Amazon keeps selling out of these genius products with near-perfect reviews

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ByJulie Peck, Claire Epting and Anna Anderson
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I’m a big fan of the expression, “work smarter, not harder.” There’s no reason to busy yourself with unnecessary chores when you can easily use one of these genius products on Amazon to make your life easier. From an electric insect trap that catches bugs inside your home to heat-resistant silicone mats that keep your baking sheets clean, these clever things are pretty much guaranteed to save you time and energy.

Even better? All these products have glowing reviews from buyers, so you can rest assured that they actually work. In fact, most of the reviews are near-perfect, with people raving over their quality and clever design. However, you might want to act quickly — because of their popularity, these cool things keep selling out. Below, you’ll discover some of Amazon’s best-selling items that are so brilliant, you’ll wish you’d heard of them sooner.


The charging station that powers up all your devices at once

Tired of having to plug your smartphone into one outlet, your S.O.’s into another, and your tablet into a third so that you can get everything powered up at night? Get this charging station that gives everything a home on your nightstand or desk. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and comes with a set of short cords to keep clutter at a minimum.


A wireless doorbell with a 1,000-foot range

Don’t you hate it when you have an important delivery scheduled, but miss it because you’re in the basement doing laundry or out on the deck relaxing? This wireless doorbell ensures that you’ll never miss that delivery again: It has a range of more than 1,000 feet and comes with two receivers that can each be customized with your choice of over 50 different chime sounds. It’s completely water- and weatherproof, and installation is a breeze.

  • Available colors: 11


The under-bed organizers for off-season clothing & linens

Store out-of-season clothes, linens, or holiday decorations in these under-bed storage organizers that boast a low-profile design. Made from durable non-woven material, they’re finished with clear tops, so you can see exactly what’s inside. They slide right under your bed, and they’re fitted with sturdy handles for easy retrieval.

  • Available colors: 3


This exfoliating brush that prevents razor bumps & ingrown hairs

With dozens of firm but flexible bristles, this exfoliating brush sloughs off dead skin all over your body, improving circulation and helping you steer clear of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The unique top-handle construction makes it easy to use, even in the shower.

  • Available colors: 2


A 14-piece cocktail shaker set that completes any bar cart

Whiskey, gin, highball glasses... what’s missing for the full-featured bar cart? This 14-piece cocktail shaker set, which has everything you need to whip up just about any beverage under the sun. Crafted from stainless steel, the set include a dual-ended jigger, strainer, pouring spouts, a mixing spoon, and much more. This set makes a fantastic gift for all kinds of occasions, too.


These washable pee pads that are a dog lover’s best friend

Whether you have an older dog or are housebreaking a puppy, these washable and reusable dog pee pads are an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable kind that just end up in the landfill. Designed to look like area rugs, they have four absorbent layers plus waterproof backing to protect your floors. They can be cleaned right in your home washing machine for continued use.


This magnetic wristband that keeps hardware right at hand

When you’re working on a DIY project, the last thing you want is to spend time scrambling around for screws or nails. This magnetic wristband is crafted from ballistic nylon and has 10 built-in magnets to keep hardware right on your wrist. Weighing in at just 3.2 ounces, it’s ideal for crafting and sewing, too, and one size fits most, thanks to its adjustable Velcro closure.


A French press coffee maker & milk frother set

With a 4.6-star overall rating, this French press coffee maker set is a great buy for a number of reasons. The press is made from durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass and stainless steel, and the mesh screen keeps grounds from sneaking through. Then, the battery-powered milk frother lets you make your own foam, just like the barista.


The conditioning mineral oil that will keep your cutting boards in top shape

Care for butcher blocks, wood counters, and wooden cutting boards with this nourishing mineral oil. The food-grade oil hydrates and conditions wood to prevent cracking and splitting. Just let your treated surfaces sit for four hours before use and you’re good to go.


This digital meat thermometer that gives temperature readings in just 3 seconds

Avid cooks know that the only way to accurately predict the doneness of a piece of meat — whether inside or on the grill — is with the use of a meat thermometer. You couldn’t ask for a better sous chef than this digital meat thermometer, which has earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after 58,000 Amazon reviews. You’ll get readings within three seconds on the backlit screen, and the probe folds up for compact storage.

  • Available colors: 3


An apron to catch all your beard trimmings

Don’t let all the trimmings from your facial hair go down into your sink where they’ll clog the drain — use this apron to collect everything for easy disposal later. The apron attaches around your neck, then has suction cups on the hem that are designed to be attached to your mirror to create a hammock as you shave.

  • Available colors: 5


These silicone baking mats that let you forget cooking spray

Sure, you know that these silicone baking mats are good for making cookies and all kinds of other baked goods — but did you know they’re also good for savory goods like meatloaf? Made from silicone that’s heat-resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, the mats let you forego the use of cooking spray, and they’re dishwasher-safe.


The splatter screen that makes frying so much less messy

Fried foods are so delicious, but they can be so incredibly messy, too. This splatter screen makes it safe to fry again. Made from super-fine stainless steel mesh, it covers your pan to keep oil from getting all over your stovetop, walls, and more, yet still allows for steam to escape.

  • Available sizes: 4


A wall-mounted organizer for your plastic bags

If you have a nest of plastic grocery bags under the sink, use this wall-mounted plastic bag saver to keep them organized for later reuse. Made from stainless steel, it has a brushed finish that won’t show fingerprints, and installs easily using the included mounting hardware.


This microwaveable popcorn popper that doesn’t require oil

Make popcorn using old-fashioned kernels (no bags required) with this silicone microwave popper. Available in a whole rainbow of colors, this BPA-free popper delivers up to 15 cups of popcorn in just minutes. Great for those with limited space, it collapses to just over 2 inches high for convenient storage.

  • Available colors: 14


The exfoliating masks that will make your feet baby soft again

Bid farewell to calluses and rough skin once you put these foot peel masks to work. The sock-like masks are infused with natural exfoliants that stimulate skin cell turnover; wear them for an hour, then watch as layers of dead skin peel off your feet a few days later (very satisfying).


A bidet attachment because t.p. alone isn’t enough

Do we really think toilet paper is cutting it? No — that’s why everyone should have a bidet attachment on their toilet. This one is angle-adjustable for a comfortable spray, and the dial lets you decide how much pressure you get. It installs within minutes on any toilet — no plumber necessary.


This lazy Susan for storing spices & serving apps

A lazy Susan is one of the most underrated pieces of kitchen equipment there is. You can use it for storing spices in a cabinet, on the table for salt, pepper, and hot sauce, or as a display for hors d’oeuvres when guests come over. Made from sleek, natural bamboo, this 13-inch lazy Susan is an ideal size.


A hanging shelf organizer for sweaters, purses & hats

Storing sweaters on hangers can lead to stretched out shoulders, which is one reason why everyone needs a hanging closet organizer (especially if you’re short on dresser space). Other reasons? A hanging organizer is great for hats and purses. This one has five shelves plus exterior pockets on the side for accessories.


A compact white noise machine with 6 soothing sounds

Drown out background noise (or just background thoughts) with this white noise machine that boasts an extra-small footprint. Along with three timer settings, you can choose between six sounds: rain, brook, ocean, thunder, summer sleep, and classic white noise. You can plug this little guy into the wall, or run it on batteries — perfect if you’re nowhere near an outlet.


These expandable drawer dividers for dressers, desks & kitchens

When it comes to organization, these expandable drawer dividers are totally versatile; use them in a kitchen drawer to separate cooking utensils, a dresser to separate stacks of shirts, or in your desk to get a handle on office supplies. Made from bamboo, they expand to fit and are padded to prevent damage to drawers.


The 3-tier shoe rack that doubles as a bench

Have a mini Everest of shoes piled up on your closet floor or by the front door? Use this three-tier shoe rack to straighten them up. Made from bamboo in your choice of three finishes — black, brown, and natural wood — it also doubles as a bench (perfect if you want to sit down while lacing up your kicks before heading out the door).

  • Available finishes: 3


These bed & furniture risers rated for up to 10,000 pounds

Want to add some storage space to your bedroom? Put your bed up on risers, and you can create vertical space for stashing bags and boxes underneath. Rated to support up to 10,000 pounds, the risers are also suitable for use with chairs and sofas; use them to raise furniture, which makes it easier to sit down and stand up.


This roller that makes it easy to move furniture & appliances

It can feel nearly impossible to move large appliances and furniture out of the way when it’s time to clean or reach an outlet, but this dolly roller makes it a breeze. Outfitted with 24 wheels, it extends from 17 to 27 inches, so you can move washing machines, refrigerators, and sofas with minimal effort.


A trigger point massager that gets to hard-to-reach places

This (admittedly bizarre-looking) back massager is the next best thing to having a masseuse on call. The S-shaped massager gives hands plenty of leverage to target hard-to-reach spots, like your traps, calves, and mid-back. Highly rated, it’s outfitted with both round and pointed knobs, which offer trigger point relief and deep muscle stimulation.


The electric salt & pepper grinders with built-in LEDs for extra visibility

Cooking just got a lot more fun, thanks to these electric salt and pepper grinders. The battery-operated grinders have adjustable coarseness settings, and built-in LEDs — that means you can see just how much salt you added when you’re grilling steaks outdoors in the dark. It’s easy to use, and most importantly — fun.


A colander that expands to fit over your sink

Free up both hands for rinsing produce or draining pasta by using this colander that extends to fit over your sink. Expanding from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, it’s dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from a handful of colors that are easy to spot in your cupboard, like yellow, aqua, white, and pink.

  • Available colors: 6


This portable fan that fits around your neck

Stay ventilated no matter where you are with this portable fan that loops around your neck for up-close cooling. The rechargeable fan has three speed options, and runs from four to 16 hours, depending on which setting you choose. It’s ultra-lightweight — just 9 ounces — and the skin-friendly silicone material is soft to the touch.

  • Available colors: 5


The neck & shoulder relaxer that relieves tension naturally

After hours hunched over your computer or phone, you need this neck and shoulder relaxer to dial down the tension and release tight muscles. Made from soft and dense foam, it cradles your head and neck to help restore proper cervical curvature. Use it for 10 minutes a day for best results.

  • Available colors: 5


A completely waterproof shower curtain that’s weighted at the hem

Completely waterproof, this shower curtain lets you do away with a traditional liner, but still feels so soft. Rustproof metal grommets make it easy to hang, and the weighted magnets at the hem keep it from blowing around while you suds up. It’s machine-washable and available in a range of colors like burnt orange, stone blue, and classic white.


This electric kettle tea lovers are obsessed with

No need to fire up the stove for a hot cuppa or bowl of oatmeal once you have this electric kettle that’s earned a sky-high 4.7-star overall rating after racking up 46,000 Amazon reviews. Made from durable borosilicate glass and stainless steel, the 1.8-liter kettle has LEDs that light up once boiling has been reached. The jug itself is cordless, so you can pour at the table.


A fabric shaver that brings clothes & upholstery back to life

You know that one sweater you love but never wear because it’s all pilled up? It’s time to bring it back to life with this fabric shaver that’s earned 49,000 perfect five-star reviews. Also perfect for jackets, slacks, curtains, and furniture, the handheld gadget features two speeds and three shaving heights, so you can tackle all kinds of materials — even delicates.


These vacuum storage bags that give you so much space back in your closet

Whether you’re storing a comforter or a bunch of out-of-season clothes, these vacuum storage bags can reduce contents by up to 80%, giving you so much real estate back in your closet or basement. The waterproof bags have a double-zip seal design for a secure closure, and a travel pump is included to suction out all the air.


The dual-sided scrubber that exfoliates your back

Get a thorough clean and exfoliation in the shower with this double-sided scrubber with enough length to reach your back. One side is made from water-wicking microfiber to cleanse and dry skin, while the other is made from textured fibers to slough off rough skin. It dries quickly, and the handles on either end make it easy to use.


A nonslip rug pad that adds cushioning & slide resistance

This nonslip rug gripper pad keeps your area rug firmly in place, so it won’t slide all over when you (or your excited dog) steps across it. It also adds an extra layer of cushioning, making your rug feel that much softer underfoot. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, and can be trimmed to an exact fit.

  • Available sizes: 17


These satin pillowcases that are great for skin & hair

With more than 245,000 reviews, these satin pillowcases are a bona fide fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Hair and skin glides across the smooth surface — that means no more lines on your face when you wake up and no more hair breakage. Plus, the satin material stays cool to the touch for comfortable sleeping all night.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 22


An outlet cover with an attached power cord for a more streamlined wall

Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating, this socket cover streamlines the look of any wall by concealing the outlet, but features an attached three-plug power strip, so you can still plug in lights, appliances, or anything else. Universally compatible with all dual outlets, it attaches without tools, and you can choose from a 3-foot or 8-foot power cord.


Cleaning water bottles, reusable straws, and vases can be a tricky affair — but not with this set of five scrubbing brushes. The long, narrow brushes are designed to reach into tight openings, where they thoroughly scrub to a squeaky clean result. They’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and are safe to use on most surfaces. Try them in baby bottles and sink drains as well.


The flexible cleaning gel that reaches into tight spaces

Speaking of unique ways to clean, this cleaning putty is ultra-flexible, sinking into cracks and crevices to remove dirt, dust, and crumbs. Use it to detail your car, to remove the last of lunch from your computer keyboard, or to spiff up your camera. It’s reusable — just toss it once it turns dark with dirt.


These felt furniture pads that won’t fall off the legs

Protect your hard-surface floors from the damage furniture can do with these furniture leg pads. The soft felt pads go easy on wood and other materials and make it easy to slide chairs out from the table. Plus, they’re backed with ultra-strong adhesive, which reviewers have reported actually “stays put.” Each pack includes a variety of sizes and shapes.


This UV-blocking windshield shade that brings down the temperature

If you dread getting in the car on a hot day, this windshield sun shade is for you. It keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature, and since it blocks UV rays, it’ll prevent damage and fading, too. It collapses into a compact disc, so you can stash it in the seat back pocket. The shade comes in multiple sizes, so you you’ll find one to fit a Mini Cooper, a Jeep, an RV, and everything in between.

  • Available sizes: 8


An indoor insect trap that eliminates pests fast

This indoor insect trap is the tool you need on hand for any invasion of fruit flies, gnats, or mosquitos. Sized for countertops, the device has a UV light that attracts bugs and a fan that suctions them inside. Then, the glue board at the base traps them, so you can enjoy the great indoors in peace.


This height-adjustable laptop cooling pad that doubles as a stand

Whether you’ve got an older computer or are just logging long hours, this laptop cooling pad can help keep things running smoothly. The two built-in fans promote ventilation while dissipating heat, so your laptop won’t get hot and start running slow. It also doubles as a laptop stand with four adjustable height levels.


A garment steamer that releases wrinkles — no iron required

With this garment steamer, your days of lugging out a heavy iron and bulky ironing board are over. The hot steam releases wrinkles in just a few passes, and the 9-foot power cord gives you plenty of maneuverability. It’s safe to use on most materials, including delicates like wool, silk, and linen. The best part? It’s small enough to pack, so you can take it along for weddings and business trips.


The smart food scale that tracks nutrition metrics

This smart kitchen scale works in concert with an app, so you can track nutrition metrics like protein and carbs. You can toggle between different measurements (like fluid ounces, grams, and pounds), and the tare function lets you subtract container weight. Of course, it’s also just handy for recipes, especially if you’re ready to dive into more complicated baking tasks that require more involved measurements.