47 cheap, clever things for your home that'll change your life

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ByClaire Epting
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When we think about life-changing events, it’s the big-picture milestones that first come to mind — moving to a new city, starting a job, getting married, etc. But we don’t always think about the little stuff. Our home lives are structured by routine, and oftentimes, we don’t realize how comfortable we are in that routine until some genius gadget comes along and makes our lives so much easier. I’m here to say that these affordable, clever Amazon products will change your life for the better — trust me.

Maybe you’ve been spending hours scrubbing your oven to remove those stubborn grease and sauce spills. The fix? A set of heat-resistant oven liners that can be thrown in the dishwasher. Or perhaps you’ve been religiously cleaning the toilet with a traditional brush when there’s actually a self-cleaning toilet bowl system that takes less than a minute to install.

When it comes to making adjustments your home, the items that sometimes make the most difference are the ones that maximize your storage space. This expandable organizing rack is designed to fit underneath your sink, so you can declutter your collection of cleaning supplies. There’s even a bedside caddy that hangs down from your mattress, providing the perfect place for your reading glasses, phone, tablet, and book.

These simple home fixes are so budget-friendly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about them sooner.


These space-saving closet hangers

Once you see how much space these clothes hangers save in your closet, you might just think they have magical powers. These versatile cascading hangers store your clothes vertically to maximize space, but they can also be placed horizontally if you want to space your garments out to prevent wrinkling. Each pack comes with 10 hangers for hanging up to 50 pieces.


A garlic peeler that speeds up food prep

Peeling garlic is tedious — removing each layer of skin takes time and energy that could be spent prepping other ingredients — but these silicone tubes have a textured interior that peels your garlic in seconds. Just place the cloves inside and roll them around to remove the skin. You’ll never want to peel garlic with your fingers again.


This minimalist phone stand with exceptionally high ratings

Modern and streamlined, this aluminum cell phone stand provides the perfect spot to put your phone while charging, watching videos, or FaceTiming a friend — and it’s earned a 4.7-star overall rating after 75,000 reviews. Rubber cushions on the stand’s arms prevent scratches or damage, while an anti-skid bottom keeps it firmly in place. There’s even a cutout in back for a charging cord.

  • Available colors: 5


An expandable organizing rack that fits under your sink

Maximize the space underneath your sink by investing in this double-tiered shelf organizer that accommodates a pipe. The adjustable unit expands from 15.5 inches to 25.2 inches, so it’s compatible with spaces of different sizes, and you even alter the height of the shelves to create more space for taller items. Sturdy and easy to assemble, this steel storage unit will transform your under-sink space from cluttered to clean.


This portable Bluetooth speaker with impressive ratings

With a range of 100 feet and a playtime of up to 14 hours on a single charge, this portable Bluetooth speaker brings the party with you wherever you go, and it boasts 120,000 perfect five-star ratings. The triangular shape offers stability while emitting crystal clear sound from two sides, and since it’s splash-proof, you can take it to the pool.

  • Available colors: 9


The nonstick oven liners that save you from scrubbing

Stop oven spills before they happen with these reusable oven liners. Made from heat-resistant fiberglass, the liners can be trimmed to fit, and the nonstick surface catches drippings, liquids, and crumbs, so your oven will stay cleaner for longer, and you won’t have to spend all that time scrubbing up the mess. When it’s time to clean, you can put the liners in the dishwasher.


These shower hooks with smooth-gliding beads

Unlike traditional shower hooks, these ones are designed with rolling beads that smoothly glide over your curtain rod, instead of getting tripped up along the way. Available in a sleek brushed metal as well as fun colors like pink, green, and purple, these shower hooks elevate the look of your bathroom space, and the double-sided design makes room for the curtain and a liner, too.

  • Available colors: 10


A pair of color-changing smart light bulbs

These smart bulbs make it incredibly easy to create atmospheric mood lighting anywhere in your home. They sync up with your phone, Alexa, or Google Home assistant, allowing you to toggle their settings via smartphone app or voice command. Choose from 16 million shades of color (really), set schedules, and even customize the bulbs so that they change color to the beat of your music.


This microfiber duster with an extendable handle

You can dust off the tops of ceiling fans, bookcases, and other tall pieces of furniture with this microfiber duster that has a handle that extends up to 100 inches — that’s just over 8 feet. The duster’s bendable head allows you to reach corners and surfaces that a regular duster simply can’t. Soft and fluffy, the microfiber is great at picking up and locking dust into its fibers, and when it’s time for a refresh, the duster’s head can be rinsed in the sink.


A holder to keep your remote controls from getting lost

If you’re constantly misplacing your remote control every time you watch TV, this remote control holder will make your life so much easier. The caddy has two separate compartments for keeping your remotes and other small items nearby. You can also use this little organizer to hold office supplies or toiletries. With a crisp white exterior and a natural woodgrain divider panel, the holder looks good wherever you put it.


This space-saving strainer that clips onto the side of the pot

When you have a compact kitchen, you know that storage space is precious. Instead of taking up a whole shelf with a pasta strainer, you can use this clip-on one that’s a quarter of the size. Made from durable silicone, the strainer clips onto the side of any pot, freeing up both hands to strain.

  • Available colors: 5


The surge protector that plugs into your wall

Complete with six AC outlet plugs and two USB ports, this surge protector allows you to power multiple devices and appliances at once — and unlike a power strip, it doesn’t take up any floor space. Boasting an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars, this outlet extender is a worthwhile investment that ensures your devices won’t have to compete for charging time.


These bamboo drawer dividers that adjust to fit

Expandable from 16.8 to 22 inches, these adjustable dividers can organize a variety of drawers in your home. They’re made from eco-friendly bamboo that has a natural, clean look, and the ends are fitted with nonslip grips that keep the panels firmly in place without damaging the sides of your drawers. Use them to organize cutlery, clothes, tools, and more.


An organizer for your food container lids

If your cupboard is cluttered with food container lids, this organizer offers a simple storage solution that won’t take up too much space. With five adjustable dividers, this holder can accommodate lids of all shape and sizes, and the built-in handles allow you to easily pull it out. “I love, love, love this storage container,” one reviewer raved. “Sounds silly, but it changed my life.”


Some felt furniture pads that protect your hardwood floors

Keep your hardwood floors scratch-free and looking like new by adding these self-adhesive felt pads to the bottoms of your chairs, couches, and tables. You get over 100 different pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, including larger pads that you can cut down to size. They come in both beige and brown, allowing you to match them to the color of your furniture legs.


This mat that scrapes mud off your boots

Stop mud and dirt in their tracks by placing this boot scraper brush on your doorstep. The coarse coir fibers effectively remove mud from the bottoms of your boots and shoes, so it can’t find its way into your hallway. And it’s anything but clunky or ugly — a subtle herringbone design gives this boot brush a rustic look..


The handy board that helps you fold laundry

While folding laundry is a necessary part of life, the amount of time it takes to create a perfectly creased stack of shirts is — quite frankly — unnecessary. This folding board makes it so easy to get even lines, and you can use it for shirts, pants, sweaters, and bath towels. The board also folds in on itself, reducing to a compact size for easy storage.

  • Available colors: 4


A genius kitchen tool that dispenses pancake batter without dripping

While freshly made pancakes are one of life’s simple pleasures, dealing with the messy batter might keep you from pulling out the griddle. Luckily, this clever kitchen gadget allows you to dispense the perfect amount of batter, minus the mess of drips. Just fill up the container with batter, and squeeze the handle to release as much as you want. This dispenser is endlessly useful, perfect for making muffins, cupcakes, waffles, and crepes.


This highly rated white noise machine that helps you sleep

While many of us fall asleep with the TV on, the blue light coming from the screen might actually be inhibiting our rest. That’s why this white noise machine is such a great alternative. It uses natural sounds such as rain, chirping birds, and ocean waves to lull you to sleep, and it also produces a variety of white noise options. A timer function allows you to control how long the sounds play before the machine automatically shuts off.


A device that cleans your toilet bowl for you

You might have thought scrubbing the toilet bowl was just an unfortunate fact of life, but there’s actually a way to keep the loo squeaky clean without any effort on your part. This self-cleaning toilet system freshens your toilet bowl with each and every flush. Installing the bleach cartridge in your toilet’s tank takes less than a minute, and only needs to be replaced every three months.


This handy grocery list template

Ever leave the grocery store, only to realize you forgot the one thing you actually came for? This grocery list template makes it super easy to remember to buy all of the food items you’re out of. It’s separated into different check-off categories like fruits, vegetables, snacks, and canned goods, as well as a bonus write-in section for miscellaneous items. There are even different options for vegetarian, vegan, and keto diets.

  • Available colors: 7


The digital alarm clock that charges your smartphone

Clear up cord clutter on your nightstand by using this digital alarm clock with a wireless charging pad. The clear LED display shows you what time it is, with three different brightness levels to toggle between. Sleek and understated, this digital alarm clock comes in black and silver.

  • Available colors: 2


These cake strips that promote even baking

You don’t need to be a master baker to make a moist, level cake — these fabric baking strips insulate the sides of your cake pan, allowing the batter to cook evenly. Just soak them in cold water, wrap them around your pan, and tighten them to fit. They’re compatible with 8- and 10-inch cake pans, helping you achieve professional-quality baking results.


A pair of suction holders for your razors

Waterproof and sturdy, these plastic razor holders can be affixed to your shower wall or bathroom mirror with the ultra-strong suction attachment, ensuring your razor is always within arm’s reach. Each hook can hold up to 11 pounds, so they can also be used for washcloths, loofahs, and exfoliating brushes.


These durable right-angle charging cords that resist fraying

Tired of replacing your busted-up charging cables every time they get frayed or broken? You should invest in these braided nylon power cords that can withstand daily use. Plus, the unique right-angle connectors reduce stress on the cables to prevent fraying. They’re available in two lengths — 6 feet and 10 feet — allowing you to keep your device plugged in while you use it.

  • Available lengths: 6 feet, 10 feet
  • Available colors: 3


The ergonomic knee pillow for side sleepers

We humans spend a good deal of our lives asleep, so comfort is important. If you sleep on your side, this orthopedic knee pillow can relieve pressure and provide you with a restful night by properly aligning your body. Made from memory foam, this comfy cushion has an ergonomic shape that increases your comfort — you’ll notice a difference in your sleep after just one night.


A universal knife block that fits blades of all sizes

This stainless steel knife block has rows of slots inside that accommodate up to 12 knives, and since the slots are flexible, you don’t have to worry that certain blades won’t fit into the given compartments. Besides being a space-saving storage solution, this knife block has a sleek look that will elevate your kitchen’s decor.


This shoe organizer that hooks over the door

With 24 individual pockets, this hanging pocket organizer can be hooked over your door, where it can hold up to a dozen pairs of shoes. The transparent pockets allow you to view all of your shoes at once, so you don’t have to pull each one out when selecting a pair. In addition to shoes, the holder is great for organizing socks, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

  • Available colors: 3


These pan scrapers that easily remove stuck-on food

Stubborn food left on pans is no match for these tough scraping tools that help dislodge food from the corners of your cast iron skillets, pans, and stoneware. Made from heavy-duty plastic, each corner feature a different angle shape to take on a variety of tasks, and the thumb indentations make them easy to hold. Heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, these scrapers make post-dinner cleanup a breeze.


A magnetic wrist cuff that holds your hardware

Here’s a wristband accessory that’s embedded with 15 powerful magnets designed to hold screws, washers, bolts, and nuts in place. Made from a durable polyester material with a padded mesh inner layer, this cuff has a Velcro closure that allows you to adjust the fit. Great for woodworking, home improvement, and DIY projects, it’s like a mini tool belt that you can take with you anywhere.


These shower mitts that exfoliate your skin

Made from viscose fiber, these exfoliating scrubbers are just coarse enough to remove dead skin cells, but not so harsh that they’ll cause irritation. Shaped like a pair of mitts, the scrubbers fit over your hands with elastic bands around the wrists, making it easy to smooth out bumps and soften your skin in the shower.


The elastic straps that hold your sheets in place

These elastic bed sheet straps are so genius, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of getting them sooner. They clip onto the corners of your fitted sheet, pulling it tautly towards the center of your mattress, so you won’t have to readjust in the middle of the night. Each strap is adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it depending on the size of your mattress.


A mini donut maker that upgrades mornings

Donuts are a delicious morning treat, but rather than trek out to a donut shop, you can whip up a batch at home. This compact donut maker can make up to seven mini donuts at once, and the nonstick surface makes them easy to remove. Once you see how easy it is to make these little donuts, you can start getting creative with different batters, glazes, and toppings.


These 5-blade scissors that quickly chop your herbs

Drastically reduce the time it takes to chop up your herbs by using these clever kitchen scissors with five parallel blades. With just a few snips, these scissors can mince your cilantro, parsley, oregano, green onions, and more. Also included is a plastic blade cover, which also doubles as a cleaning comb for getting pesky residue off the scissors.


This 100-pack of reusable chalkboard labels

Organize your pantry items, office supplies, toiletries, and more with this pack of 100 stick-on labels. Complete with a liquid chalk marker and wiping cloth, this set comes with a variety of different-sized stickers, and each one wipes clean, so you can use it over and over again. “The vinyl chalk labels are the best quality I've ever had,” one reviewer wrote. “They are magical- they adhere perfectly and strongly- they even stayed on when I washed the containers I had affixed them to.”


An all-in-one tool that repairs small wall holes

Fixing small nicks and holes in your wall doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive project. In fact, you can repair wall damage quickly with this all-in-one wall repair tool that includes a spackling compound enhanced with primer, so you don’t have to layer multiple products. One end of the tool acts as a smoothing knife, while the other has a rough pad for sanding the putty down. When the putty dries, the wall will be strong enough to hold nails and screws again.


This microfiber fleece blanket that’s so soft

Soft, fluffy, and lightweight, this throw blanket has microfiber fleece on one side, and shaggy faux fur on the other. Whether you throw it on your couch or drape it over your bed, this blanket makes any living space a hundred times cozier. It comes in neutrals such as white, gray, and black, as well as a light yellow and pink.

  • Available sizes: throw, twin, king
  • Available colors: 7


An amber book light that reduces eyestrain

For night owls who love to read, this clip-on book light will become your new best friend. Unlike other reading lights, this one gives off an amber glow that’s free of blue light, so it won’t interrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle. It’s brightness-adjustable, and the flexible neck allows you to position the light wherever you’d like.


These thermal-insulated curtains that block all light

Whether you’re attempting to sleep during daylight hours, or trying to keep heat inside during the winter, these thermal-insulated blackout curtains are a great solution. They’re available in over 20 different shades and a variety of sizes, so you can find a set you love — but it should be noted that darker colors like black, brown, navy, and dark gray are the most effective in keeping light out.

  • Available sizes: 10
  • Available colors: 22


A bamboo cutting board with compartments for chopped food

Made from polished bamboo, this large cutting board has three separate compartments for storing chopped goods while you meal prep, and there’s a groove around the perimeter of the board that catches runoff juices. It’s also great for entertaining — use it as a cheese board with space for nuts, dried fruits, and other accompaniments. With a 4.7-star overall rating after over 8,000 reviews, this cutting board is a winner.


This organizer that hangs next to your bed

This storage organizer has a weighted panel that fits between your mattress and bed frame, allowing it to hang down right by the side of your bed. The roomy pouch fits tablets, magazines, and other larger items, while the three front mesh pockets are great for stashing your smartphone, reading glasses, and smaller essentials.

  • Available colors: 2


The jar opener that affixes to the underside of a cabinet

Can’t get that stubborn lid off your jar? Before you call someone for help, know that there’s a much easier way to unscrew that tight lid. This jar opener affixes to the underside of your cabinet with a sticky backing and three included screws. Once it’s set up, all you have to do is insert the jar and twist. “Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that is simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters,” reads one five-star review.


These wireless under-cabinet lights for closets, bookshelves & more

With built-in motion sensors, these LED light strips can be placed anywhere you want a little extra visibility. The stick-on backing adheres to any smooth surface, so you can place the strips in your closet, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. They’re also wireless, so you can stick them in remote areas that aren’t near an outlet. Just detach them from the mounting strips and plug them in to recharge.


These reusable bags that keep your produce fresh

Sometimes, using up all your fresh produce before it goes bad feels downright impossible. These Debbie Meyer Green Bags can extend the life of your fruits and vegetables up to nine days, so no food goes to waste. Each bag can be used up to 10 times before needing to be tossed.


A magnet that reminds you if your dishes are dirty or clean

When living with family members or roommates, staying on the same page regarding the dishwasher can be tricky. This magnet sticks to the front of your dishwasher, with a movable tab that changes the sign from “clean” to “dirty.” You’ll never have to guess the state of your dishes again.

  • Available colors: 4


This mini vacuum cleaner for desktop messes

Quickly clear crumbs, dust, and dirt from your desk and keyboard with this mini vacuum that fits in your hand. The cordless unit runs on batteries, lasting up to 2.5 hours before needing to be swapped out. While the motor is strong enough to suck up debris, it’s also whisper-quiet. Not to mention, the sleek, minimalist design looks good sitting on your desk in between uses.


A pressure cooker gadget that directs steam away from your cabinets

If you frequently use a pressure cooker, this is the kitchen gadget you need. The steam diverter attaches to to the top of your pressure cooker, directing steam away from your wooden cabinets to prevent mold growth and warping. Made from flexible silicone, the pressure cooker attachment is easy to remove and clean in the dishwasher.