking and baking, and it features the super comfortable grip that OXO is known for. The best part? It boasts a near-perfect 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon.


These reusable cotton rounds that are made from bamboo

Soft and silky smooth, these "cotton" rounds are actually made from natural, eco-friendly bamboo — and they can be machine-washed and reused again and again. And once they're good and worn out, they're 100% compostable and biodegradable. What's good for the planet is good for the pocketbook, since you no longer have to add this to your grocery store shopping list.


A fabric shaver that removes clothing fuzz

Remove pills and fuzz from sweaters, other clothing — and even upholstered furniture — with this fabric shaver. Available in both battery-operated and rechargeable versions, this shaver features an oversized head, a comfortable grip, and three distance settings that ensure you won't damage any material. Fuzz is collected in a removable container that's easy to empty.


These dryer balls that cut down on drying time

Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these dryer balls may look like snowballs, but they're actually a proven way to reduce drying time, working to separate and fluff laundry as it tumbles. They're also a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryer sheets, and if you want to add a scent, you can just add a few drops of essential oil to the wool.


These LED candles that last a long time

With ultra-realistic flames, these battery-powered LED candles offer all the pleasure of real candles but without the melting wax and worry of an open flame. Made with real wax, they come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the flicker, dim the brightness, and set them on one of four timers. They'll last just about forever, a considerable benefit given the steep price tag of most candles.


This hand soap system that gives you foaming soap with no waste

Instead of buying an entirely new bottle of hand soap every time you run out, just invest in this soap system that comes with four convenient refill pods. Just insert one of the pods into the bottle, add water, and shake to create a long-lasting, foamy formula. You can choose from lemongrass or citrus ginger pods and one of three bottle colors: silver, black, or white.


This easy way to keep your avocados fresh

Avocados are delicious but pricey, and when you don't use a whole one, the unused portion can go bad in a hurry — but this gadget is specifically designed to stop that from happening. It allows you to store the avocado so that the cut side doesn't make contact with air, keeping it fresh and preventing it from going brown.


The shields that protect your furniture from kitty claws

As a cat parent, I love my kitties, but when they claw at furniture, it can really test the strength of our bond. These shields keep everybody happy by protecting the furniture and discouraging scratching — cats simply lose interest when they realize they can't dig their claws in. They apply easily with adhesive, and you can add the included twist pins for a secure fit.