40 cheap fitness products that work so freaking well

Because it’s always the right time to upgrade your exercise routine.

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Anyone who considers themselves an active person is going to love these Amazon finds that will enhance any workout routine without your wallet feeling the pain of spending an arm and a leg on new equipment. The best thing about all of the finds on this list? They get you the results you want and are built to last.

Even if you don’t necessarily think of yourself as an active person, some of the items here may inspire you to try something new. It’s always the right time to change things up and start a new routine.

For one, you can change up your typical cardio workouts by sprinkling in some entertainment with a smart jump rope. You’ll find yourself amazed by the progress you track. When you’re competing with only yourself, you can still have a ton of fun while you watch yourself improve — and get stronger — with time.

There are also plenty of products that are compact and portable, making it convenient and easy for you to be active wherever you happen to be at the moment.

If you’re even just looking to simply upgrade some of your current at-home gym equipment, you’ll be able to find quality and affordable replacements on this list.


These ankle weights for additional strength training while walking or running

Make your daily walks or runs a bit more challenging with these Gaiam ankle weights. These are also great to use during a yoga or Pilates session if you’re looking to add a little extra burn to your workout. Made with high-quality Velcro, the weights hold securely around your ankles no matter what kind of physical activity you’re doing.


This 3-pack of sporty headbands that keep hair & sweat out of your face

These super-absorbent sports headbands are an easy and simple solution to keep sweat and hair out of your eyes and off your face. You can slip one of these on, and you’re ready to take on any physical activity, whether it’s biking, hiking, yoga, or Pilates. One of the best features these headbands offer is the fact they don’t constantly slip off your head or need to be readjusted while you’re working out.


This set of exercise bands made from a nonslip cloth

Use this four-pack of exercise bands to add and remove resistance easily and quickly during your workouts. You get to choose how hard you want to work using the light, medium, strong, and heroic options for the bands. Even though the resistance level is different in each band, you can expect them all to be uniform in size and thickness.


These ankle compression socks that promote excellent blood flow

Improve the circulation and blood flow to your feet no matter if you’re working out or just lounging around with these ankle compression socks. Each sock is designed so that specific areas on your feet are targeted with compression technology. These are great to use if your feet tend to swell when you’re flying or if you’re in the midst of recovering from a case of plantar fasciitis. Over 35,000 people have left positive reviews on the effectiveness of these socks.


A jump rope that connects to your smartphone & tracks your fitness progress

Inject some new and fun ways to exercise on a daily basis with this smart jump rope. This lightweight jump rope connects to the RENPHO fit app to track your cardio workouts. It is capable of tracking the time you are using the jump rope, how many skips during that time, and the calories you burned. There are also three modes you can set when using, depending on what kind of exercises you want to do that day. The handles are cushioned with padded foam, so they’re comfortable to hold.


This Pilates bar kit that allows you to take your exercise anywhere

This portable and compact Pilates reformer is an excellent way to keep up with your strength training when you’re on the go. The bar disassembles into three separate pieces that fit neatly into the carrying case that comes with it. There are two resistance bands on the ends of the bar that give enough tension to feel your muscles working as you move through a series of exercises.


An adjustable step platform that will enhance your exercise routines

This adjustable aerobic step platform is a great way to switch up your cardio and strength training routines. The two options you have for your stepping height are 4 and 6 inches. You will feel the stability of the platform under your feet with its shock-absorbing technology and nonslip surface for a solid and secure step each time.


These handheld rotating discs that make your push-ups more efficient

Snag a pair of these perfect push-up elite discs and become a push-up master in no time. The handles are designed to help evenly disperse the pressure of your body weight with their ergonomic grips. After consistent use with these push-up discs, you will see noticeable definition in the muscles throughout your arms, chest, and back thanks to their rotating design.


An extra thick yoga mat that provides cushioned support for your joints

Your whole body will feel the wonderful effects of using this extra-thick all-purpose yoga mat. Made from an extra thick foam, all of your joints will love the additional padding and support this mat gives them. When you’re done using this mat, easily roll it up and close it shut with its built-in carrying handle. There are seven colors options available.


These interlocking foam mats to create a padded gym floor in your home

Keep the floors of your at-home gym protected with these interlocking foam exercise mat tiles. You can put this flooring together quickly and easily thanks to the puzzle fit edges that lock each piece into place. They provide durability and protect the surface of your floors from your workout equipment. Each tile measures 24 by 24 by .05 inches and is made with a textured surface so you won’t slip and slide around on it.


This popular wooden wobble board that’ll help build strength

Mix up your daily routine with this all-wooden balance board as it makes a great addition to your exercise regiment. The balance board forces you to engage different muscle groups to keep the board steady and stable, helping you strengthen and tone your core. This is also a great tool to implement if you are currently rehabilitating an injury. It has a nonslip surface and is capable of holding up to 300 pounds.


A cushioned exercise pad that offers excellent bodily support

If your knees and joints are in need of some additional cushioning, using this exercise balance pad is an easy way to get the support you need. You can use it sitting down, on your knees, or standing on your feet. It is made from eco-friendly foam and has a nonslip surface to help you stay in place and keep your balance. This is a great versatile tool that is great for yoga and meditation, and well as foot support when standing for long periods of time.


This basic set of dumbbells that’s great for beginners

Start lifting weights and toning those muscles in no time with this dumbbell weight set. In this set, you get 3 pairs of weighted dumbbells and a standing rack to hold the weights when you’re not using them. Each individual hand weight is coated in neoprene for a secure grip. The ends of the dumbbells are geometrically shaped to keep them from rolling away when you set them down on the floor.


A set of resistance bands to add burn to your squat routine

These resistance bands are a must in your workout routine, no matter how advanced or novice you are. Each of the three bands included in your order have different resistance levels (light, medium, and strong) to help take your leg and butt exercises to the next level. You won’t have to worry about your bands moving around during you’re workout either — they’re guaranteed non-slip.


A set of hand weights that are soft and ergonomically designed

These handheld weights from Gaiam are filled with sand for a different kind of dumbbell than what you’re used to. Each weight is cylindrical in shape and is equipped with a sewn-on strap that makes them easy to hold. They’re designed for you to use during walks or runs, but also make excellent free weights on their own.


These knee compression sleeves that offer better support while you lift

Knee support is crucial while weightlifting, which is why these compression sleeves for your knees should always be in your gym bag. Made from durable neoprene that supports your joints while still allowing for ample movement, these knee sleeves can help prevent knee injury and pain, as well as help speed up recovery after one rep too many.


This stability and fitness ball that can help you strengthen your core

You can expect to get long-term use from this exercise ball that won’t randomly deflate or burst while it’s being used. The outer coating of the ball is covered with a nonslip material that creates a firm grip between you and the ball. There are four size options available depending on how large or small you want. It comes with a foot pump to easily inflate the ball, so you can use it immediately.


A pair of workout gloves that prevents blisters and callouses from weightlifting

Having to worry about blisters and callouses is a thing of the past thanks to these fingerless workout gloves. They are available in sizes extra small up to extra large, so hands of all sizes will find the perfect fit. Made out of microfiber, these gloves maintain comfortability and flexibility while wearing, and are breathable to keep your hands from excessive sweat.


These exercise discs that easily glide on all types of floors

These dual-sided core sliders give you the ability to use them on a wide range of surfaces, so you can work out wherever, whenever you want. One side of the disc is covered with foam, making it a great option for wooden floors. The other side is plastic, which is best for carpets. You can expect these discs to glide in and out smoothly each time.


An agility ladder that is collapsible & comes with its own carrying case

If you’re looking for a way to increase your overall athletic performance, consider adding this agility ladder into your exercise routine. The ladder itself is 20 feet long and is designed with 12 rungs that are made of durable plastic. Simply put, it’s built to handle your workouts. If you are an athlete in need of increasing your speed, this agility ladder provides you the tool you need to work on that skill.


This stretch out strap that comes with a guidebook for exercises

This nylon stretching strap is going to change the way you go about warming up and cooling down from your workouts forever. There are 10 different loop holes along the entire length of the over six-foot-long strap. You have so many options for how to use this strap, making it a great yoga accessory as well as a great aid for rehab and physical therapy.


A pair of gym shorts that are perfect as an everyday essential

You will never want to take off these loosely fitted sports performance shorts. They are made from 100% polyester, so they are lightweight, breathable, and capable of wicking sweat away from your body. The drawstring on the waist will ensure the shorts stay snug and won’t fall down. Whenever they need to be cleaned, simply toss them in the washer and dryer and you’re good to go for your next workout.


A weighted jump rope for improving your cardio routine

When doing more intense cardio training, a regular plastic jumprope won’t cut it — this weighted jumprope with aluminum handles levels up your cardio for a better workout. Built to last and help you maintain control the entire time you jump, this jumprope is a great addition to your gym bag if you’re looking to get more out of skipping rope.


These special clips for your barbells that help weight plates stay in place

With a solid 4.5-star rating, this set of dumbbell bar grips has gotten high praise from reviewers. “I bought these 5 years ago and have used them 5 to 6 times a week for my weightlifting workouts and they're still going strong to this day,” one reviewer shared. Made from durable, high-impact polyester, the barbell clips are designed to hold weight plates in place and prevent shifting. They’re made to slide on easily and are lightweight so you can pack them in your gym bag.


This doorway stretching band that improves overall mobility & flexibility

Any athlete looking to increase their flexibility should consider using this stretch band to help increase their overall mobility. While this stretch band was specifically designed with dancers, gymnasts, and ballerinas in mind, it is easy and simple enough for anyone to use. It hooks to the top of any standard door, which allows you to slowly work on increasing the mobility and range of your leg movements.


A weighted hula hoop to give your core workouts some added oomph

If you want a fun and dynamic way to switch up boring and basic core exercises, try out this weighted hula hoop. The inner rim of the hoop features soft rubber heads that massage as you hula hoop, and the hoop’s circumference is adjustable with 15 to 24 detachable parts. Reviewers love that this compact, easily portable hoop can be used at the office or simply in your living room when you have a few minutes to spare. “As a single mom to young kids, it is difficult to make time to work out at a gym,” one reviewer wrote. “This hula hoop is perfect to use at home, is easy to assemble, and provides a good workout.”


These cloudfoam running shoes from adidas

A shoe with over 50,000 4.5-star ratings is a good sign that your feet love these adidas cloudfoam running shoes. The shoe is made out of a thin, breathable material that helps your feet to stay cool while you’re doing your thing. It was designed to fit your foot almost like a sock in a comfortably snug way. The sole of the shoe is designed with cloudfoam technology, to provide a supportive cushion for your feet and help the shoes stay lightweight.


This 5-pack of quick dry short sleeve athletic shirts

These short sleeve, quick-drying crew-neck t-shirts will quickly become one of your go-to workout essentials. They are made from a polyester and spandex blend so you never have to worry about them stretching out or shrinking down. The fabric is breathable and even capable of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.


A compression sleeve for your knee that provides stability & joint relief

If you have a weak knee that is recovering from a previous injury — or just needs some extra support — this compression knee brace is a perfect solution. Situated around the kneecap is a patella gel pad that acts as a set of springs to ensure your knee is supported. This lightweight, slip-on brace is breathable and absorbs sweat when you’re being active.


These knee pad props to assist you in your yoga practice

These yoga knee pads will reshape your approach to yoga. Not only do they give additional support for your knees, but they’re also excellent props for your wrists and elbows as well. You won’t have to worry about these yoga accessories slipping or sliding around the floor thanks to their nonslip grip on the underside. Each pad only weighs one pound, making them easy to take with you to class or just use around the house.


These resistance bands to help with strength training

This set of resistance bands comes with everything you’ll need to up your strength training routine, including five bands with different levels of resistance (extra-light to extra-heavy), two handles, an ankle strap, and a door anchor. These are a must if you’re looking to tone and strengthen in your workout, and they even come with a carrying case so you can bring them along to the gym with you with no problem.


A pulley system that assists with physical therapy & flexibility in your shoulders

If you want to increase your mobility and flexibility (or are in the middle of working through some physical therapy) this multi-use shoulder pulley is a great tool for either objective. It is especially useful if you are overcoming a rotator cuff injury. The cushion handle grips make it easy and comfortable to go about your stretches.


A mini exercise ball that is the perfect accessory for your barre and Pilates workouts

This small exercise ball is the quintessential workout accessory. It has a 9-inch diameter and is available in five colors. Made out of an incredibly durable PVC material, the ball is also soft enough to maintain pliability when it’s being used. You can use this while doing Pilates or practicing yoga, as well as barre and HIIT workouts.


These ankle straps for leveling up leg day

Bring these leather ankle braces to your local gym or keep them around at home for a totally transformed leg day. They can attach to a cable machine or resistance trainer for a better leg or glute workout, all without any discomfort or tearing of the braces, thanks to neoprene padding and a super durable construction. With an overall 4.8-star rating, these are better than your average ankle straps.


This wobble disc that will help you work on your balance

This wobble disc cushion from Gaiam can be used in multiple ways. Use it flat on the floor, or put it on the seat of a chair depending on if you’re going to be sitting or standing. The balance disc forces you to engage and work your abdominal muscles for a full core workout. It also makes a great last-minute meditation cushion.


A water bottle that won’t spill in your gym bag

You need a water bottle that not only will keep your hydrated even during the longest of workouts, but also one that won’t leak when you bring it along in your gym bag. This 32-ounce bottle has a leak-proof lid and allows for a fast flow of water to come through the nozzle for instant hydration when you need it.


A running belt that works for everyone & holds keys, money, your phone & more

Take your necessities on the go easily with this durable running belt. It has a zipper closure to ensure that items like your keys, wallet, and phone stay securely inside the pouch pocket. The belt itself is lightweight and flexible, so it doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome to use while running or walking.


This jump rope that has padded handles & is designed for rapid speed

Become a jump rope master with the help of this ball bearings rapid speed jump rope. The handles where it connects to the rope are designed with a ball bearing system that allows the rope to move smoothly during each rotation. This jump rope takes out the frustration of having to deal with a jumbled mess. The rope is a braided steel wire coated in a PVC material that helps it whip through the air with ease.


The best workout accessory for your abs, obliques & back

You’ll never start your ab, oblique, or back workout without this elevated foam mat again after feeling how much it transforms your routine. This high density mat offers the perfect amount of support and lets you better target your movements and feel the burn in the precise spots you’re looking to strengthen. Plus, it’s easy to clean with just a quick wipe down.


This ab wheel that helps engage your abs in a whole new way

If a simple plank isn’t doing the job for you, consider upping your ab workouts with this ab roller wheel. With a double-wheel design that offers more stability that a traditional ab wheel, this roller can support up to 440 pounds and strengthen your abs no matter what surface it’s on (it works on hardwood, carpet, tile, and the gym floor).