51 awesome cheap thing that are sure to sell out

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

ByCliché Wynter
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When a great item that happens to be extremely affordable hits the market, it's almost guaranteed to quickly sell out. And if you're a shopper intent on scoring good deals (who isn't?), it can be hard to keep up. For that reason, I've compiled this list of more than 50 awesome and cheap things that are reviewer-approved, wallet-friendly, and (for the time being) still on the cyber shelves.

Near the top of the list is this compact rice cooker that's racked up more than 24,000 Amazon ratings (impressively high ones, at that). Without taking up much kitchen storage space, it makes fluffy rice, quinoa, and barley, and the removable steaming tray means you can cook veggies while you're at it.

And when it comes to braving frigid weather, these neck warmers are built to block out the cold. Revered by more than 2,000 reviewers, they tick all the boxes: they're made from ultra-warm thermal material with a cozy sherpa lining, and they can be pulled up over the lower half of your face when the wind gets particularly biting — whether you're on the slopes or just crossing the street. Scroll on for more excellent deals on great products that are sure to sell out soon.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A portable smoothie blender with a to-go bottle

This portable smoothie blender is a fuss-free way to make your morning drink, and the 300-watt motor is powerful enough to liquify fruits and vegetable with ease. The BPA-free blender comes with an ice tray that makes cubes small enough to crush, and the blending jar doubles as a to-go bottle.


A soft fleece throw blanket

This winter-themed fleece throw is decked out in a reindeer pattern that's cabin-ready. Made from soft fleece with a plush sherpa underside, it's available in four sizes and over a dozen colors and styles, including charcoal, wine red, and a black-and-white checkered pattern.

  • Available sizes: throw, twin, queen, king
  • Available colors and styles: 16


The defrosting tray that works in 30 minutes

This defrosting tray thaws food in about 30 minutes, which is approximately eight times faster than natural defrosting. Plus, it defrosts uniformly, and you don't have to use a microwave or hot water.


These sherpa-lined neck warmers

Made from thermal knit material with a sherpa lining, these neck warmers will keep you toasty once the temperatures dip. They can be pulled up to cover your face or pulled down to just cover your neck, and they come in a two-pack in various color combinations. One reviewer shared, "I'm a delivery driver and get in and out of my vehicle all day long. This neck gaiter is extremely thick, warm, flexible, and comfortable."

  • Available colors: 6


An insulated bamboo tumbler with a bonus tea infuser

Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, this tumbler has an insulated stainless steel interior that keeps hot beverages piping for up to 12 hours and icy drinks cold all day long. The 17-ounce to-go cup also comes with an infuser that can be used to brew loose leaf tea .


A magnetic phone holder for the car

This magnetic car phone mount is designed with six powerful magnets that keep even the bulkiest smartphones secure when you're on the road. It attaches easily to the dash with the included 3M adhesive strip, and reviewers report that it's "super strong" and "works like a charm."


An ergonomically-designed electric can opener

When an electric can opener has earned more than 7,000 ratings, you know it's got to be good. This one is ergonomically-designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and it opens cans smoothly and without jagged edges.


A flavor-enhancing wine aerator

This wine aerator and pourer will change the way you drink, working to open up vino and allow it breathe, so you get the full flavor and bouquet profile. And it's a lot faster than decanting — just pour and it'll infuse your wine with oxygen as it goes into the glass.


A rice maker with more than 24,000 reviews

This rice cooker not only makes the perfect pot of grains, but it can be used to steam vegetables as well, thanks to the removable tray. The 8-cup capacity cooker comes with a rice paddle and measuring cup, too. One enthused reviewer wrote, "It's not an exaggeration to say this item has changed my life!I cook in this nearly every day now. Rice, potatoes, veggies. You name it."


The touch screen-sensitive gloves

These touch screen-sensitive gloves are a must-have for winter when you don't want to expose your hands to the cold just to send a text. Made from warm acrylic, they come in multiple sizes for a snug fit.

  • Available sizes: Medium - X-Large
  • Available colors: 11


A fabric Shaver that's less than $15

This cult-favorite fabric shaver can refresh sweaters, upholstery, and anything else prone to pilling or lint. It has an ergonomic handle, an adjustable height spacer, and two speed settings that ensure your pieces won't be damaged during use.


A screen magnifier for your phone

This screen magnifier acts as a projector that doubles the viewing size of your phone screen, so you can watch videos and FaceTime more comfortably. It’s lightweight, portable, and the built-in stand means you don't have to hold your phone.


A lightweight & compact travel umbrella

This lightweight travel umbrella collapses down to an ultra-compact size, so you can stash it your bag or glove compartment. Available in nine colors, it boasts a sturdy steel frame that won’t buckle in the wind.

  • Available colors: 9


The collapsible water bottle

Stay hydrated with this BPA-free water bottle that collapses and rolls up to save space in your pack. Made with dishwasher-safe silicone, it's a hit with travelers, and one wrote, “I bought three of these for a trip to Europe. They are very light to carry, easy to fill and convenient for travel.”

  • Available colors: 4


The batter mixer & dispenser

The BlenderBall batter mixer offers an easy way to make pancakes, waffles, and cupcakes. The interior wire whisking ball mixes everything together with a few firm shakes, and the no-drip pour spout dispenses just the right amount.


The quick-drying microfiber towel

This quick-drying microfiber towel is made from highly-absorbent fabric, and since it's not at all bulky, it's easy to pack in a beach bag. It comes in three sizes, 10 fun or neutral colors, is machine-washable, and even pill-resistant.

  • Available colors: 10


These reusable hand warmers

These reusable hand warmers can be activated by just snapping them a few times, and they'll keep hands and pockets warm for up to 60 minutes. They're reusable too: Just boil them in water for 10 minutes to recharge.


The dimmable Himalayan salt lamp

This Himalayan salt lamp gives off a gentle glow, and the negative ions it emits can help induce feelings of peace and wellbeing. Compact enough to sit on a side table or nightstand, it's dimmable and comes in five designs.

Available styles: 5


The roll-up dish rack

This dish-drying rack fits over the sink where it allows wet plates and glasses to drip dry, and when you're done using it, it rolls up, so you can stash it in a drawer. Made from stainless steel and BPA-free silicone, you can also use it to rinse fruits and vegetables in the sink.


This heavy-duty windshield cover

Use this windshield cover to protect your car in inclement weather, so you don't have to brush off snow and scrape ice in the morning. The cover fits most vehicles and easily secures to the sideview mirrors with the sturdy elastic loops. One reviewer says, “The amazing thing to me about this product was its ability to with stand -20 degree temperatures with snow and ice. No cracking, tearing, or any problems with this windshield cover."


The shower head that changes color depending on the temperature

This unique chrome shower head features LED lights that automatically change color depending on the water temperature, so you won't end up jumping in before the water has been properly heated. It has five settings, including power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause.


The coffee grinder that's quieter than the rest

This Hamilton Beach coffee grinder has garnered more than 13,000 reviews, with reviewers praising its quiet operation and efficient grinding. You can grind up to 9 tablespoons of beans at once — enough to brew 12 cups of coffee — at just the touch of a button.


This plunger that doubles as a toilet squeegee

This plunger features a flexible body that can maneuver its way into the curves of your toilet to unclog drains. Compact, durable, and lightweight, it boasts a slim profile that won't take up space in your bathroom, and it comes with a storage holder.


A collapsible folding chair

Take this collapsible folding chair on your next outdoor excursion. Designed with durable Oxford fabric and breathable mesh, the 2-pound chair folds down into a compact storage bag for easy transporting. It can hold up to 230 pounds and comes in orange, blue, black, and red.

  • Available colors: 4


The slim laptop cooling pad

Protect your laptop from overheating with this Tecknet cooling pad that has three built-in fans to direct cool air toward the bottom of your computer. Operating silently, the pad features blue LED lights and two USB ports for additional devices.


A toothbrush holder & dispenser set

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder has space for up to four toothbrushes, and the accompanying dispenser helps squeeze out every last drop of toothpaste (which means no more waste). Each item is designed with strong suction cups that firmly secure to the wall.


The bamboo sushi making kit

Put together spicy tuna rolls at home with this sushi making kit. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the set comes with two mats, five pairs of chopsticks, a rice mold, two temaki sushi rollers, a sushi knife, rice spreader, and rice paddle. In sum: The kit includes everything you need.


This sturdy laptop stand

Built from durable aluminum alloy, this laptop stand elevates your computer to eye level, which can help prevent the neck and shoulder pain that comes from cranking your body to see the screen. Choose from colors like silver, black, and aquamarine.


The luxe satin sheets

These satin sheets have become a fan-favorite for their luxurious soft-to-the-touch feel. In colors like black, ivory, and sage green, the set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two envelope-closure pillowcases.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 16


This set of freezer mugs

Enjoy a frosty drink with these insulated freezer pint glasses with a cooling gel built into the walls. The 16-ounce glasses are made with durable plastic and feature a silicone band to keep hands comfortable while you sip. Just keep them in the freezer, and they'll be ready the next time you want to pour a couple of cold ones.


The outdoor smart plug

This outdoor smart plug is durable, weather resistant, and has has a Wi-Fi range of 300-feet. Control plugged-in devices with a smartphone app, or use Alexa or Google Assistant to give voice commands.


A multipurpose oil sprayer

Prep pans for cooking with this oil sprayer that spritzes out an even coat. It can also be used to add a nice gloss to cooked foods, or can be filled with lemon juice to add zing to any meal.


The magnetic cable manager

This magnetic cable organizer keeps your cords neat and tidy on your desk or nightstand, and all you have to do is place the cable on top. It's also stable and hefty, so you don't have to worry about it budging.


These self-adhering shelves

Use these easy-to-install shelves when you're running low on storage space. They mount with the included 3M double-sided tape and can hold up to 5 pounds. Use it in your bathroom to store soap or cosmetics, or in your kitchen for spices and other small items.

  • Available colors: 10


These adhesive hooks for your shower bottles

Instead of balancing your half-empty toiletry bottles on the rim of your bathtub, try adding these hooks to the walls. They're each backed with an adhesive layer that can stick to tile, glass, and more — and they're able to handle 8 pounds each. One pack comes with three that you can use for shampoo, conditioner, soap, or even face wash.


The magnetic cleaner that makes washing your windows so easy

Did you ever think you could clean the inside and outside of your windows at once? With this tool, it's totally possible. This cleaner essentially sandwiches your glass between its two surfaces, which both feature rubber squeegees that are backed by strong magnets. That way, you can guide the tool and wash both sides of your glass at the same time.


This all-in-one cooking utensil

Performing as multiple kitchen tools, this cooking utensil gives you plenty of bang for your buck. Made from stainless steel and nonstick silicone, it's heat-resistant up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used as a scooper, scraper, strainer, strainer, and pair of tongs.


A kit that helps empty bottles

This bottle-emptying kit helps you get every last drop out of your condiment and cosmetic bottles, and one reviewer hailed it as "the best invention since post-it notes." Just screw on the appropriately-sized cap and flip the bottle over — you'll be able to squeeze out the last 20% or so.


The reusable water drawing board

Get your daily dose of zen with this water drawing board. The brushes make ink-like strokes that disappear as the liquid evaporates — great practice for learning to let go.


A trio baking pan for making multiple recipes

This highly-rated trio pan allows you to make up to three recipes at once, perfect if you're experimenting recipes or cooking for anyone with dietary restrictions. The heavy-duty pan is made from carbon steel for excellent heat conduction and even baking.


An ultra-slim cordless vacuum

It doesn't get more compact than this cordless vacuum that comes with dusting and crevice attachments, so you can reach into the spaces between sofas and under car seats. The best part? You get 12 minutes of cleaning time on one charge — plenty of time to tackle small messes.


The non-stick crepe griddle

Whip up some crepes on this non-stick griddle that comes with batter-spreading tools that help you get everything just right. The electric griddle has a 12-inch surface and a control knob that can be adjusted to your desired doneness, and you can also use it to make pancakes, tortillas, bacon, and more.


A mini light therapy lamp that reviewers love for travel

Fend off the seasonal blues with this light therapy lamp that utilizes UV-free LED bulbs. It has adjustable brightness levels, you can set it up horizontally or vertically, and it’s the perfect mood and energy boost after travel (or even to use every day).


This under-desk charging station

Not only does this under-desk charging station have three USB ports to keep your devices powered up, but it also features two hooks to hang your headphones and smartwatch. Boasting impressive ratings, this is a foolproof way to keep your desk clutter-free


The foot spa with a soothing vibration feature

This foot spa mimics a jacuzzi, mainly because of its vibration feature which creates a rippling effect in the warm water. It's easy to use (with only one button that controls the vibration and heat), and even features a small massage attachment in case your feet need some extra care.


A vacuum attachment to help clean your dryer vents

Sometimes, getting every bit of lint our of your dryer vent can be tough. To help ensure that it's all out before laundry day, add this vacuum attachment to your cart. It fits onto the hose of most vacuums and uses its 33-inch-long nozzle to help remove lint that's trapped where you can't reach it.


The lighter with a flexible neck

Safely ignite grills and light candles with this lighter designed with a flexible neck that bends to get to those hard-to-reach spots. The rechargeable lighter uses an electric pulse to ignite, so it's windproof and you won't have to re-up on lighter fluid. "Great for lighting candles that have deep glasses or are almost gone," shared one reviewer.


An adjustable footrest with built-in massage nodes

This platform is much more than a simple footrest: In addition to its adjustable height and ability to rock back and forth (allowing more movement), it's lined with massage nodes that'll help relax your feet while you work. Over 1,200 customers have given it five-star ratings, with many writing that it "serves its purpose."


The pineapple cork holder

Hold on to the corks of your favorite wine bottles with this clever pineapple cork holder. Made from stainless steel with a rustic bronze finish, it can hold up to 50 corks and makes for a great design piece on your kitchen counter or bar.


A beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones

This Bluetooth beanie will keep you warm during the colder months, while still allowing you to listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts. The soft hat features built-in Bluetooth headphones that allow you to enjoy up to 12 hours of play before needing to be recharged. "I have bought a few of these as gifts and decided I needed one for myself," wrote one reviewer.


A durable scrap scraper

This scrap trap lets you quickly brush away food scraps with the accompanying scraper while you cook, so you can keep your countertop clean. The 2-quart trap and can be mounted by tucking the side panel into the space above a kitchen drawer or cupboard, and then emptied when you're done meal prepping.