Amazon can barely keep these clever things in stock because they're so damn cheap

OK, these products are pretty cool.

ByJulie Peck and Claire Epting
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There’s something so satisfying about discovering a new product that makes your life much easier, especially when that product comes at a budget-friendly price. It almost feels too good to be true. That’s why these cheap, clever things on Amazon are selling out — and fast.

From a cordless water flosser that helps keep your teeth squeaky clean to a stainless steel bar that removes cooking odors from your hands (hello, garlic), these ingenious gadgets are things you probably never even knew you needed. You’ll also find things that can instantly make your home look nicer, such as double-sided mesh tape that keeps your rugs in place or some durable risers that elevate your furniture off the ground. These awesome products may be flying off the shelves, but lucky for you, they’re currently in stock.


This milk frother that makes barista-quality coffee drinks

Whip up the perfect latte, cappuccino, or macchiato from the comfort of your home, thanks to this handheld milk frother. Designed with a durable stainless steel whisk and an easy-grip silicone handle, the battery-powered frother creates clouds of fluffy foam in seconds. It comes with a sleek steel stand that holds it upright while not in use.

  • Available colors: black, red, blue


These furniture risers that protect your floors

Keep your hardwood floors clear of scratches and scuffs by elevating your furniture with these heavy-duty risers. Holding up to 6,800 pounds, the set of four plastic risers lifts your bed or couch 3 inches off the ground — giving you more storage space underneath. Anti-skid rubber pads on the bottoms of the risers prevent your furniture from sliding around your floor.

  • Available colors: black, brown, white


The mattress protector with sky-high ratings

With over 196,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the SafeRest mattress protector has built an excellent reputation as a surefire way to shield your mattress from spills, dust mites, and germs. Made from cotton, the cover is both breathable and waterproof. It’s also machine-washable, making cleaning hassle-free.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King


The expandable bamboo dividers that organize your drawers

These bamboo drawer dividers expand from 17.5 inches to 22 inches in length, working with a variety of drawers in your home to create instant organization. They have scratch-resistant foam grips on both ends, so they won’t slide around inside. Use them to create compartments for your kitchen utensils, clothing, tools, craft supplies, and more.

  • Available colors: gray, natural bamboo, white


A cordless water flosser that keeps your teeth squeaky clean

In between teeth cleanings, it’s a good idea to keep up on your dental health — one way to do that is by using this water flosser — it’s so much more fun than regular string floss. The cordless tool has four pressure modes and four different flossing heads to suit your specific needs. It lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, and the tank holds enough water for a full cleaning.


This handheld garment steamer that’s travel-friendly

Instead of hauling out the ironing board and iron every time you notice a wrinkle on your clothes, simply plug in this garment steamer. It provides up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, smoothing out a variety of fabrics including chiffon, silk, cotton, and nylon. Weighing just under 2 pounds, the handheld steamer is easy to bring with you while traveling.


The budget-friendly bidet attachment that’s easy to install

Adding a bidet to your toilet doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. This bidet attachment from Greenco comes with everything you need to get it up and running in minutes. You can adjust the pressure of the spray nozzle with the built-in dial. At such a wallet-friendly price, there’s no reason not to try it out.


A white noise machine with 6 soothing sounds

Programmed with six relaxing sounds including thunder, rainfall, and ocean waves, this white noise machine creates a soothing wall of sound that masks unwanted background noise. It’s a fantastic tool for those who have trouble falling asleep or concentrating at their desk. There’s also a built-in timer function that automatically shuts off the machine after your preferred amount of time.


These space-saving storage bags that compress items

These storage bags are designed with valves that connect to your vacuum hose, allowing you to suck out every last bit of air from inside, compressing items up to 80%. Perfect for holding quilts, coats, and blankets, the bags help you store bulky items without taking up nearly as much space as conventional organizers. The set of 12 bags also includes a handheld pump for travel.


This digital thermometer for grilling & baking

Never guess the temperature of your cooked meats, candy, or frying oil ever again. Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after 60,000 reviews, this digital thermometer has a large metal probe and an easy-to-read LED screen that displays an accurate temperature reading in seconds. You’ll find so many uses for this nifty tool, whether you’re baking bread, grilling steak, or making candy.

  • Available colors: 3


A cooling facial roller that soothes skin & reduces swelling

Simply roll this facial tool over your face, neck, and temples to instantly feel its cooling effects — you can even roll it under your eyes to reduce swelling. The roller head is filled with gel beads that retain their coldness after being stored in the freezer. “I love this product! I have used it in the mornings when I’m feeling a bit puffy in the face and it does the trick,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 8


The terra cotta pumice stone that exfoliates feet

This terra cotta pumice stone has a different texture on either side — a buffing side to smooth and polish feet and a scrubbing side to provide a thorough clean. Use it to gently remove calluses from your soles, soften heels, and smooth patches of dry skin. A handle at the end of the stone makes it easy to hold, even in the shower.


This lightweight back brace that helps correct your posture

Lightweight and breathable, this back brace is discreet enough to be worn under loose clothes. The adjustable design supports your upper back and neck, helping to align your spine and strengthen the muscles around your shoulders. You can even use it while sitting at your desk chair to prevent habitual slumping or slouching.


A handy place to store and test loose batteries

Not only does this battery organizer provide a handy place to store all the loose batteries lying around your closets and drawers, but it also includes a tester so you know if they’re still working. It’s become a cult-favorite on Amazon, where it’s earned over 13,000 five-star ratings, with one customer raving, “This little box brought so much more order to my household!”


This under-cabinet opener for stubborn jar lids

Gone are the days of struggling to get the lid off your jar — this under-cabinet jar opener is the life hack you didn’t know you needed. Simply attach the tool to the underside of your cabinet, shelf, or counter with the included screws, then hold your jar up to the serrated edge. One twist, and the lid comes off.


The beard balm that softens & conditions with shea butter

This sandalwood and citrus-scented balm is made with hydrating shea butter, which conditions and softens your beard. It’s also blended with beeswax, which acts as a natural styling agent, as well as jojoba oil to soothes any itchiness caused by dry skin. It comes in a fun foot-shaped tin, making it a great gift as well.


This beard-grooming apron that catches all the trimmings

With two suction cups at the bottom corners, this beard-trimming apron easily attaches to your bathroom mirror, creating a hair-catching hammock over your counter or sink. Attaching around the neck with a hook and loop, the apron stays securely in place while you shave or clip your facial hair. Simply remove the edges from the mirror and discard the trimmings from the apron in the trash.

  • Available colors: 5


A handheld splatter screen that protects your arms from hot oil

Protect your wrists and forearms from hot oil splatter by using this handheld screen while cooking. The stainless steel mesh blocks oil and grease from rising up out of the pan, while also allowing steam to pass through. Since the handle is heat-resistant, your hands will be kept safe while you fry.


The acne patches that help speed healing time

These adhesive patches are made with hydrocolloid dressing, which absorbs oil and impurities from acne. Each patch also creates a protective shield over your pimple, so you won’t feel tempted to pick at it. Place them on your face before you go to sleep, then peel them off in the morning to see the effective results for yourself.


This double-sided tape that keeps your rug in place

Keep your rugs from slipping around your floor with this double-sided tape. Within the carpet adhesive is a layer of mesh, which creates a thicker base that secures your rug in place. It’s safe to use on hardwood, tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring — when you peel it back, the tape won’t leave any residue behind.


The drywall repair putty that makes holes disappear

Fill in those ugly wall holes as well as cracks and scratches with this drywall repair putty. Also great on plaster and wood walls, it’s simple to use: Just twist the bottom of the container to raise the product, then apply in a circular motion. Remove the excess and give it just a bit of time to dry, and you’re ready to move on with your repair.


This stainless steel “soap” that removes odors like garlic & fish

Every avid cook should have this stainless steel odor absorber in the kitchen. Shaped like a bar of soap, the stainless steel material attracts and traps sulfur molecules lingering on your hands after working with notoriously hard-to-shake ingredients like garlic and fish. This bar also makes a great gift for the chef on your list.


These washable dog pee pads that are earth-friendly and save money, too

Now there’s a better alternative to buying those wasteful and expensive disposable pads for your puppy or older dog — these washable pee pads. Super absorbent and featuring a waterproof backing to protect your floors, they’re designed to look like area rugs, so they won’t stick out like a sore thumb. They’re earth-friendly and easy on your budget, too.

  • Available styles: 7


The Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your keys

Do you spend so much time searching for lost items? At least you’ll always know where your keys are with this Bluetooth tracker. The Tile tracker can also be attached to your backpack, handbag, or anything else you need to keep tabs on. Just use the compatible smartphone app to ring your Tile when it’s within Bluetooth range. If it’s out of range, the app will show you the item’s most recent location on a map.


These stove gap covers that keep crumbs from hitting the floor

When you’re cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, it’s hard to keep crumbs from sliding down the gap between your countertop and your stove — and that’s just the kind of thing bugs and other pests like to see. These silicone stove gap covers bridge that area, so nothing makes its way to the floor. They come in multiple sizes and colors, and can be trimmed to fit.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


A charging station with customizable dividers

Quickly organize all those devices and save yourself so much space with this charging station. Clever features include an anti-slip base and dividers that let you customize spacing. Plus, your order includes five short cables (two standard USB, two Micro USB, and one type-C). You can also choose from a six-port style.


The shoe protector spray that adds water- & stain-resistance

Tired of having to retire shoes to your lawn-mowing rotation because they’re too stained to wear? This shoe protector spray will preserve your favorite kicks so you can ensure they’ll be around for prolonged use. Designed for use on canvas, suede, nubuck, and linen, the nanotechnology of this spray creates a protective barrier on your shoes’ surface that stands up to rain, snow, and accidental spills.


A genius mini-table that gives you a place to put your snack & drink

Made from bamboo, this sofa arm tray table is the perfect solution when your couch or easy chair isn’t anywhere near a coffee table. Just set the flexible table over the arm, and the nonslip surface will provide a sturdy, safe space for drinks and snacks.

  • Available colors: 9


This Japanese shower towel that lathers & exfoliates

Replace your loofah or scrub brush with this Japanese exfoliating shower towel that provides a major lather while buffing away dry skin. The generous length makes it easy to scrub your back and other hard-to-reach areas of your body. “Simply wow! My skin is smooth and feels so clean,” wrote one five-star reviewer.


These silicone food storage bags that are eco-friendly

Do away with those disposable plastic food storage bags and invest in this set of silicone food storage bags — they’re more eco-friendly than disposable versions and will save you money in the long run. Made from premium food-grade silicone they’re heat-resistant to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe. Airtight seals keep everything fresh.


The cult-favorite Wet Brush that detangles painlessly

Ideal for all hair types, this detangler hair brush has earned a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating after 63,000 reviews. It features soft bristles that are designed to slide easily through hair to remove knots without painful pulling or tugging. It can be used wet or dry, and brushes strands with less effort and less breakage.

  • Available colors: 47


An outlet cover & extension cord for neater-looking walls

Don’t disrupt the clean look of a wall by having a couple bulky plugs sticking out of the outlet; instead, get this outlet concealer and extension cord combo. It covers up the outlet and features an attached three-outlet extension cord that you can tuck behind furniture for plugging in appliances or devices. This is one great designer trick that’ll put the finishing touch on a truly polished interior.


This electric salt & pepper grinder set for fresh seasoning on demand

You’ve always known that fresh-ground pepper tastes better, but did you know that the same applies to fresh-ground salt? Get the most from your seasonings with this electric salt and pepper grinder set that will knock your socks off. The grinders feature simple one-handed operation: Just flip the jar over, and the mechanism will get to work. This set makes a terrific gift, too.

  • Available colors: 3


These silicone food covers that stretch over plates & bowls

These stretchy silicone food covers are designed to stretch over bottles, jars, and plates of any size, which makes storing leftovers even easier since you don’t have to hunt down matching containers and lids. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, they create an airtight seal that keeps food fresh. The set includes six round covers and six square covers.


A plug-in fly trap that eliminates pests

If fruit flies are driving you crazy in your kitchen or an errant mosquito sneaks in to terrorize you on occasion, this flying insect trap will level the playing field immediately. It uses a blend of UV and blue light to attract those pests, then traps them with an adhesive backing that you don’t have to touch. Just check the trap twice a month or as needed to ensure that the adhesive is still doing its job.


The neck & shoulder relaxer that releases all that tension

When you work at a computer all day, you’re incurring a significant amount of built-up tension just by sitting in a static position — to say nothing of other everyday stressors that may cause stiff muscles. This neck and shoulder relaxer helps align your spine and neck while releasing tension. Just 10 minutes of stretching with this device is enough to provide a gentle adjustment and relief of many common issues.

  • Available colors: 5


These herb pods that extend freshness

Fresh herbs add so much to your cooking, but they’re expensive and go bad so quickly. These herb saver pods keep your greens fresh longer — up to three weeks — and all you have to do is add a little water. The hardshell BPA-free containers keep delicate herbs from getting crushed in your fridge.


A fabric shaver that keeps both garments & upholstery looking new

Don’t give up on pilled and fuzzy sweaters — or upholstered furniture that has strings and loops hanging from it — just get this fabric shaver. This gadget features two stainless steel blades and three shaving hole sizes to remove fuzz and pilling. It has three shaving heights and two speeds that make it safe to use on a variety of fabrics.

  • Available colors: 5


These furniture leg pads that protect your floors

Crafted from soft yet durable felt, these furniture pads are designed to protect your floors from moving furniture. The thick felt is backed with ultra-strong adhesive, so they’re extremely easy to apply. The pack of 133 enables you to cover all of the furniture in your house with one purchase.


These bag sealers that keep your snacks fresh

Don’t let your chips, pretzels, and other snacks go stale before you get a chance to enjoy them— instead, get these mini bag sealers that use heat to close up the bags as if they had just come from the store. These little devices are also reversible: Use the opposite cutting side to slice through a bag when you’re ready to snack.